Sometimes the best way to tackle a problem is to take it step by step. That's the theory behind Detroit Blight Busters whose "goal is to save the world starting with Detroit." John George grew up in the Motor City and loved it there. Unfortunately the population was declining leaving behind many discarded buildings. The final straw came when his wife was pregnant with their second child and he took the initiative to board up a neighboring crack house. In 1988 he established Detroit Blight Busters with a goal of renovating and revitalizing over 20,000 buildings, one at a time. 30 years later they have completed over 1,500 properties, rejuvenating neighborhoods, establishing new local businesses, and introducing people to home ownership, making them stakeholders in their communities. His task, however, is far from complete. "If you never quit you can't lose, 'cause you're still in the game. And Detroit is still in the game."


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  • If there is no neighborhood or community organization to help with a problem why not start your own?
  • Abandoned homes can attract crime, drug dealers, and vermin. Get together with neighbors to solve the problem by mowing grass and boarding windows. Just make sure to seek permission first.

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