It seems fun in a KarmaTube kind of way that the Oscar-nominated song from a movie about a bad guy (Despicable Me 2) actually turns out to be something positive. And not just positive but absolutely jivin’. Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” is an anthem to sharing your light and letting your energy burst through your seams. And it’s fast becoming a movement, pun intended. Watch this video that defies you to stay still or glum for more than a moment.


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  • Gabriela

    Thank you for remind me that happiness is a choice - no matter what is going around me I can choose to be happy. Also I don't have to give the power to any one or thing to bring me down. Love it. Gabriela

  • Lainie

    It’s a dose of happiness in the midst of crazy times. Makes me realize I can feed my soul anyway I choose, and this is it!!! YAY! Thank you for sharing this! I appreciate it more than words can say! : )

  • Del

    The song, the rhythm, the message & Pharrell's voice & energy. It got my 91-yr old body dancing.

  • Orlando Aguilar

    It makes me feel happy and wants to dance.

  • Julie

    “A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset" 📢

  • Dolly

    More of this,pul leeze!

  • marcella teran

    I love, love, love this!

  • Andre Broker

    I truly love this video, my life is in the dump, but when I watch this video I truly become happy. I watch it over and over. It makes me want to hit the streets and dance. Thank you Pharrell you may have just saved a life.

  • Rokaya

    Merci Pharrell Thank You Pharrell no matter how many times I hear this song it makes me: HAPPY

  • Deb


  • Melody

    When I first got my computer hooked up, I started each day with this song from all over the world. Maybe i'll start again, it makes me smile

  • LOTOF8

    GOD gave us the music and you can fell his presence during this song! Thank you Pharrell!

  • Kathleen

    What inspired me about this video is Pharrell, happiness is contagious as is music. I defy you to listen to this and not tap your foot, or get up and dance. I adore this video, and this song...we need more like this. So uplifting and bouncy.... Thank you Pharrell!

  • sunny skies

    Happiness in a time where there is very little...

  • Mpw

    It is Blessed JOY. Not drugs, not induced state of mind but a recognition of the inherent wonder in our world, and the joy of being alive in it. . AND TO SUSTAIN this joy, one requires blessedness: the willingness to be a blessing to others and to receive their blessings even if it comes as a small dance or song or a smile or laughter.

  • sara

    I love this song. My daughter's high school did a version a couple of years ago and I love watching all the kids dancing.

  • Lila

    In spite of all the sadness in the world we need to MAKE time to be Happy!

  • Susie

    made me smile!!! I'm happy!!!

  • Anna

    Without question, this has been the worst year of my life. This song has put joy in my heart again. Thank you Pharrell!!

  • katydid

    The sound, the harmony, the moving confidence and desire---still listen to it often. Lost my job yesterday...and my heart along the way. But this morning I am listening and remembering why it is what I want to be-HAPPY

  • davidharkin

    all the people working togethert only proves we can all live together and be happy.

  • Zinat Fazal

    It's a real happy song, and seems to have spread everywhere it travelled! Happiness is contagious! We don't need big things to make us happy! Happiness is a choice! Great song!

  • Contente

    Happiness and joy are contagious! How can you not smile and dance with these folks? What a great way to start the day! Thanks!

  • Solange

    It's inspire me peace and happiness

  • Garmin

    That's on of my favorite video, it's bring sun in my life. Thank you so much for share. To see more visit:

  • Wijesinghe Gamini

    Singer just try to show unavailable thing in the world. it is happiness.

  • Yvonne

    Being happy is a choice... But a hard choice when you don't have enough money to feed your family and to keep a roof over your head. Mr. Williams has allot to be happy about because he is a billionaire! Money is not everything but when your stomach is empty, it's hard to choose happy!

  • Jacqueline Pullan

    My happy may not be your happy but every happy happening changes the cells and charges us with positivity . Happy times are moments of awareness that can become minutes, sooner or later making for happy days. Remembering the brightness can bring hope to those walking in the shade.

  • Sunny skies

    Good Morning Happy People

  • nancy linderud

    Happy Friday to everyone

  • john

    it is my Favroite song like when u are brought down then just sing it its cool

  • Rose

    Very Energizing and really picked up my spirits.....Happiness is contagious, and we as a nation need to show our happy spirits more often.

  • dana

    JOY!!!!!!! displayed by everyone!!! It is just awesome!

  • Stacey

    Please watch..and start the day off right...I dare you to watch this sitting still. Comments welcome,as always.

  • Bobbie

    The feeling I get from watching this video is one of pure non stop joy. It takes me through the day and beyond. Thank you

  • Mickey

    Makes me klap and move...............and think of happy things and Pharrell williams has a great voice.

  • nasim Magdalynn

    it always keep my mood high.

  • Idalina Moreira

    It makes me shake my body and dance.

  • marsha moss

    love the video and the song going to buy the cd

  • remani

    T his. Song. Is. Hot

  • Wayno

    Just a great happy song

  • Jeanette

    This song and video is amazing! I love all the different types of people being happy. The dancing and moves are great!

  • Tom

    Every time I hear this song it brings an enormous smile to my face. The song is wonderful, but the video makes it even more special. I love it !

  • elizabeth

    Its total message and content...I have the 24 hour version and when I feel down, I just connect and play the song on my computer and find myself moving and dancing with the music....I am mentally and physically uplifted....what a therapy..MUSIC AND BEING HAPPY

  • Pam

    What inspired you about this video Happiness is a choice that we all can make, despite the circumstances of life. It is ours for embracing!

  • Iman

    It's wonderful and it tells a lot about the philosophy of happiness in simple words. Happiness emerges out of the darkest moments.

  • Ben

    the fact that Williams is a fur wearer is very disappointing. I am afraid Mr Williams is not setting a very good example if he buys clothes associated with suffering.

  • Lady Amazon Brown

    Happy is contagious!!! I love Feeling Happy!

  • ashok shroff

    just felt good!

  • JoesphMark

    Happy you are home.........are you? Liz

  • Susan

    I heard a small clip on tv and wanted to hear the rest. Because it was uplifting and made me feel good.

  • James Gilliam

    It lift me up I think that it need to be played around the repubicans maybe it will lift them up so they can stop hateing the woruld.

  • sunshine-child

    This song makes me smile, EVERY TIME.

  • Little sister

    This song is a gift for my big sister. Happiest birthday, Bs. May you spread your happiness to all today & everyday!

  • Joanne

    We all need more freedom to be in JOY! HAPPY, yes!!!

  • Marilyn

    I just can't hear enough of this song. I gets me moving and smiling! Love it to pieces! <3

  • Ingrid

    the feeling in my body in response to what I heard and what I saw ... a smile crept over my face to crinkle all things crinkable :o)

  • jeffrey farrar dean

    I'm trying.

  • shawn

    need to be HAPPY

  • SaraCsit

    There is a reason why dance is used as therapy. Get out of your chair, close your eyes and let the music move you. Dance your emotions, whether they are sad, mad, or happy. I guarantee, if you give yourself the 5 minutes of this song and dance, you will feel different, in a good way! Do it!!!

  • Arlene

    It makes one feel happy just by listening

  • AmaSerwaa

    I am grateful for all that I am, eyes that sees, ears that hears, a heart that beats, for every breath I take and every step that I is good, I'm happyyyyy!!! God is good!!! I feel happy, such an inspirational song!!

  • bonnie

    it made me dance. i realized for a few wonderful moments.... i am happy! many thanks for this

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! 1 language of the heart...all shapes n sizes...1Earth...peace through happiness and gratitude...Amen!

  • Margaret

    What inspired me was seeing people letting loose and having fun...without regard for who's watching or what anybody thinks.

  • Antony Sanchez

    It is so beautiful. Thanks for transmitting this kind of feeling that the world need.

  • houria

    make us happy . love it Good bless ya

  • Allie

    I love this video because it depicted so many types of people just portraying their ideas of happiness!!! Made me smile through the whole song and cry a bit too!!!!! Great job Pharrell and Adrienne!!!!

  • Connie

    It makes me smile and happy, and ready to spread the love and cheer to all those around me. Thank you

  • conor mcnulty

    Hi thank you so much for making my day and hopefully a HAPPY weekend. The video is fantastic. It must have taken an age to do the editing. So looking forward to the next one. Best regards to all involved, Conor

  • Beth

    So uplifting!! everyone loves it, especially the students in my gym!

  • marianna

    thanks for putting a big smile on my face in the wee morning hours! :)

  • Aviva

    I just love it ! Because I'm Happy !!! I've got this song in my head and body since yesterday and woke up to it this morning.I've been singing and dancing since ! and my little dog has joined me in the rhythm ... So much joy ! Thank You !!!

  • Annie

    My boss just sent me this! I just love my work with her as a boss and I love that mucic and lyrics!



  • vipin

    plz tell me lyrics

  • sean t

    This is so positive I shared this with my office workforce morale team and dared them not to smile and dance in their chairs while watching -- happiness and love rule!

  • deepak

    Thank you . The music was great and I could sense and feel the happiness all around .It is infectious .

  • Shamin

    Such an upbeat sound and words are so good. Video is so clean and fun to watch - the other singers need to take note. I just wanted to watch and watch. Unlike the flimsy stuff you see elsewhere. Love yaaaaa - came home at 11.30 and just starting to have dinner - computer is miles away - yaaa dinner can wait.

  • ashok

    good video going to share with my son

  • guy

    it made me cheer up and smile.

  • monte hannah

    Awesome video; going to share with my son :-)

  • Lori

    Was on my long way home from work, very tired, and this tune came on the radio during my last few miles--instantly, I was uplifted and energized and grateful that it found me at that moment and am reminded now that happiness is just a thought away! Thanks Pharrell!!

  • Ruth

    I love the beat! I can't sit still when I hear it! I'm sitting here on oxygen, and the beat is so infectious that I moved around sitting on my kitchen stool as if I didn't have a care in the world. I moved around so joyfully and more than I have in a long time. I moved around in such a joyful way that it took over me. I felt more alive and joyful in those few minutes listening to the music and watching the video and I have been quite a while. It felt so good!!!!!!

  • Carolyn

    Love the beat, the words, visuals....everything. Thank you....I needed this.

  • lonnie

    love the movements, how can you listen and not rock!!!

  • Joy

    The beat. The message. Getting me out of my chair & dancing along. My endorphins are singing along now. Thank you Karma Tube. Thank you Pharnell.

  • Lynn

    Joy and happiness are good things. this video makes me happy...why be a downer and call it propaganda? Can't be serious all the time! Sheesh.

  • Kauni

    There is much too much to be aware of...happiness is not in that equation....I feel this is a convenient distraction...propaganda....

  • Tammi

    This song and video is just plain happy and positive. Much of the music these days is negative, degrading, raunchy, depressing, etc. I fell in love with the song the first time I listened to it. Obviously people WANT happy songs, since this is number one on the charts.

  • Terri

    Joyce Nicholson...the 24 hour version of the "Happy" video does feature seniors. One of my favorite segments is three white haired ladies dancing down the sidewalk. One of the ladies bops her friend in the butt and they look like they are having such fun. And--yes--they DO dance good!

  • Marsha Nelson,Ph.D.

    This is WHAT I AM talking about!! Get happy.

  • Fran

    Did you see the version of Because I'm Happy that was made with survivors of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. An amazing tribute to the human spirit. see:

  • Joe

    Amazing Video...hooray!!! Its our truest nature and our birthright no matter where we come from or where we have been. Its only one question away...and...I choose this! Thank You Pharrell Williams you are light and love!!!

  • Joyce Nicholson

    It was good, but you left out old people!!! We elders can be happy, too! And even dance...

  • Robert Golden

    What I loved about this video is that it SHOWED that happiness is available to EVERYONE! And we are all together in creating this HAPPINESS PROJECT on Earth!

  • Lisa "BellaForStar" Perez

    The submissions from countries at war or under oppressive governments where those participating could be killed for dancing in public. #HAPPYDAY can't be stopped because the soul responds to freedom. Goodness always prevails. Blessings to those who risked their lives to be HAPPY.

  • Vicky

    You can't help but want to dance when you listen to this!

  • Karen

    Because: (1) it's how happy music makes me feel. I want to dance and clap and sing. (2) When I'm stressed or having a bad day, I can play this song and it grounds me. Reminds me what I'm stressing about is not the truth in my life, but happiness is. (3) When "Flashdancer" was popular, I used to put on my leotards, walkman, and leg warmers to dance around the neighborhood and park. (4) Because Happiness Is My Truth. (5) Because I know what Happiness is to Me. (6) The video shows normal, every day people from all walks of life dancing, singing, clapping and being happy during various activites, like working! No reason we can't incorporate dance and song into the work we do. (6) It's not perfect models with perfect faces and bodies. (7) It shows what links us all ... happiness in our souls and we can only give it away. It can't be taken away from us. No one can stop us from dancing, singing, or clapping. :)

  • Whitney

    This is so happy and just makes me want to get up, smile and dance! Thank you Pharrell Williams for sharing this happiness with all of us...

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  • Williams is serious about happiness.  Watch this first 24-hour long video of his song, enjoyed by different people around the clock.
  • Today, March 20, is the UN's International Day of Happiness  and join in reclaiming your happiness!
  • And now it’s time for you to think of all the wonderful things that make you happy, get on your feet, and dance your gratitude!

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