"This work is just a drop in the ocean," Jayesh Patel observes."But a teardrop of compassion changes everything." So says the founder of an organization catering expressly to the ~180,000 residents of a slum community in Ahmedabad, India. In a remarkable walking interview with a man who had never before agreed to appear on-camera, Patel shares a simple philosophy: give everything to whatever comes up in a moment. "No ambition--mission!" he advises with a smile. "Don't stretch, never stretch. Wherever you are is the best time for you, whoever you're around are the best people for you. That's living in the present."


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  • Pankaj c m

    Wah ❤️ Love you Jayesh bhai❤️

  • Bidyut

    Very Inspirational. I had heard about Jayesh bhai in ladddership but did not know much about him. I am inspired by his simple life and his beautiful way of explaining a life of service. Will see it again and again ..

  • Ron

    Happiness has nothing to do with giving or receiving is state of mind based on your perceived reason for having or creating that with in you

  • Christine Farmer

    Namaste. The inspiration is words in action. Being real. Connecting heart to heart with people. 🙏

  • Ricken Patel

    Lovely video. I was most inspired by the WALK guidance - Witness, Accept, Love, Know. So true! And such a richness awaiting us if we just step outside our door and put one foot in front of another with a certain intention...

  • Vaghela naresh

    Beautiful and powerful jayesh mama…..🙏

  • Jalu praful

    Wonderful work and like hu your simplicity

  • Meena

    What inspired you about thIs video? My life is shaped by Jayesh Mama ...

  • Meena

    What inspired you about this video? Jayesh Mama always thinks about how to keep others happy and how to help others.

  • Saraswati Damor

    Beautiful and powerful! Very heartwarming video....thank you jayeshbhai.. Gret msg for me and world

  • Anand Surana

    What a noble soul. So much can be done, and so little have I done.

  • tom charles osher

    so much, the smiling faces of the poor, the wonderful attitude and work of jayesh. they call it selfless service, but i believe the best thing one can do for one self is to serve others. he is a model.

  • Sandip Sheta

    SAHAJ JIVAN(life)....,live example....Great person....inspired at Retreat

  • Mansukh Shah

    Excellent, inspiring and must be very rewarding. How can I help, I live in the Uk, Can I at least send a donation ? Thank you

  • Christine Lendorfer

    I bow to the holy soul of Jayesh Bhai, a man who has overcome his ego and spreads love and selfless giving on every step of his path. He is a real ladder and as such a model for all leaders. I loved his associations with W-A-L-K: Witness nature - Accept the circumstances - Love your life - Know yourself Thank you for all your wise words at Gandhi 3.0, Jayesh Bhai!!!!

  • david marsden

    Fabulous example of a selfless path, wonderful.

  • Zinat Fazal

    Beautiful and Powerful! Very Inspiring indeed! Thank you for sharing...

  • Mohammed Jadliwala

    " No ambition but Mission " No words just salute to jayeshbhai.....

  • Deepak Vyas


  • Jiten and Niru Shah

    What inspired you about this video? We were there in 2014 January, We impressed very much, you gave us tour so we see inside, So many people are giving free service My niece and her husband are coming in 2015. We appreciate all the group who are giving this service.

  • Jugna

    I'm so impressed by this man's simple approach and he's totally right about connecting heart to heart with everyone. Two of my family members are going to serve selflessly for a year here and I hope one day I can do the same.

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    we have some interested stuff at our website and must surely like this.we are always in the service of our visitors.

  • patricia

    So many wealthy greedy world leaders need to see this man's work and be humbled by it. In my own way I try to live as simply as possible and share what I can both time and money yet this make me feel humbled beyond belief and how I lack courage to take BIG action.

  • catherine

    I really think that Indian people have humbleness and generosity in their DNA. I feel so moved by their inner force and spirit which drive these initiatives, which inhabit all these so beautiful persons. Love in service, always... what a learning!

  • sandhya vishwakarma

    live like a common people.... be a ladder, don't be a leader..... It's really heart touching video, it changed my mind, my thoughts and inspires me to make a difference...

  • Yogendra

    extremely touched by the video. The last words are so beautiful... don't get into "giver-receiver" mode... instead get into equality and help! so beautiful.

  • rajeshwari

    i m totally touched by this video.there are so many needy people out there.will try my best to help them as much as i can do.

  • Ram

    Loved it! Lot of learning! Great messages!! Thank you Jayeshbhai, and thanks to Karmatube!

  • Karen

    This video has changed the way I will walk in the mornings. I will think of Jayesh Patel and his simplicity and remember to "Witness the nature", Accept the circumstances", "Love your life", and Know yourself " as I walk around the block tomorrow. And I'll remember all the smiling faces of the children in this video--it leaves a lovely feeling with me.

  • Ravi Sheshadri

    I realised that I lack compassion. I will work on this. Jayeshbhai thanks.

  • Thilakarajan

    Great humanitarianism, real living legend, all well said, good phillosophy, very essential for life, everyone should watch this specilally politicians, god bless them all.. Great video thanks for the post

  • Susheelan

    Simple thought....Simple vision....Simple People....Simple living. It gives a soothing effect to the heart and mind.

  • Sheela

    Beautiful. So genuine! I have learnt a lot from his simple explanation on the word 'WALK'. And....living in the present by understanding what we have now is what is best for us. Dont think, but work.. . How beautiful!

  • Michelle

    Heart, Hand & Head ... Compassion ...

  • Bina

    What inspired you about this video? Its Simplicity, thank you jayesh bhai

  • Helen

    Deeply inspiring. A true example of love, service and compassion in action, steeped in humilty , warmth and wisdom. Life-changing. Thank you

  • Deepak


  • P Radia

    Such a good message

  • Coordinator

    Dianne - Jayesh Patel is associated with Manav Sadhna. There is a link to the organization in the first "Be the Change" item to the left of the video. I'm sure the folks at Manav Sadhna would be thrilled to hear of your inspiration.

  • Dianne

    What a beautiful man. I am so inspired by him and his wisdom. I love how he used the simple word "Walk" and made it into a mindful pastime. There doesn't appear to be a charity connected to him, I'd love to donate. I don't have a lot of money but every little helps.

  • wu ying ying

    Very GREAT Video..

  • Prashant

    Excellent video. This man has insight. The hand example was very good. I would like to know more about what he and his organization is doing.

  • Orlando

    Very heartwarming and powerful worlds. The children's award winning smile capture my heart deeply. I've been too India and know that i will reteturn once again. Great video.

  • Nila

    An extremely inspiring and touching video. I totally agree with Anita that every word or comment made by Jayeshbhai was really powerful and deep and spoken the heart. Congratulations for the wonderful service you are doing. I also hope to follow your footsteps one day in the very near future That is my dream and has been for a long time...with spiritual greetings to you! namaskar!!

  • Anita

    Very inspiring and a heartwarming video. Every word and comment made by Jayesh Bhai is so powerful and deep that it makes you stop, wonder and think! I am completely bowled over. Thanks for being around Jayesh Bhai, I will definitely be there one day in that rhythm of "WALK"...learning

  • Janani Bala

    I have always heard about Jayesh Bhai and service all the time. I only know about these things because of "Wednesdays" in Santa Clara. It's not everyday one's senses get gifted with the sights and sounds of life dedicated to service. I am grateful for the publication of this video. More importantly, it felt good to hear from Jayesh Bhai, his 2 cents. "Think Globally, Act Locally". I can remember this!

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  • Read about a conversation with Jayeshbhai on the first year anniversary of his father's passing.
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