About Us

The world is full of wonderful and inspiring stories, some unfolding in distant places while others are happening right next door. KarmaTube is dedicated to bringing more of these stories to light, using the power of online video to express and multiply acts of kindness, beauty, and generosity.

Our vision is to create a global network of volunteers who capture these stories, using simple digital video cameras. While some of the stories produced may be polished and professional, others diamonds-in-the-rough, the most important thing is that they celebrate the work of change-makers; demonstrating that small acts performed by individuals all around the world can ignite a "tipping point." We shift from consumers to become active contributors in creating a better world for ourselves, those around us, and for many generations to come.

To inspire individuals to make a change in their own lives, for each video KarmaTube offers three simple suggestions for viewers to support the spirit shown in the video. These can be as simple as reflecting on a topic, planting a tree, to performing a random act of kindness.

KarmaTube is a project of ServiceSpace, an all- volunteer run non-profit organization. Our aim is to enable individuals to contribute in meaningful ways to the world around them. Together, we hope to "be the change we wish to see in the world..

People Behind KarmaTube

  • Our Team:
  • Birju Pandya:

    A venture capitalist in New York City, he's a fan of inspirational videos and building trust in the universe, famous for his lemonade stand in Central Park. He enjoys serving and writing. With KarmaTube, he helps wherever necessary -- whether it's responding to emails or helping volunteers or representing KarmaTube at a public event.

  • Shephali Patel:

    Recipient of blessings, curator of experiments in selfless giving, former corporate woman in media and publishing. Likes yoga, meditation, and meeting super-cool monks and nuns. Shephali has been with KarmaTube for several years and helps feature the weekly video.

  • Yoo-mi Lee:

    After experiencing life on wall street and helping dozens of NGO's maximize their impact, Yoo-mi shuttles across multiple continents to serve wherever she's deeply moved. A long-time contributor to ServiceSpace, she now serves as a volunteer coordinator for the KarmaTube team.

  • Uma Havaligi:

    Studio animator, runner, and long-time KarmaTube volunteer. Known to be awake late on Thursday nights preparing the following days weekly newsletter, :) she writes content for video and is the in-house expert in graphics. Oh, and she loves to bike very long distances. :)

  • Jenny Douglas

    Writer, artist, event curator, mom and meditator who's passionate about the sweet spot where ideas and spirit meet. Helped launch Karmatube, and for several years has hosted monthly meditation evenings out of her Brooklyn brownstone. Jenny currently manages KarmaTube's social media presence.

  • Nipun Mehta:

    Founder of ServiceSpace, our mothership. Nipun likes to do random acts of kindness and blow people away with generosity. He's the man behind the technology that runs the KarmaTube website.

  • Anam Qudrat:

    Follows the ideal of using the pen as a tool of service. That combined with a strong belief in the power of video provides the inspiration for his work with KarmaTube. He sorts through tons of videos and volunteers as a writer for the site.

  • Shubhankar Bhattacharya:

    An engineer in Abu Dhabi, who is frequently moved to tears by awesomeness of acts of kindness. Shubhankar brings deep insight into how we can encourage viewers to take action in their own lives. He writes content for the KarmaTube videos.

  • Sky Flaherty:

    Entrepreneur, lawyer, part-time writer, full-time dad, photographer, and a dreamer who truly believes that "better" is never more than a few actions away. When he is not playing with his 1-year-old son, he helps write content for KarmaTube videos to encourage others to "be the change."

  • Ana Miller:

    Writer and researcher extraordinaire from Portugal. Uses 'online service' as a way to step-up volunteering in her community. A committed volunteer who dedicates her writing skills not only to KarmaTube but also helps with other projects of ServiceSpace, like the site that hosts Smile Cards.

  • Friends of KarmaTube:
  • Global Oneness:

    Founded by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, the Global Oneness Project produces films, media, and educational materials that explore how the simple notion of interconnectedness can be lived in today's complex world -- like Living Service.

  • Story Tellers For Good:

    A team of passionate journalists and photographers, Story Tellers for Good hopes to inspire optimism and change. Founded by Cara Jones, the organization promote stories making a positive difference like Mama Hope.

  • Duane Elgin:

    an educator, activist, social visionary, and the author of several influential books including 'Voluntary Simplicity' and .Awakening Earth., recipient of the 2006 Goi Peace Award, walks the talk. Follows the ideal of using the pen as a tool of service. That combined with a strong belief in the power of video provides the inspiration for Anam.s work with KarmaTube. He sorts through tons of videos and volunteers as a writer for the site.

  • Jayesh Parekh:

    A "serial entrepreneur" and one of the Founders of Sony Entertainment Television in Asia and ProPoor, a non-profit portal for NGO's in South Asia. A committed ServiceSpace volunteer, looking to promote inspiration in media, and a practitioner of meditation.

  • Go Inspire Go:

    (GIG) is a multimedia platform that "uses social networking to Inspire social change" encouraging viewers to "use their powers -- resources, talents and network -- to help others." The organization is founded by Toan Lam, a former Broadcast Reporter who now has his dream job title: Inspirator. With several KT coordinators, he did this amazing video which led to "CNN hero" award for Jorge Munoz.

  • Smooth Feather:

    A gift-economy filmmaking group started by Silas Hagerty who aims to make films that make us come alive. SmoothFeather focuses on capturing stories that make us feel connected to something greater; and he gets a lot of his inspiration from his parents.

  • Barbara Cushing:

    Former lawyer, a practicing Sufi, and with experience with the worlds of foundation, Barbara has been supporting KarmaTube from the days when it was just a seed. "Straight shooter with heart", she enjoys nature walks, practicing Sufi meditation, and volunteering at Karma Kitchen.

  • Scott Carlin:

    After 25 years in the media business, as past president of Warner Brothers and HBO's Domestic TV Distribution, Scott is now focused on supporting transformational media. Most recently, he's joined the Leadership Council of GATE, Global Alliance for Transformation Entertainment, and has been an avid supporter of KarmaTube from its early days.

  • MAM Movies

    Before they got married, Madhu and Meghna did lots of filmmaking including a contest -- 101 filmmakers, 101 NGOs, 101 hours. That went viral, they started doing lots of film and social change work with MAM Movies, and are now running Moved By Love in India, among their diverse range of generosity driven projects.