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Jorge Munoz is one of the most inspiring people you'll ever meet. A school bus driver by day and an angel by night. Every night for the past 5 years, he has gone home and cooked food for hundreds of people on his old stove. He then goes to a street corner in Queens, New York and feeds those that are hungry. He does this with his own money because "it's the right thing to do". He is a man that wants to help, and is the epitome of an everyday hero.


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  • Joan

    Love this! Such a kind and generous soul:)

  • Richard

    He is a byproduct of his family and the morals he was raised with. He stated he gets his inspiration from his mother and relationship with God

  • Lisa

    What a beautiful heart. He knows the meaning of Heaven being within him.

  • Karen

    https://www.gofundme.com/manage/an-angel-in-queens-home-cooked-meals Nearly 14 years later, Jorge needs your support. Please help me raise money so that he can continue his work!

  • Deepak

    God bless you Jorge for the wonderful work you are doing .

  • Jeremy

    Seeing this inspires me to make a difference however I can, whenever I can. And make commitments to what I beleive in. Many thanks Jorge!

  • kapisuri

    compassion and love is the essence of human life

  • Angel Augustine

    It's always nice to hear when people do the correct thing in life.

  • Jevish

    I met a real life Angel recently. This is not just a story about a man who has spent the last few years tirelessly cooking, packing. My hope is that everybody will be inspired to use their resources and talents to see what they can do to better someone's life or better their community. http://goo.gl/FTZVn4

  • sintayehu getachew

    God bless you! You are really an angele! Keep it up bro!

  • satwinder

    Great work. Very admirable. So much blessings Jorge gets everyday. It's truly amazing and so human.

  • ramkrishna

    I feel lucky to see this vedio

  • Michelle Scire

    I do these things every single day...it changes your life in so many ways, Makes me HIGH AND MAJICAL! I am a wizard! Making majic where every I spread The PRIK Movement. Stands for Practitioner of Random Instances of Kindness...on facebook if you would like to check out the stories...LOVE LOVE LOVE this! AMAZING

  • Mind Twister

    A true angel...

  • Pastor. Santosh khadka

    first of all,I solute Jorge and entire team of this Great and blessed work In the name of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jorge,go ahead, reward is in heaven, God bless you. I am continue praying for such vision holder person [Jorge] in My Nation, my country Nepal has numerous problems,espacally,thousand of thousand kids and elderly people are out of food,help and shelter,finally my lord and saviour jesus christ please bless plenty of heavenly blessing for Jorge and His vision and send such person in our country Nepal...

  • Kathy Fowlkes

    THIS IS HOW I WAS MOVED BY THIS. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE AND SEND THIS TO EVERY NEWS AND RAIDO GROUP YOU CAN. FELL FREE TO PUT YOUR OWN NAME IN. THIS LETTER HAS THIS LINK WITH IT TO MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU. THANK YOU............. Hi, My name is Kathy, I wanted to share with you something that I got from one of the news links I get on facebook. I was very moved by this man, so moved I have sent the same thing i'm sending to you to other News and Raido groups. I just want to try and get any help that I can for this man. I live no where close to Nyc nor do i know this man, i'm just blow away by Jorge Munoz for 5 years he goes to work everyday, after work he takes in a cup of coffee then makes food and takes it to the poor. Food is cooked in his home on a stove with two burners out and no oven, he uses half of his pay check to help do this. HALF of his own money.. he says "its just what you should do". Check it out. If you have a voice that you can get out there, please spreed the word. Thank you KarmaTube: The Angel of Queens...http://www.karmatube.org/videos.php?id=1606 KarmaTube: The Angel of Queenswww.facebook.com 550275_10200349568491988_1697988006_n.jpg

  • Ms Allen

    God bless!! Thank you, keep SHINING and BE safe.....

  • Kay

    Jorge is amazing and is truly an "Angel" to all those in need. Five years of doing this each and every day is incredible. Jorge should be honored for the mission he lives by. We all are truly blessed to have Horge caring for those most in need for daily nourishment. God Bless you Jorge and the work that you do!

  • Karla

    Feeding the hungry. Just what Jesus did and is doing for us till this day!! Jorge may God prosper you and your family!! Blessing to you and your family!!!!

  • Kaylee Collison

    people like jorge make me want to be a better person and to try harder each and every day! i have been really down lately cause of relationship/job issues but stories like this make me feel that i am so blessed and need to focus on the bigger picture.... and need to invest more of my happiness into the helping of others less fortunate. bless you jorge...you rule!

  • Latyr Samba

    Jorge is showing us the way; It's not always about greed America !!!

  • T

    Jorge has such a big heart -- I am simply amazed by his compassion for those less fortunate and his conviction to do what he sees as "the right thing."

  • Cecilia Biemann

    Absolutely amazing! What a wonderful man you are Jorge. The dedication you and your family put in to help those in need is truly inspirational. God bless you all.

  • Aditya Kedia

    Really a very inspiring video.What else would a human ask just 1 smile and worries,problems,obstacles,etc. would disappear.Good job Jorge.Keep it up

  • Dhara Jani

    God bless Jorge and his family. What a big compassionate heart; very inspiring!

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  • Practice empathy: Spend 24 hours imagining what it would be like to be in the shoes of those you interact with. Write about the lessons you learn.
  • Challenge yourself to go out of your way to help a friend or stranger in need for at least 7 days - give car rides, food, books, anything!

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