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Trenton and Lindsay Cochran are best friends, brother and sister, support and inspiration. 10-year old Lindsay, who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, has been in a wheelchair since she was 2. Trenton understands deeply that his life would have been very different if he didn't have a disabled younger sister.  Not only is this mature 12-year old a helper and protector, he is an advocate and ambassador for kids with disabilities. "I would take a bullet for her," he says, as his grateful sister looks on.  Warning: you might want to have some tissues on hand for this beautiful video.


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  • Elise Syphers

    I love how a brother and sister can be each others best friends. My brother and I have a very close relationship and Im very grateful for that.





  • kz

    Trenton is all heart. I cried when he did. What a `12 year old! (and, honestly, I was surprised by Lindsey's reaction to his tears--was she embarrassed? Or was this the 1st time she realized the depth of Trenton's devotion to her?) Thank you, once again Karmatube.

  • Anne

    Well...it is very rare indeed to see such devotion and generosity of spirit. It feels as though he has come into this life for a specific purpose that is much bigger than his role or feelings for his sister. Remarkable to witness.

  • chandrika

    My Dear...Dear....What a wonderful Brother you are dear Lindsay. I thank for sharing such a nice video with tears in my eyes. That's truly shows how power of "love" to brighten one's world and make the world better place to live.

  • joe

    After watching this video I started to write something appropriate. After wipeing my tears away I realized there aren't words that can express how I felt. WOW!!

  • Christie Derrick

    We can learn so much from these two. Wise beyond their years!

  • Katrina

    Wow. That is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing from your heart and being such a wonderful inspiration of what love can look like in the world. That is true love.

  • Sidonie G Foadey

    Pure, simple and utterly beautiful... Awesome way of loving unconditionally. Humbling. Kudos. Thanks. Namasté!

  • Ella

    I loved the video it inspired me so much. These kids are absolutely amazing. I hope that the 5k runs rase enough money and do ind a cure for Lindsay.

  • Theresa Chidembo

    These kids are amazing. I love them, I cried while watching this video. True love exist, this video is it, testifying.

  • Somita

    loved this video... may God Bless both the children with unlimited bonding like this forever.

  • Fabiana

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  • James Singson

    For all you do, for who you are, words are not sufficient for me to explain. You truely, deeply touch my heart and i do hope your good did will inspires a millions people in the world. It brought tears in my eyes. You are amazing in so many ways. Have a good life and God bless you and your sister.....Love you.

  • Nancy H

    This young boys love for his sister and his unselfish nature are amazing examples of the LOVE of GOD!!

  • Bareia jha

    Trenton selfless love and care for his sister is truly inspiring.

  • Stephen Vernon

    Since my YBI accident ( Hit and Run auto accident ) I have been surrounded by close friends who offer and supply support and caring that have and still help me recover from this incident. The phrase that Trenton says "I will take a bullet for you" is exactly the same thing a past employee and close friend said to me not long ago on the phone and it touched me deeply. All your friends and their caring and support is what will allow us all to recover from the disabilities we have encountered. Not to brag but I am the poster boy of recovery and survival for TBI. I count my blessings every day, and like one of my care providers said to me..."You know that you are a very lucky person, don.t you?" She is right but I need the reminder often.

  • Jean

    the support, the love, we all have those capability, let us all share it :)

  • Amar

    I wish I could also be a noble Soul and follow in their footsteps selflessly

  • drew

    WOW... thats truly inspiring

  • Denise

    His love for his sister is very inspiring.

  • Ting

    They warmed up my soul, so beautiful.

  • Juan PAblo

    I would like to download the video to show it in class in very far schools where there is no Internet. Also to share it with poor families that also have no Internet. Thank you

  • Juan Pablo

    They inpired my soul

  • Adi

    what happen to the girl?

  • Debra Gifford

    Bless both of them! Both of them so PRECIOUS!! What a mature boy with a heart of gold!!


    Trenton's open honesty, love, compassion & humility stunned me ---- for a 12 year old. While Lindsey was obviously lovingly appreciative of his care -- couldn't help feeling she was just a little shocked/embarrassed at her big brother weeping & perhaps She may not have completely realized the depth of his love for her!!

  • Martin

    Hope u are still doing good!

  • Renee

    That's the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time!

  • Joseph

    Huge thanks to parrents of theese kids to educate them this way ...

  • Lisa

    The pure and unconditional love between siblings. Heartwarming.

  • Prasanthi

    WOW!!! tears rolled down my eyes, if a 12 year old boy can accept her sisters condition and help her and support her. Why can't I take what ever life throws at me. Beautiful video. May GOD's blessings be always with you.

  • Florineo Jerez

    There are good reasons why we are in seem "bad" circumstances or situations. Most often we cannot see these good reasons and many backfire. Whatever the circumstances or situations we are in, they ALWAYS serve as "soil" wherein the seed of goodness and love in us could grow and develop into a great and giant tree of a mature or perfect person.

  • RKenned

    The youth of this world are amazing-here's two that prove it.

  • JW

    I`ve never seen a more mature 12 year old as this fine young boy. Absolutley wonderful and inspiring. His parents must be so proud.

  • Cali

    this was super inspiring because they just are perfect brother and sister; and it is just so sweet how her brother is always there for her.

  • verity

    what amazing people you both are, i wish you all the best on your journey x

  • sammy

    happiness and sadness collide creating a beautiful story of love and friendship

  • clee

    It's one thing to help his sibling, yet another for his whole life overlapping into hers. God bless you on your journey.

  • Shankar

    This is what being human is all about. There is no height we cannot scale as a species if we put our hearts and minds towards it. Beautiful

  • P S Raju

    WoW........ Speechless. What an unconditional love and care. May God bless them

  • Purnima

    I have 5 younger siblings and our parents died when I was 13 and the youngest one 11 months. I can feel very much that the bond of love for your younger brother or sister.I salute the 12 years Trenton who is taking very good care of his lil sis. I want to share this story with many and let them know that we should care for those who need us most even when they are not our siblings biologically . Now I am grown up helping children in need.

  • Royston

    Walt and Tracy are truly blessed to have such wonderful kids. Trenton you are an inspiration how able bodied individuals could make their small world a better p;lace. Lindsay you are blessed to have such a wonderful family. You are all in my prayers, God bless

  • Martha

    The kids are pretty terrific, but I think that they are that way because of the amazing parents they must have.... Helping siblings to love and care for each other like this requires parents who have the same traits and who can find the positives in difficulties.

  • Gary

    His understanding that he would be less without her, that her condition gives him the opportunity to serve.

  • Toni

    Simply beautiful...what's not to love about 'love'?

  • Jane

    A beautiful testimony to the power of love, devotion, caring, humility, compassion and strength. Trenton is an amazing young man, a hero and a true role model for everyone. Lindsay is beautiful! God's blessings, grace and healing upon them. Wonderful story to uplift and inspire us all to do better. With gratitude for sharing!

  • Sally

    I had a big brother like this. He was always my protector. Didn't have a disability but we lost our dad when we were very young . I know how blessed Lindsay is.

  • Winnie

    It is so beautiful to witness such love. Makes all the hateful actions seem insignificant. Trenton is a special person.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    What a beautiful relationship through love. This brother and sister teach us much about real love, compassion and caring. Thank you for sharing their story.

  • Jackie

    The thing that inspired me about this video is this young boy has understood how much another persons life can completely fulfil his own because he is so naturally drawn to loving and protecting his sister.


    What a wonderful family that is!! Too bad so many of our young children don't know how to love one another that way!! Kudos to Mom and Dad, Trenton and Lindsay!! This is LOVE!!!!

  • Lela

    Everything in this video inspired me. Absolutely everything. How can I complain and moan about what I haven't got where looking at you straight from the screen is a brother and sister that have such a beautiful connection with each other. The gratitude they have for each other is immense. I am so, so touched.

  • Cindy

    Trenton's story is a message to us all. He's such an example of how we should all lead our lives with every person we encounter... showing love, respect and kindness. Trenton and Lindsey are such advanced souls!

  • Dolores

    what a beautiful video.....that young boy is just a miracle to want to be with and help his sister.....I never saw such a beautiful devotion to another person.

  • Jo-Anne

    I loved the way Trent said "hello, human being here"! WELL SAID!! I experience that most of us are impaired (disabled) emotionally in some way. Just hidden inside,is all. May we all have a look at that. Trent you are a teacher on this planet, that is certain! Bless you for being so enlightened at such a young age.

  • Judy

    You both are amazing and beautiful, sweet kids. You're an example of the teaching that a little child will lead us. Yes, you do!! :-)

  • Desti

    thank you for sharing this BEAUTIFULL video....its truly an inspiration and a reminder of what is important in life......living through the rhythm and vibrations of your soul...

  • Lill

    You kids are amazing... *Trenton, I'm a Twin and what I've learned over the years that I impart to you is that you and I can love the heck out of someone, but we can't rescue them. Each of us is responsible for our own happiness. I wish you and your family many miracles throughout your life and great that you remain open to a cure.

  • linda

    just the simplicity of his words - brought tears to my eyes as I watched it.

  • Susan

    Learning to give and to receive with love and respect means lives changed forever...! Amazing! Thank you both!

  • Tonya

    OMG, their parents must be soooo proud! What a wonderful brother Trenton is! I'm a retired school nurse that worked with special needs students so this touched me to my core... I know adults that have not learned the generosity and loving spirit exhibited by these children. God Bless this family, this totally made my day!

  • Walt Cochran

    To KarmaTube . . . my wife and I had no idea that our two kids (Trent and Lindsay) had managed to be seen by so many. They are true blessings to Tracy and I, and we are so thankful that you were willing to share their story with others. Thank you to the readers and comments for such kind supportive words. My wife Tracy is a Physical Therapist and I am a High School history teacher. Together we have two great kids--who have ups and downs like a lot of kids, but together, we are a family, and we love our children. Although, suffering, as some have pointed out below is not the intention of God in our lives, we do believe that God has given us the strength as He does many others to embrace the life that we are blessed to have on this earth. Once again . . . thank you so much, Walt Cochran waltandtracy@embarqmail.com Dad of Trent and Lindsay Cochran

  • Pattie Gelsleichter

    What inspires me about this video is the true love, devotion and maturity of this young man. Everyone should watch this video. Truly beautiful and inspiring.

  • Lucky

    Pure love from a brother who himself is a kid and to carry such responibility is overwhelming and inspirational. We need more humanbeings like Trenton. Keep up the good work. May God Bless you!

  • Sethi

    Inspirational . Unconditional love between a brother and sister at it's best .

  • Dianne

    Trenton's unconditional love for Lindsay. What beautiful children they are. Light of God's eyes.

  • pj

    "My life would be nothing without her." Wow... that's "PURPOSE". God's ways are not our ways, and there is beauty and meaning even in things that on the surface seem unfair. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, It is an unshakeable divine purpose of one's life that overcomes the most overwhelming disappointments of this life.

  • Dorothy Crichton

    Don't have sound with this but watching these lovely childrens faces is inspiring!What a lovely caring big brother!God Bless both of them!xxxx

  • Cindy

    The beautiful love and commitment-Trenton is such a inspiration to everyone, no matter what their age. Lindsay's struggles will be so much more doable with Trenton as her big brother.

  • Michael

    What inspired you about this video? I was very much inspired and carried by the love protection of a brother a best friend to an ailing sister. God created that way for a reason which sometimes human like us will hardly understand. Gods thought is not ours His ways not our ways but that girl weaknesses made us strong to realize that we can be of help, we can be her cane and most of all we can be love as God want us to be. God bless

  • Subhasree Yuvakumar

    Everything about this video is inspirational in nature. I love this pair of children. I believe God sends a child with special needs in to our life only to help us grow spiritually. We learn to be more compassionate, accepting and non-judgemental when we have kids like this at home. I'm a mother of an Autistic adult and I can vouch for this huge opportunity I got for my spiritual growth through the service I rendered to my son. Even my daughter, who is an elder sibling to my son, is very matured, caring and compassionate person, thanks to our son Vijei.

  • Muralikrishna

    A very intimate camaraderie between an elder brother and his sweet little sister. So caring and loving! And he says that she is his best friend! That speaks volumes about the true love that they have for each other! I was moved to tears! Long Live Trenton and Lindsay. My Warm Hugs To Both Of Them! May God Bless Them Both With Abundance, Infinite Abundance, Always!


    To observe such a young man have the maturity and emotional stability of an old soul, was inspiring. His love for his sister touched me and reminded me how much I miss that connection with my own siblings. Blessed be Trenton and Lindsay.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    What a Wonderful Big Brother. the world needs more brother/sister combinations that share such love with each other. Thank you Karmatube for sharing their sweet story. Now get out there and Hug someone or lift someone up. :) HUG!

  • Cecily

    The quality and depth of love that "Best Friend" evokes...

  • Shameme Adams

    What a beautiful little boy and great Brother, one of the loveliest children I think I've seen, he really is. What a sweetheart!!. I'de love to write to them....might try!. I have a spinal disability (need surgery in America with it) and was so touched by it!!. Well done Trenton-YOU ROCK!!!. So much love to you and your Sister from me in England!. xxx

  • Louise

    Wow!! What unconditional love, You are both an inspriation to each other and the world, if there were more people to take the time to enjoy each other, and look beyond the disabilities that each one of us have in some way, and treat people with respect and love, than we could all be like Trenton, Thank you so much for sharing your family with us.

  • Vicky

    The world needs more big brothers like Trenton..he is an amazing young man.

  • Carl

    Wow ! When he said that he would take a bullet for her and that she is his best friend ! We need more children raised with these kinds of sensitivities

  • Christine

    So very easy to forget what life is really all about, not so lost in your own drama!

  • Anj

    I shed a few tears while watching this clip. Unconditional love in its most pure form.

  • bj

    These two have very heavy/strong Karma together. How lovely they get to work it out in this incarnation.

  • pappu

    truly unconditional love... thanks for teaching me.

  • John Malcomson

    Trenton is such a sweetheart. Thank you for being a great brother!

  • Jim Baker

    The Love. It's pure.

  • Sweta

    the unconditional love...the beautiful heart and compassion

  • Ron

    Dear God, please grant peace, confidence and courage to Trenton and Lindsay. AMEN

  • Pancho

    Wow! Stories like Trenton and Lindsay always seem to adjust my focus on to what is important to me. Thank you for the story.

  • Helga

    Trenton, you are an amazing brother and I am deeply moved by you gentle, beautiful spirit. Isn't it more rewarding to give than to receive? It shows me as well that there are no coincidences in life.

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