Holding the door open for someone. Smiling at a stranger. Helping a neighbor carry groceries. The opportunities to show others kindness are seemingly endless. Such simple acts may seem small, but in fact, they can change the world. In this video from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, the science behind the benefits of being kind is explored. "The thing about kindness is it’s just about the only thing in the world that doubles when you share it.” Click play to get your generosity juices flowing!


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  • Need more inspiration? Watch this video to learn how 2 women in Michigan "paid it forward" for a month.
  • Visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website for an abundance of kindness resources including quotes, videos, stories, and more!
  • Make a list of 5 random acts of kindness you can do this week. Pair up with a friend to double your efforts!

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