When Joy was young, she didn't know what was happening to her, but she was getting teased for losing her hair. She became insecure, and didn't want to go outside or play with others. By the time Joy got married, she had lost all the hair on her body, including her eyebrows. One day, Joy met Edwin, a tattoo artist who gives free services to people with Alopecia. "The following day when I woke up, it was like me being reborn." And Edwin? When people ask him what they can do in exchange for his services, he says: "Just pay it forward."


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  • Our Better World

    Thank you everyone for watching our video! Edwin's kindness and generosity is what inspired us to tell his story, and to spread the good that he's doing for people living with Alopecia. We hope his story will inspire even more people to use their skills to do good.

  • Ralph

    Thank you for your generosity. It seems so natural for you.

  • nila vora

    Edwin, God Bless you for all your selfless work and to bring joy to others.

  • Cyn

    This really brightened my day to remind me of how many wonderful people there are who quietly share their gifts with the world. Beautiful!

  • Cindy

    Wow, what an amazing person. Bless you, Edwin!

  • Carole

    The generosity of this wonderful man who demands nothing just knocks me out.He wants nothing in return. Unbelievable!

  • Marian Call

    I am inspired by the kindness of this man and the fact that he knew what to do to help these women feel better about themselves. And he charges nothing. The whole Pay It Forward Thing is so wonderful!

  • Mish

    The kindness of this man so deeply touched my heart. And the gratitude of those he helped & what it meant for them, brought tears to my eyes. Bless this beautiful man ❤️

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  • Find out how you can get connected with Edwin and learn more about his services for those with Alopecia.
  • Check out more inspirational stories of people doing good in Asia at Our Better World.
  • Consider sharing your skills or talents to brighten someone else's outlook on life.

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