'Gift' is a must watch short film that has a profound, heart-touching message about the importance of giving, and the true value of wealth. It’s a beautiful depiction of how we deeply touch others when we selflessly give our time, love and kindness. “Gift” is about a boy who grew up not liking his father because he believed he was poor, unintelligent and unsuccessful, but his father had a secret. It was only until after his father’s death he discovers the true reach of his father’s generosity towards others and the joy and laughter he brought to others. He finally understands his father’s message to him as a boy, that “being rich is not about how much you have, but how much you can give.”


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  • layla hailey Perez

    everything in this video is inspiring to me and to others

  • Jason Schibinger, ESQ

    The father blew it when he told the son that the note of encouragement on the pink slip of paper was “not for you.” It is easy for some people to be out there being a saint while at the same time ignoring the needs of their own family. Obviously, he was a single father, but the son obviously had emotional needs growing up that he seem to gloss over or overlook.

  • Joyce Truett

    The father had the heart of gold, in caring for not just his own family and issues, but someone who may not have that, what we call joy always in their life.

  • MyC

    wow...tears well up as I watched..yes truly a gift of love! mahalo nui loa and ALOHA!

  • Subhakar Rao

    It is my prayer always ..Help me O God, to help others, in every possible way I can !! this video carries a very beautiful message ...

  • mana

    generosity. it is never too late to learn. Bahaullah the Prophet of our age says to give and to be generous are attributes of God.

  • Nat

    The message received by the son

  • ellen

    What inspired me was incredible selflessness of the father. though he didn't share his generosity with his son while he was alive it did get passed down and for that I am thankful. Whatever you do to make someone(s) life easier, whether with being a clown, giving money or most importantly giving of yourself..that's beautiful. Thank you for this inspiring film.

  • Bulgaa

    Really missing my dad.. We have A BIG GIFT from our dad, lots of books filled in room.. His children and students trying to continue his life goals to study something important for man's life, and living faithfully... May all dad's in the world live happier and longer with their families.

  • garrybrown

    It is truly wonderful how his father brought so much joy to the world in such a humble way and his son finally understood the good his father did

  • Tanaz Bamboat

    The videeo inspired me to continue sharing joy and laughter as a LAUGHTER YOGA INSTRUCTOR AND training others to share it with the world

  • marilyn delger

    This took my breath away! We just really don't know what is in the hearts of the people who are closest to us.

  • Christine

    I am reminded how important it is to remember true human richness and very often that is NOT what it appears.

  • patricia

    It reminded me how grateful I am for the parents I had and the values they gave me. I was blessed to have made peace with both before they passed away and how much I still miss them.

  • madaline

    never wait, it just might be too late. sharing love from my heart, ALWAYS. blessings

  • gary

    may we all see the love in others and share our love before they are gone

  • Linda

    Even though I am not wealthy with materials things such as day to day living, perhaps I should think more about what I can give instead of what I can get....truly touched.

  • Doris

    How beautiful! And, I received it in my email on the anniversary of my dad's passing.

  • Rajkumar

    Very simple and straightforward way of expressing a greatest virtues which every human being is supposed to possess.

  • Sunil Patell

    Wonderful Film, should be shown every Kids, So that they can grasp the Power of Giving. The Joy and Satisfaction it brings to one is Beyond Comprehensive. Learned a lot from this short film. First; Monetarily is not he ONLY way one can be Rich, To be loved by Parents, having a Caring Family, and have Excellent Health is also ways you can be reach. Secondly; The Kids are so full with Joy and Positivity towards Life inspire having Physical Disability. Thirdly; When GOD gives you anything (Including Money) more than you NEED (not want) you need to share with the less fortunate. To share you don't have to be Monetarily rich.

  • A.L.Motwani

    This is a noble way of serving and realizing the goal of human life You have reminded me today through this video today

  • Oforiwaa

    My father passed away last month. Before I went to bed last night, I asked my father for a sign from him about an important family matter. This morning, this film was in my email. Thank you, Dad. I understand.

  • Mary Anne

    The selflessness of this man and how much love he had for his son. What a priceless legacy he left for his son and us.

  • BBRosser

    I loved this film! It is a gentle reminder of the power of one. I'm also reminded that I could do more.

  • Marilynn

    I love it that giving can be just a word or note of affirmation - anytime we do that it's a Gift!

  • Lisa

    Incredible Story, touched my heart. It really is in giving that we receive!

  • Diane

    What a beautiful film. It would be wonderful to show in schools. I'm all teary..

  • Tony

    Thank you. I feel less alone in the world, less poor and less sad. You have remindedme that I have a heart and everyone does and we can give to each other and make life worth living. Thank you.

  • Mahendra

    Think of those who are less fortunate and donate for them. it may make a difference in their lives.

  • Sanjay Vij

    It's very rare to find people passionate about Positivity in life, despite it being the inherent quality of our soul. This video reiterates the same and inspires us to look for positive qualities in the people around including our family. I sincerely thank you for sharing this wonderful video and I would share it with lot of other people.

  • Lela Starseed

    It was absolutely incredible and if I have one wish for the world is that everyone learns how to give unconditionally with pure love.

  • Deepak

    Thank You . touching and ins[rational

  • Dean

    I have always believed that the Golden Rule never goes out of style and I have a deep passion for everyone I meet. I think I get it from my mother who has such great compassion for others. This film reminds me that even the little things matter to many and one small act can change a person's life forever. Be kind, be thoughtful, be generous because some day you may need to lifted up. I am a sister, a Mother, a daughter, I am a Veteran, I am a nurse and I am the person who will give you my last cookie if you're hungry. Live a joy filled life.

  • Prasad

    How difficult it is for us to recognize the contribution that people make in our lives -- our parents, spouses and friends. People who give valuable gifts don't need any advertisements. I am grateful that my parents are alive and I can appreciate what they have done for me! Thank you!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    absolute truth, rich is about giving. so true. very true it is about how you touch the lives of others. <3 reminds of our dreams and hopes. and brings a smile to our faces. this is what it's about. beautifully portrayed. thank you for reminding us what is important. Give a little bit of hope. the only sadness is, he never got to hug his father and tell him in person. sad it takes death. though yes, here's to celebrating life. here's to giving with Love.

  • jit singh

    I am 71 years old and it brings back memories of my grandparents' advice as a little boy. Very emotional video for me. THANKS!

  • norbert

    Many thanks to my friend Renata who sent me this vidéo. I wrote an article in french about gift and I am really happy to see the same idea in the film. We all will be the change! I feel inspired

  • Jan

    Wow, just sobbing. As children, we never see our parents for the totality of who they are. Amazing how selfish each of us can be. As parents, perhaps we are more compassionate, if not still sad. beautifully done piece. Thank you.

  • Sherry

    Thank you. What a inspiring reminder that "It's not about what you have, but what you give." I love this story. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thomas

    Imagine a world in which selfless caring, becomes the norm and selfishness a rarity. Imagine the problems we would solve and what an incredible world this could be. Thank you Mr Lim and all the other anonymous giving souls who give without reason.

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