This StoryCorps video tells the greatest love story ever. Funny, touching, and incisive, Danny and Annie are unusually thoughtful and candid in expressing their affection -- from their very first date to the time of Danny's death.


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  • Yvonne McAskill

    That they never stopped giving….

  • Dave

    This brought tears to my eyes. For I too have had the privilege of being in love. Maggie and I were married and walked through life hand-in-hand for 53 years, but now she has gone to her eternal reward. To paraphrase eloquent Danny, “There has never been, there is not now, and never will be another Maggie.” Every day I wish she were still here.

  • Janet hortin

    The absolute devotion to the relationship! Love is a shelter from the storms of life.

  • Shelby

    The old fashion, unconditional love there was between them. One I hope to experience in my lifetime. You two were so blessed with life’s most precious gift. Where every you go, I go too. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

  • Toto

    Lovely. Thank you :-)

  • Ma cristina navarro

    They love each other until they already old enough.

  • Ma cristina navarro

    Based on this story danny and annie are very lovable

  • Carol Ann

    So reminds me of my wonderful husband, there's never a day that I don't feel loved and supported. I believe in miracles! God so blessed me with the love of my life!

  • Nancy

    What I know about this couple is that if your love is consistent it isn't because it is perfect, it is consistent because regardless of disagreements or conflict the couple never question their love. The consistent action of saying and showing love surpasses any conflict. They never let a disagreement interfere with their love. Good lesson to learn.

  • Mark

    Annie is so my wife Katrina, I know after 27 years she will be by my side through the tough times. She works so hard and now starting to pick up doing the things I now cannot do without much complaining. Her little complaining has nothing to do with helping me but not getting the help she needs when there are capable people here not doing there part. Annie (Katrina) will love me forever and that's all I ever hoped for.

  • Chris

    Wow. This is the type of love I think we all strive to find one day. The love many of us have given up hope on. Very touching. I hope Annie is well and at peace.

  • MayRosieAnn

    I was Trying toreading one of the old comments But it was in spanish so i translated it if anyone wants to know what it was child only saw my dad once a month if I had luck, was a man of a strange sense of humor. as a musician, art lived and felt it was not my way because the dreamed that I was. I never said "I love you son" but his actions proved that love that He wanted to say, it was not until one day when I decided to join the Marine wing was goodbye to the serious, and a little cranky, but it was after coming up the vehicle to take me to my site concentration when listening as it broke my heart cried on and off the vehicle running and hugged him tightly and told him everything would be fine and I left there with tears in her eyes. while in the service I get a letter saying that he had died - See more at: # sthash.0dOcVTEW.dpuf Here is the original By samuel de niño solo veía a mi papa una vez al mes si tenia suerte, era un hombre de un sentido del humor extraño .como músico, vivía del arte y sentí que no era mi camino pues el soñaba con que yo también lo fuera. Nunca le dije un "te quiero hijo" pero sus acciones demostraron ese amor que El no quería expresar, no fue hasta cuando un día decidí ingresar ala marina al despedirme de el se mostró serio, y poco mal humorado, pero no fue después cuando subía al vehículo que me llevaría a mi sitio de concentración cuando escuche como lloraba eso rompió mi corazón y baje del vehículo corriendo y lo abrace fuertemente y le dije que todo estaría bien y salí de allí con lagrimas en los ojos. mientras estaba en el servicio me llego una carta diciéndome que había fallecido - See more at: #sthash.0dOcVTEW.dpuf

  • Hope M.

    I love it, Its so sweet and funny! I hope to find love like that one day!

  • faz

    just lovely-x

  • Eileen

    The simplicity of Danny's love and Annie's understanding of his love for her.

  • E

    On here, there is a link to write a letter to Annie:

  • Rob

    this will move did me...

  • John Joseph Fitzpatrick

    this story reminds me of myself & my Sweet lovely wife (Oksana.)I had a Serious fall on the 14th September & she & Daughter saved me from Dying. Im crying now writing this as I know how Lucky I am to have such a strong person to lean/rely on. I am a half a robotic man as I broke my left arm & left leg & damaged my frontal Lobe of my brain. My tears are both of sadness and joy as I watch this heart rendering story. Thank you

  • db

    Such a profound truth and story. Two people who gave love to each other and received far more in return.

  • Debbie

    It's a beautiful love story that shows that love is simple,love does not have to be complicated and that love should be the easiest gift to give ❤

  • ruth

    I will never tire of seeing this most beautiful love story. My tears are both of sadness and joy as I watch. Thank you

  • ruth

    I cried as I watched this video unfold. My husband died after a long illness. It touched my heart. All so masterfully done. could I buy it? I have seen the others as well

  • laura

    I'm touched by how simple Danny made love. True and clear like a bell ringing.

  • gordon

    From whom it came!

  • Mish

    Love love love. Is all there is. Beautiful.

  • Mr. Sanchez

    The most touching video I have seen in a long time. True love.

  • Kim

    I have been praying for something that would come to me daily to stir my heart so it will stay warm during trying times. This does that. Thank you. A beautiful story and a generous gift to others. Thank you.

  • Lauralea

    Ah, what a story. I loved the animated accompaniment to the narration. It helped me appreciate their story even more.

  • Mary Ann

    Thank you for sharing your story. You have told all viewers what truly is important...your love for each other. We can ALL learn something from this story. You have touched my heart.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you.

  • Katrina

    I'm so scared that one day, when I grow up with the one I love, they'll leave me behind because of death. I understand it's inevitable. But it hurts. You're strong, Annie!

  • Grace

    Its BEAUTIFUL*^-^* I am inspired by their love... Thank you, Danny & Annie for your wonderful lovestory of our time! ...I need to grow up so I can love my man from the bottom of my heart.

  • Shanna

    Wow. Bless them both. Amazingly touching love story. This is the kind if love my generation needs to strive for.

  • Will

    Ten words: You walk in with me, you walk out with me.

  • samuel

    de niño solo veía a mi papa una vez al mes si tenia suerte, era un hombre de un sentido del humor extraño .como músico, vivía del arte y sentí que no era mi camino pues el soñaba con que yo también lo fuera. Nunca le dije un "te quiero hijo" pero sus acciones demostraron ese amor que El no quería expresar, no fue hasta cuando un día decidí ingresar ala marina al despedirme de el se mostró serio, y poco mal humorado, pero no fue después cuando subía al vehículo que me llevaría a mi sitio de concentración cuando escuche como lloraba eso rompió mi corazón y baje del vehículo corriendo y lo abrace fuertemente y le dije que todo estaría bien y salí de allí con lagrimas en los ojos. mientras estaba en el servicio me llego una carta diciéndome que había fallecido

  • anon

    my heart just broke

  • AC

    My father died about four years ago. I was only 19, and I didn't ever have a strong relationship with my dad. He had a lot of demons, mostly from his own father, so I never felt strongly about him. My mother was the one I bonded with. They married as teenagers, Dad had just turned 19 and Mom was about to turn 17, when my Mom became pregnant with my sister. Dad often pushed Mom to the limit. They fought like crazy, Dad drank, and in the end, my siblings and I were left with a pretty broken childhood. We had a pretty broken dad. I asked Mom a few months ago, why did she stay with him all those years; for thirty years? "Can you give me something to make me feel good about my dad?" I asked her. She said she almost took us and left him, once. But, he said something to her that morning when she woke him up to tell him. He said, "I'll be here when you get back." Mom asked, "In bed?" Dad told her, "Yep, because you are the only reason I get up in the morning. If you aren't here, then I just feel like it's not worth it." That afternoon she drove him to rehab. He got better, for the most part. He died in an accident in our home. Mom asked him to go down in the basement to turn the pump on so it wouldn't flood, and the last thing he ever said to her was, "For you, my wife, I would do anything." Her telling me that made me feel better about who my dad was. Sorry for the length, I just felt like sharing that.

  • MN

    It gives me hope and something to look forward to in the future. That somewhere in this world there is someone out there for me and I for them. That I will have a chance at love, something that is so rare and beautiful.

  • Marcey

    My husband died three years ago and he said things before he died that were similar to what Danny said to Annie. Its hard to be the one left behind.

  • bob

    take a real good shit

  • Frances

    I keep re-posting and re-sharing it on my timeline, in case one of my new friends just added haven't seen it in my timeline from quite a few weeks ago, this touches me sooooo deeply and is such a beeuteiful human touching experience, so open so truthful and so SHARING... sharing is what helps us all realise we are all sooooo individual and yet sooooooo at the core identical, we all feel and love and care and share and then sometimes loose a loved one and this is painful yet the life cycle, I luv luv luv this sooooooo, this concept of this cartoon, whoever did it, its amazingly acurately identifiable, animation people so acurately identifying the voices with the real couple Danny and Annie, so TOUCHING AND MEMORABLE..... <3

  • Becky

    I hope this is the kind of love that my husband feels I give him! Truly inspiring to never give up on your marriage.

  • M

    Simply beautiful...

  • Alnie

    Gosh, this is love, true love

  • Angi

    This is the kind of love I hope to feel again someday.

  • Cyndi

    The Love between Danny & Annie, that strong everlasting bond that will continue thur the years and death. Annie, you are very blessed to know such Love.Thank you for sharing such a special and touching story.

  • Cat

    Their simple acknowledgment of love... It's an everyday reminder and little notes are my favorite gift!

  • Princess


  • LaTonya

    The true love Danny and Annie have for each other was never interrupted by the daily distractions of life. The little things matter. I too will begin to love as deeply as them. My husband and I are 19 years in the making. We are getting back to the again.

  • Maya Vidhyadharan

    What touched me is the deep love - service to each other - and respect for each other. Beautiful story.

  • Bonnie N

    That story was so similar to the story of my hubby and me. I was 15 when I met the love of my life. We married on Valentine's Day 1970 when I was 20 & he 23, and we walked hand and hand until he died of cancer after a 3 1/2 year battle. Sometimes during his illness we'd fall together because I was trying to hold him up and wasn't quite strong enough, but we'd laugh and get back up. Once I ended up with a bruise from a fall together. I asked, "Do you beat your wife often?" and we rocked on the floor giggling together. We once fell and broke the toilet, but we laughed. We were a pair! I held his hand at home as he passed into eternity. I guess I'm lucky. I had almost 41 years with my dearest. Danny and Annie didn't have has many years. My dearest always used to place a flower for me on the table,and even during winter he'd find some "frozen decoration". Now I leave a flower at his grave. It's almost 2 years. I still miss him. Danny and Annie understood what love is. So do I.

  • MD

    Love is amazing, simple, everyday, forever, and beautiful. What a touching story.

  • SS

    I know the HOPE is out there for "ME TOOOOO" My turn next :)

  • Mara

    Wonderful story :D

  • Deborah

    I promise to take my very new relationship as honestly and openly as Danny and Annie did theirs. I loved that touching tribute to the two of them and thier very extra-special relationship and TRUE love. I'm forever changed by listening to the love that was expressed. May we all be as truly loved as Annie was, and as truely blessed as they were together, as short as it may feel. It is a lifetime for most of us. Just Beautiful!Thank you for sharing that with those of us who forget day to day.

  • Barb

    The honesty and vulnerability of this man and woman in a world of humans who are so afraid of losing their edge by exposing their feelings and trusting.

  • Helen

    So very much inspired me, the message that true love is selfless and never dies inspires me and comforts me thru difficult times. Thank you so very much.

  • Laura

    Beautiful - I was inspired by the fact that each day they reminded each other that they were important and how much, little things that are genuine mean so much, beautiful!

  • Becky

    The image of him stepping in to hug her at the wedding spoke to the power of their love, start to finish. Beautiful, beautiful...

  • Rita

    The fact that me and my husband too got married in 78 makes this video very personal. I thank god for each day/year we get. My prayers are with annie.

  • Ivan Murugan

    Please resend as I could not play this video

  • Keir

    The profound and powerful simplicity, the non-showy steadiness of commitment, the honesty.

  • Sally Blakemore

    The little sweet animated voices of true love. Very sweet! I love what you are doing!

  • Deso Lady

    Truly an inspiration that love is its own reward. True love is romantic on is own. the expression of love through words and action is more than enough. The rest is gift wrapping to the best present ever: the love from another.

  • gloria mock

    So simple and yet so touching. The power of true love!!!

  • Judy

    The simplicity of true love is what touched me int the love between Danny and Annie. And, not taking it for granted, but expressing it and receiving it in every action and word we share. This video is a wonderful and important reminder of how love impacts all of us, no matter our backgrounds or circumstances. all we need is to notice the beauty of love, its power to heal anc connect, and we become a better person and a better world.

  • navinsata

    LOVE IN EVERY MOMENT, I wish all over the world people exp. glimps of this love story in their liffe always love newmoon

  • Liz

    Heart-breakingly beautiful.

  • Keri

    The honesty between Danny and Annie..... And of course ..... The love. How incredibly beautiful! Thank you!

  • Mag

    What inspired me about this video? Its entirety, reminding me of the profound truth that "love" is greatest gift an individual can another and the world....Thank you for sharing this.

  • Conny

    Even though I didn't understand half of what was being said, English not being my native language, I was smiling and then crying really hard. Couldn't you add English subtitles so that people who are non-native speakers or have a hard time with the accent can understand everything they say? I feel it would be so precious.

  • Stephanie

    Had me laughing then had me crying. Beautiful story from beautiful people! One can only hope to find a love this strong <3

  • Christine

    Really lovely.It made me cry.

  • Kristen


  • Karen

    Love is eternal energy in action. I feel loved when I hear stories about love. I feel love every time I smile when I hear stories about love. This made me smile. Eternally.

  • lmarro

    Thank you for reminding me what love is.

  • Manu Bhatt

    Eternal love which transcends age and sickness.

  • Erik

    Amazing video... Love you!!!

  • Erik

    Amazing video... Love you!!!

  • Chris

    I have been marrried for forty four years and felt the emotion that went into the commitment. Love is not something you do for someone else, it is the essence of your being and when you meet your kindred spirit, there is an instant recognition that this is the person who will teach you the lessons you most need to learn. It is an ebb and flow that begins with a rush and softly mellows into a gentle easy meandering over around and thru lifes obstacles together knowing that the energy of your relationship is eternal, a gift from our creator.

  • Cynthia Hollis

    If you are ordained to be married by God...He expected the two to become one not just for was attended for you to love,share,commit, team up, and be their for each other in obstacles storms through life. Marriage is a blessing for two to plant the seed of love in their children. Anyone married 2O or more years together can teach you what it takes to be team players and how to learn how to endure through all the steps of life...God will truly bless the lady in this story but remember to take care of the widows on your block..God will honor you for that..May God arms be with her..I only been married for seven years and my husband went home to be with the Lord. so cherish the moments and never forget the powerful bond two can have to make this world a better place..from the heart..c.Hollis

  • Roberta

    A charming and inspiring story of the circle of love and life. Thanks

  • Marseile

    I still believe...and needed a gentle reminder authentic (& brave) love exists.

  • christine

    that love is a choice. not necessarily something you have to feel. it's always bliss. So they made the choice to love one another till death. and they did. i am married 39 years to my first love. we both wouldn't have it any other way!

  • Bonnie

    We need to listen to the elders and learn. Thanks

  • Vicki

    The deep, authentic love between Annie and Danny. What a beautiful and powerful story. I believe it takes great courage to love that much and to share it with the world. Thank You!

  • Sherry Brandon

    What a great video about marriage and love!

  • Prakash

    Inspiring and invoking to live your life with love . Express love and that needs courage and a shared responsibility .

  • Cara Wilson-Granat

    This was so moving. So simple and poignant. We're here to love each other. That's it. And this beautiful video is a gift to all of us to remember this message every single day. Thank you.

  • Ivy

    Their ability to express their love for each other so freely. A rare gift.

  • Micah

    Not being afraid to love.

  • Kathryn

    The honestly of it.

  • mitz

    Fantastic.....especially knowing NY.

  • Jamee Schleifer

    Great story, terrific animation. Shades of the movie, "Up."

  • Becky Ripley

    Two common people with an uncommon love. Inspiring.

  • Nancy Lea

    This story comes from the hearts of these two people, their hearts and only their hearts. It is beautiful, elegant, really. Thank you Danny and Annie for sharing your story. Here's to more heart in this crazy, mind-dominated world we live in right now. The more our hearts fill our consciousness, the more love and, yes, peace, will find their way into our lives!

  • bilkis.yusuf

    what a wonderful story, vey inspiring, if only we remember that words of love always remain in our hearts forever, use those beautiful words for your loved ones, we need to express our genuine feelings to our spouse, children, parents and all whom we love and care for

  • Katy

    Was it me, or did he grow taller when he embraced her as she stood in her wedding gown? That's it, right there. Well done.

  • Alexandra De Avalon

    Sweet, innocent, love is endless and when we express in any form we are filled with it. An ever flowing fountain remembering all those we have loved and the need to call those still around us. This was a beautiful way to start my day and make some of those phone calls.

  • Cindy B

    Try and get through this one!!

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