The CEO of Japan Airlines, the tenth largest airline in the world, takes the bus to work, eats at the company cafeteria, and buys his suits at discount stores. During the economic downturn, when Haruka Nishimatsu asked older workers to take early retirement and cut the salary of the remaining workers, he cut his own pay. Nishimatsu believes that a leader should share the economic pain - a CEO motivates workers by showing them that you are all in the same boat.


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  • Ann

    What inspired you about this video? A Leader who leads by his actions. Elected officials should also take note that they need to be in touch with the people. Taking the bus and eating in cafeterias is a very good start.

  • Shenzi

    This shows he has character. Warren Buffett still lives in the same small, modest house he bought when he got married. Raised all his kids there, and has lived there all these years, despite being one of the wealthiest men in America. Why? Because he likes it!

  • Divakar

    Awesome :)

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  • The gap between the average CEO's and the average worker's pay in the U.S. has increased exponentially in 30 years.  Find out how much the CEO of your company makes.
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