Many times throughout history there have been silent movements of goodness that have made a significant impact on humanity. Perhaps we are on the verge of the greatest one yet, and the only thing stopping it is what’s under your fingers! Dr. Lynda Ulrich, a dentist turned social innovator, is the founder of the Goodness Exchange (formerly Ever Widening Circles), a positive media company on a mission to prove that in spite of the doom and gloom that reach us through the internet, there’s an enormous wave of progress and goodness underway, hidden under the noise of our digital lives. Her work points to a world of less fear and more joy, as she shares in this TED talk some of the countless acts of good happening all around us through what she calls a “Conspiracy of Goodness.”


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  • Patricia

    It was wonderful to learn about these projects I had no idea existed and it inspired me to create begin thinking of what I want to do from now on.

  • josie

    all of it! I took the Pledge, though I did not see a button to submit it. Even if my pledge is not received, i am now a member of the Conspiracy of Goodness. And I shall spread the word about it!

  • Diane

    Everything, her positivity, the great stories and what to do next

  • Lauren Mitchell

    This is a must do. How simple...come on everyone, jump on the band wagon! Sure will help our mental state, too!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    And this is exactly why I've been a reader and commentor on Service Space Daily Good since 2014♡♡♡♡ (maybe even before that).

  • Traci

    I agree with the viewer, Celeste, when she stated to "practice more awareness of what I GIVE POWER TO!" Her comment, in addition to the message from Dr. Ulrich, made me stop for cause. I feel hope in our world as well now as opposed to the deformation of our society. A "WOW" moment for certain. I feel equipped with the simple power to try to make a difference! Thank You!

  • Celeste

    This was excellent and now I will practice more awareness of what I give power too. I feel inspired and have hope.

  • Susan Springfield

    I'm uplifted by this idea and inspired to take action, beginning right now by amplifying this important voice.

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  • Investigate a few examples Dr. Ulrich offers as conspirators of good, such as The Rainforest Connection or Skateistan.
  • Check out The Goodness Exchange, an online platform to celebrate and showcase outstanding human achievement through a Web of Good Work.
  • Are you ready to “kick down the door” as Dr. Ulrich suggests, and enter the Conspiracy of Goodness by pausing before you click on your electronic device, and refusing to engage in negativity. Then why not share the goodness you find!

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