What are you passionate about? If you could ignite that same fire in someone else, would you? What would make it worth your time and love? Is social transformation possible through the power of sharing what you love? Watch this video about the Saint James Music Academy in Vancouver British Columbia and find out.


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  • ana v lim

    It's simplicity. It is beautiful. thank you.

  • Ellen

    Seeing how the young people were genuinely excited by music- as am I. Can't wait to hear them play.

  • Susan Starkey

    What inspired me is seeing the smiles on their faces when they considered if they WOULD or MIGHT get known for their passion. We can all use encouragement to open up to the WHAT IF? world inside of us. Then, I felt inspired to hear and see the look on their faces as they said "IT'S WORTH IT" with a clear and persistent expression that leaves me thinking "Yes, it is so worth it to practice daily and enjoy my craft." Thanks for sharing this!

  • Lenore LeMay

    This beautiful video lifted my heart

  • Ella de Jong

    It's all over inspiring!! The hope, the connectedness, the smiles, the possibility to inspire others by making music. Too much! Being a mentor, a role model: fantastic! For sure this is inspiring for me when conducting my training course: 'Energising Communication with Troubled Youth' . In which I teach about art forms / non-verbal communication in order to help children / young people. Thank you from a Dutch trainer and teacher!

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  • Learn how Saint James Music Academy lets the power of music work its magic.
  • Find out more about the benefits of playing a musical instrument.
  • Open up access to something you love this week...donate a ticket to a concert, play your instrument or demonstrate your hobby at a library or community center, help out at an after-school program.

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