Karim Sulayman is an Arab-American tenor from Chicago. Ten days after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Sulayman teamed up with filmmaker Meredith Kaufman Younger to perform a trust experiment. Watch this silent video (set to Sulayman singing Sinead O'Connor's "In this Heart") as Sulayman stands blindfolded outside Trump International Hotel in Central Park West in New York City and asks strangers to trust him. 


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  • unknown

    pmurt. ethics in Reciprocity. Body movements doesn't imply. in the realm this street might move as does this memory of the video location. Soul Retrieval

  • Ron T.

    This video truly touched me, because it reminded me of my thankfulness for having found what I had been (secretly) yearning/searching for, i.e., a "community/home/family" that truly welcomed and accepted me and my religious beliefs (as well as my religious un-beliefs), without having to swear on a book to believe and live by their own prescribed, memorized and rotely recited practices, liturgies, creeds, prayers, etc. It took me 80+ years, but I finally found my refreshing, accepting new community/religious home/family in the Unitarian Universalist Church. (Forever grateful, First UUC, Milwaukee.)

  • shharda

    The humbleness of asking to feel wanted accepted, loved unconditionally

  • Jossina

    It made me cry this world is such a beautiful place,wonder how things just get complicated

  • Nikky Luna

    This video is so inspiring! It makes me cry with the goodness of some people that still remain in a world marked with bigotry, racism, xenophobia and hate. It teaches us that beyond nationality, colour, name, etc., we're all human beings who deserve love, peace, freedom and lots of hugs. I wish I was there to hug Karim, but I'll do it here with the different people that come to my country. Thank you so much!

  • Nancy

    I love this video for so many reasons, most of all to witness how people learned from one another to lean in, to trust they would make a difference by showing they cared. I could feel the hugs, the closeness, the shy hand shake, the tenderness, the bravery the humaness and craving for connection and contact no matter how small.

  • Charles (Chuck) Vail

    The beauty of his idea, the beauty of his words, the beauty of this man, the beauty of his voice, the beauty of the music, and the beauty of human hearts that are touched by his very public and trusting gesture. I want to know where his idea came from. Where in his life's experiences does such an idea come from? When I think of how many Arab-Americans have endured the derision, even hatred, of their fellow citizens, I am so moved by his experiment that I find it difficult to express. It feels like love.

  • Trupti


  • Veronica Aymacana

    I truly believe that we are in a time with lack of meaningful connections in general, so trust that I am safe no matter how I look or where I am coming from is so powerful.

  • Lynisha

    I cried! <3 This was so moving and it made me want to hug him along with everyone else.

  • Olivier

    I had one tear...!

  • Julie

    human behavior..... open your ❤️ ask : who we are ? how we react ? naturaly ? and wherever ? be first hug ...

  • Pat Orner

    I would love to be there to hug him.

  • Maria J Gonzalez

    It took one young woman to step forward and embrace this man and the rest followed. The music surely touched hearts, as did this brave man who bares his soul... Shows us how we are all afraid of others who do not look like we do. How very sad our world has become. I hope this engenders all to drop their armor and care for one another.

  • Rusty Rabon

    Oh for the Day of no more raging wildfires, no more pillaging gunfire, no more human trafficking, no more political meanness/madness. Jesus, because that Day IS coming, help us live and love to your glory in this day. (prayer from Pastor Scotty Smith in Nashville, TN)

  • Valerie Bowman

    His beautiful voice and the power of music to open our hearts. The courage to show up, stand up and open his arms to whatever came. It reminded me to let go of my fear for a moment.

  • Livia Genise

    The open trust and love that Karim Sulayman embodied and the people accepting his gift!

  • Constance Porter

    I could not get through it without tears. It gives me so much hope for the future of humanity. I deeply believe that humanity will get through this awful time in history and we all will be better, wiser, and stronger human beings as a consequence. Thank you, Karim Sulayman, for trusting in the deep-seated goodness of humans. I hope you are thriving in 2018.

  • Cynthia Jackson

    As the first person approached him, others felt free to do the same. One person can make a tremendous difference and unleash great love.

  • Linda

    It gave me HOPE! Thank you! Hugging is where/when we touch each other heart to heart. Fear is in the head. What courage Karim has shown to stand blindfolded on a NYC street. May I follow his example to 'blind' myself to the actions of others. Thank you.

  • evelyn eads

    His courage to stand out and stand FOR trust . May this be repeatted millions of times throughout the world.

  • Jrs

    Love and trust in mankind(?!)MAnKIND

  • ella

    I am not sure

  • Larain

    People touching one anothers' hearts with love , not fear.

  • Julia

    It's time to learn, deep in our hearts, how to love each other across all barriers of difference.

  • Sallie

    We can trust and love one and other and bring joy to our world.

  • Eileen

    The tears of those who know how real the fear is....

  • akshay


  • Anne-Claire

    Absolutely I would hug him , a really tight good hug at that. Seeing people hug him made me cry ,there is still hope.

  • Ellen

    How brave the Muslim man was to stand out there blind folded. Wish I could hug him and I am so glad that people broke through the Trump drama and stepped up to hug him. May we continue that in our own communities. I will.

  • Neva Hutchinson

    The beautiful singing and the response of he people.

  • Sharon

    Humanity...the way it should be!!!Bless Us ALL...

  • Jenny Janssen

    So beautiful and moving! Seeing barriers break down and people reaching out in a loving embrace! This is what I pray for daily! WE ARE ONE WORLD FAMILY!

  • Cathy Walsh

    Hope. Gratitude. Peace. Immense joy for humankind.

  • Marvin Glenn

    I was inspired by the other people's responses to a man who spoke to their hearts and bypassed their minds. The Heart knows, always. The Heart remembers, always. My connection to you is in my Heart. My mind has been hijacked. My Heart is untouchable and still and always leads me to my greatness if I will only listen.

  • Helen

    It is gratifying to see that compassion and caring still exist in our society.Reflective of my generation

  • Lynne Thorsen

    What inspired you about this video? His courage, his words and his choice to stand up and try to make a difference. If more of us can find that courage and speak our truth we can change the world.

  • Helmut

    The willingness of people to accept this expression of love and to see only humanity in all and not be divided by race, color or religion.

  • suzanne petito

    No words -just tears - this is deep magick - right in front of Trump Towers - No words only extreme gratitude and thankfulness.

  • Kimball H Hunt

    Where is it hidden in routine Those mystic secrets which aren't seen, Which counsel we abandon fear And listen with our inner ear? Conceding limits in those laws Which fail to promote common cause Which fail t heed that human kind Is inextricably entwined With microbes and the manatee, With astrophysics and the sea ... What in our neural filigree Promotes the bonds twixt you and me? Kim

  • Rose Lowry

    He is letting people know that he trust them to hug or shake his hand and that he is afraid he is going to be deported and so am I for many of people who should not be deported. What a mess this country is in, pray often for these people.my heart goes out to them!!!! Thanks for sharing

  • Lynn Tso

    The open, honest display of trust and vulnerability spoke directly to my heart center. Thank you. We are truly All One and connected; and it is felt in our hearts.

  • carol parker

    That he was brave enough to stand there like that. I have a hand shake and a hug for him also, in my heart. Thank you.

  • Anthony Russe

    Karim reminded me that we are all God's children, irrespective of race, colour or creed. Make a difference and live it.

  • Joanne Reilly

    This man has touched my heart with what he wrote and how he stood before total strangers blindfolded with an open heart. His trust in humanity touched many that day as the hugging went on for a long time. We should all be more like Karim. He brought tears to my eyes and a beating in my heart of love for what he did in this video.

  • Joe Jack Davis

    First, and foremost, the bravery of Sulayman -- took guts to put himself in such a vulnerable position. Then, seeing one person after another, approach him and embrace him, showing empathy, compassion, sensitivity, and probably a wish that xenophobia wasn't as rampant as it is. Most Americans, I believe, have goodness in their hearts and want to show it to others, even strangers.

  • Ray Effertz

    I became overwhelmed, in a good way, w/ emotions. I wanted to be there to hug and hold and whisper my love.

  • Charlotte Anne

    the Holy Spirit gets right to your heart with the music and sharing of hugs.. moved me to tears very quickly.. love is life.

  • elisabeth

    It gives me hope. Karim and the people responding to him show us what we all are: human beings, whatever our colour, race, sexe, religion, political vieuws, or nationality. Big hug from a lady in Europe.

  • Cecile

    His trust. His openness to others.

  • Andre

    The true nature of being human is beautifully exhibited. Thank you for making this video. Peace and Love

  • Sandy

    It was so uplifting to read what Sulayman had written on his poster; notice the setting and all of the folks who read and then reacted to the message. My heart went out to him and to everyone who responded in their own manner. . . then I replayed it and began reading the comments. My heart is full and it gives me hope in the days ahead. This is the America I grew up in for 76 years. Blessings to all. Reach out to others!

  • Karin

    we elected a person to the highest office in the land that doesn't represent our core values...my we all share our love with one another no matter what the national rhetoric might be. It starts with just one person, like in the video. Hug someone today....share your love! Love and peace to ALL!!

  • Nicola

    You touched me deep inside, having chills and tears running over my cheeks. Thank you for your brave, heartfelt, genuine act of connection and compassion for all of mankind. If not for you and all the other beautiful human beings from all over the world, where would America be today??? The song and your voice is beyond beautiful. Just amazing! You are creating love in one person at a time and I can see your goodness by your reactions. Thank you for BEING!

  • Theresa

    The message of our human experience, "all you need is love". Share it :) "Free, Only want to be free We huddle close Hang on to a dream."

  • Tedra Conard

    This video is an emotional heartbreaker and like many people I would have given anything to be there and give him a massive hug!!! Having a teen - age niece who has lived in the UAE and Indonesia while her dad moved around with his company especially broke my heart. She had great friends from every ethnicity and country in the world and many were from Arab countries and they were all her friends - very few were American. Now back in the US she misses them terribly. Having been to the UAE and Russia myself I know how love absolutely trumps evil seeing it and meeting many different people who are beyond wonderful!!! It's beyond shameful that this person in the White House refuses to get out of his bubble and actually meet and get to know incredible people from around the world. I was so beyond upset seeing the Obama's leave. They are really and truly admirable! So very proud of Mr. Sulayman - only wish I could meet him and he is a true example of all the incredible people across the globe. May the world show you nothing but kindness and love, Karim.

  • Beverly Santo

    The number of people who chose to hug Karim Sulayman instead of simply shake his hand. Amazing grace! I pray this is that this way of being in the world spreads and dominates in the US.

  • Ellen Vinci

    that in Ny where they were attacked by Saudis that look like this guy, they still trusted him. Very touching to see the looks on faces of people hugging this stranger.

  • Sue

    Bravery! Compassion. Willingness to be the change and to be open to all the reactions that are displayed. The emotion was so palpable. No separation. Love this man and his Courage.

  • bee

    People actually had compassion and understanding. Some had tears in their eyes like I have now in mine.

  • Marie Roy

    This is what we are about in America. Each one of us can take a step out and embrace our brothers and sisters no matter who they are.

  • jdelia

    I am sending this along to those on my email as an up-lifter for the hearts and minds of all of us who believe in the goodness of humanity and can find that goodness in-spite of those who want to inspire fear and create division.

  • Bob

    I wish our lawmakers in Washington could view this video to realize what America is about, rather than concentrating on money and partianship.

  • Wamani

    It takes one person to be brave enough to trust, others will follow. One action of bravity can change the world for better. Trust is all we have to bank on.

  • Dave

    Good always conquers evil. Love always trumps hate. And hope will always prevail over over fear. It just takes time. We have the time.

  • Sue Kyler

    People & trust. Thank you.

  • Janie

    The trust and genuine caring / sharing <3

  • Anthea

    It is wonderful to see trust and acceptance in action. Powerful

  • Dana

    It's willingness to lead with love and trust, publicly, in front of a national symbol of unbridled greed and exploitation was beautiful and brave.

  • Kdou

    #Beautiful ...this is the most wonderful, the greatest thing about #America in our land of the free and the home of the brave --- that anyone and everyone (legally here) is free to speak their mind, openly in public - and to do so in a peaceful manner ... I love this form of expression of #freedom of #speech. Yes indeed, this is something very beautiful to see and to... Look at... A spectacle, in fact... The music was very very nice almost sounded like #Christian hymns, even... I think it's particularly great that this man was able to stand out directly in front of the Trump building without #DonaldTrump's #KKK security coming out to beat him and chase him off, and I was especially impressed that the public around the area was also on their best behavior, because I really expected there to be some blood here - but instead everyone was loving and beautiful... Ahem...... Rightly so. I have no doubt that this man is perfectly safe as an immigrant here in the #UnitedStates, and I would give him an A-Plus for his video art project... But I happen to be one of those who voted for Donald J #Trump and I do have concerns for unscreened #Islamofascist who come into the country with motives that go against our best interests - particularly in a post 9-11 modern-day era of Islamic-terrorism on the streets of civilized free nations, including USA... And now this very important point that I wish to make and distinguish before I go on is that the video specifies that the man is "Arab American", but does not say what his religious beliefs are - - and this is important... if the man is an atheist Arab-American that is one thing, but if he is an ISLAMIC Arab-American, that is an entirely different thing, in regards to "trust" on the open streets of America. And by the way, I should also say here that public trust is earned and is not a right - no one has the right to be automatically unquestionably absolutely trusted by the open public or any individual in public... "you can't force me to #trust you"... We individuals have a tendency to profile, and that is one of the many tools that we humans use to evaluate and discern and to make judgments with and to... "trust"... I trust this man is not dangerous to me or my community - NOT because he is Arab American so much, but because HE IS BLINDFOLDED and holding a peacefully written message on display openly for everyone to see --- this is nothing to be scared of, honestly... and as a Trump supporter wit common sense, I am perfectly fine with this reasonable logic to trust this "Arab American" individual here in the video... Who I do not trust are those who come into our country under false pretense, #undocumented unverified. I am particularly concerned about those individuals who come from Muslim Islamic terrorist nations and nations which sponsor terrorism... I also have my own concerns about anyone who would voluntarily knowingly warship Muhammad, a known self-professed rapist child molester murderer and warmonger. In fact I would truly genuinely entertain the notion of asking this man, first, if he is Muslim does he follow the words of Muhammad the prophet in the Quran, and I would ask him simply why? to begin with.... But truthfully the man in the video is not the biggest problem for terrorism in our country; no I daresay that again it is the unscreened extremist #Muslim #terrorist who is the issue... Once Upon a #Time president GW #Bush said that it would be better to fight the terrorists over there in their land rather than having them fight against us here on our land. In less than 8 years Iraq and Afghanistan were having free elections democratic votes open ... Later Again Upon a Time there was aanother president named #Obama who cut and ran and his strategy resulted in the spread of the #MuslimBrotherhood throughout the Middle East and a transformation into ISIS and the invasion of Europe... islamofascist extremist Muslim Islamic terrorism... it's by far the most common form of religious terrorism in the world today. #WeThePeople Under the Obama Administration have even identified those Nations which sponsor such islamiic extremist terrorism... Both the above presidents described Islam as a peaceful religion. Personally I'm thinking that we the people should get together to reexamine that premise and perhaps even to look at what our forefathers had to say on the subject but that is a different matter... I do not trust the #LoneWolf attacker - the one from any of those terrorist nations, who would use the same tactic as the man in the video to draw a nice crowd together and then to blow himself up on the street - that is who I do not trust... I think it's a shame that none of us are talking about the fact that here we are more than 15 years after 9/11 and the ball has been dropped... I would wonder if someone could dress as Uncle Sam loud with a red white and blue sparkly looking like a clown you know what I'm talking about and to go around with an American flag on the streets of Iraq Afghanistan turkey Yemen what do you think would happen there ...and why??? What if a Christian person - two single woman were to walk down the streets of Islam openly carrying a large huge cross or a sign that said "I am a Christian, Trust In The Lord?" Never mind why because it doesn't matter we shouldn't blow people up because of religion or politics, at least that's what the Christians believe... I don't know about the atheists or the Muslims... I'm also beginning to get my doubts about the San Franciscans.... Just who are the bigots of our society? Just who can we trust really with our National Domestic freedom and liberty? I can't wait until America Is Safe Again... at least as safe and peaceful as it is in front of Trump Tower. I love living in a society where the open public loves one another such as this. God Bless America. P.s. this is not #racism

  • Susan

    This was so touching. It is what the world should be like.

  • Judi Seip

    On a 1-to-1 basis, he made people think, and touched so many hearts. Such a scary time for all of us. Kudos, Karin!

  • hallie

    We should each be the first person to hug or connect peacefully with others. Don't wait and watch; take a bold step and show others what you mean. Your single step will inspire and activate others.

  • Sabrina

    Wow, so touching. I'm part Iranian and part American (born here in USA). All I've been raised to believe is I can love and respect both great countries. Great video showing that the majority people want to love and support one another. I have a tear of happiness rolling down my cheek right now. Thank you again :)

  • Vera

    Solidarity, help one another ...friendship .... love in many ways ...

  • Carolyn

    Wow, that inspires, reminds to take down walls of fear and love.

  • Ina

    I proudly wear a large safety pin to show everyone who needs anything that I am ready, willing and able to HELP, and you are Safe asking me.

  • Carol

    You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope some day you'll join us And the world will be as one. John Lennon - Imagine Lyrics

  • Rick Reynolds

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Bruce

    I like that the words work both ways, I am now, always have been, and will continue to be, a protector of others.

  • Fr P J

    It proves the point I made in my homilies this weekend. We are all one in god's family, designed by his creating love to be bound as on in ur diversity. the VASt, VASt, VASt majority of humankind are GOOd people. We all hope for peace. Let us work and pray for it by eliminating negative and racist comments from our speech and actions.

  • Jeanne

    I can't stop the tears. This is so much what I want our country to be like.



  • Bette C. Levine

    To see that all people are basically good people. Let's always remember that and never again hate everyone in a group because there's one badd apple.

  • Claudia

    What a wonderful Video and Heart touching music. I couldn' t stop my Teams Running over my Face. A big hug from my Part for you and all WHO think the Same as we do..i Trust you Thank you

  • Ingrid

    What a beautiful video. Thank you for being trusting and thank you for all those who trusted you. The music was also inspiring. It brought me to tears.

  • camille

    Thank heaven for the first one who hugged. Wish you could send this to DJT

  • Bernadette


  • Gayle

    I ws moved to tears. And it reminded me of something I read by Clarissa Pinkola Estes: in part, she said, "It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom, will cause the critical mass to tip toward an enduring good. What is needed for dramatic change is an accumulation of acts, addind, adding t , adding more, continuing."

  • Linda Fox

    This video is so beautiful it brought me to tears. Had I been there I would have been the first to embrace Karim. People of color and those of different faiths are becoming more valuable to me by the day. I'm beginning to hold wealth and power in disdain. The time has come to stand with all people in solidarity and to do all we can to ease the burdens of others.

  • m.j.

    This touched my heart.......it is the way I wish the world was.............. give a hug........... shake hands.............. trust .............not easy to do but all things are possible............for those who love God. thanks so much. mj

  • Donna McDaniel-Mitchell

    It only takes one person to overcome fear and start the peace process and we will all join in

  • Cowan Mary Deborah

    Given a chance or express LOVE......we will.

  • Maiga Ehrlich

    Alle Menschen Sing gleich in den USA sind alle Menschen "zugezogen " außer den Indianern. Ich verstehe nicht warum kein Mensch aus den Fehlern der Vergangenheit lernt warum muss immer der Hass gewinnen? Warum kann nicht einfach mal liebe Geborgenheit Fairness und Akzeptanz einkehren?💙💚💖 in liebe Maiga

  • RJ Clapham

    We will see that Love wins over hate!

  • Paige Moore

    This is what needs to be shown on the "news" . It's one of he most beautiful things I've ever experienced watching! ❤❤❤

  • Maria Martinez

    What is happening to our country, our democracy? How can we think that if we isolate ourselves that we can even function on any level? This planet Earth is getting very small as we realize that all things, peoples, etc. are one, united, needing each other and sharing what we have. People are important, and should be valued as such. I will trust . I too am a stranger born in this country.

  • Chris Janty

    I just arrived home from an out-of-town trip and the top newspaper story was Trump's Muslim ban. This should be the top news story throughout the world. Love Trumps Hate.

  • Ann Daniels

    I hope this moves you as much as it moved me. It's a beautiful symbol of oneness in a time we need to be reminded it exists.

  • hannah mcgraw-dzik

    Everything, especially once somebody came forward to show support many more followed. I would like to do something like this, I am white so wording would have to be changed, could more of us do that, please contact me, at 651-405-0495'. Thank you Peace and all good and equality for all, hannah

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