Although Denver is a thriving city, like any city, homelessness is still prevalent. The city has decided to help people experiencing homelessness by providing them a job for a day. Such jobs take place in a variety of industries and the workers get paid at the end of the day. The organization also connects people to food, work clothes, and other resources to help them find sustainable work and help them create a better life. Many people who are homeless are capable of working, but tough life situations has made them homeless. Denver Day Works is helping them to break the cycle and connect them to future jobs.


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  • Harish

    Motivation to keep on moving irrespective of the conditions. Negative thinking simply allows the brain and the body to decay and die a miserable death. Dying is not a choice. How to, is!

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  • Learn more about Denver Day Works and what they do.
  • Read about the rise in homelessness in U.S. cities.
  • Help the homeless in your community by connecting them to resources that can help them escape homelessness.

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