In this film we witness the inspiring restoration of what was once barren fields stripped of rain forest. The land is being reclaimed and re-wilded for the people, plants, and animals that once called it home. The spirit of the land is returning. An integrated program of activities with permaculture, intercultural education and eco-tourism, is being developed by the NGO Alianza Arkana, in conjunction with a Shipibo indigenous community in Santa Clara, in the Peruvian Amazon.


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  • According to analysis of satellite data, 31,000 square miles of rainforest is lost every year in the Amazon. Learn what you can do to help preserve the rainforest.
  • Listen to this Permaculture Podcast by Scott Mann as he talks with Irish author May Reynolds, author of The Garden Awakening: Designs to Nurture Our Land and Ourselves. 
  • Consider allowing a corner of your yard or neighborhood to be "re-wilded" and connect with yourself, the animals and spirits in the earth around you. 

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