After seven years on the hard shoulder, mopping up coffee dregs in Greenwich Village, trying to work a response from the drunk at the bar, Terra uploaded a simple music video on You Tube became an overnight sensation, winning an award for her song ‘Say Its Possible’. The song, inspired by Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ has come to symbolise the struggle for awareness on the threat of global warming.


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  • Wangmo

    it is a positive message in this complete haems of a global situation. I love her way and the music is very fine.

  • donal

    bursting with talent-which only goes to prove that you can't hide a great voice, much less a pretty face!

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  • Learn more about Terra Naomi and you can read her regularly updated blog.
  • Calculate your carbon footprint, and learn about ways of becoming carbon neutral.
  • Next time you face a challenge, remember to say it's possible.

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