"Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden Sun. Me, a name I call myself." That's not quite what you'd expect hear at a train station in Belgium, but that's what happened when 200 people took over Antwerpen's Centraal Station to do a carefully choreographed dance to the song from Sound of Music. As one observer put it, "It showed me that good things are still out there and there are good people in the world. In a small way, I have a deeper understanding of what it is to be human because of the actions of 200 fellow humans in a train station in Belgium."


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  • K.Uthirapathy

    Happiness is with everyone but we fail to expose the same. This song that too played in a public place united all those people to expose their happiness. Let this happiness sustain for ever.

  • Mary

    I completely agree with Barbara. This is a heartwarming antidote to despair.

  • AP

    Bombings in Brussels yesterday. Important to remember we are most often good.

  • Stephen Vernon

    Being both a TBI patient and a musician the connection between music and the brain is fascinating, My neurologist said to me when he found out that I played an instrument said " Keep on playing." "We do not know of any other activity that will help the brain rewire itself as well as listening to music and even better playing music," That video made me smile and gave me a heart warming feeling that is indescribable. The spontaneity of the group of people is amazing and wonderful. I previously saw the original stage production of The Sound of Music on Broadway in NY when I was 10, that and West Side Story still ting in my mind. I find different things daily to grow and exercise my brain in day to day life and continue on the fascinating journey. Stephen Vernon Portland Or.

  • Scotty MacMillan

    Where would we be without JOY ? Where would we be without MUSIC ? Where would we be without DANCING ? Where would we be without SHARING ? Put simply, we wouldn't, would we ?

  • Barbara

    This is what life is supposed to be about: Joy, creativity, togetherness, happiness, and sharing. I cried and felt hope for the human race for the first time in a long time watching this video. Thank you!

  • Ravi

    It is one of the first flashmob videos I have seen , and still is probably the best. I also hated the Sound of Music when I first saw it as an angsty teenager, but then saw the movie again a few days ago and was overwhelmed by its sheer joy and innocence - just like this video. For the unsuspecting audience, what a wonderful way to start a cold morning.

  • Rudolph Bancroft

    Deep inside each of us is the hunger to be happy, joyous and sharing. It was sheer joy to see so many respond with such unplanned emotion as they got caught up in the music, words and abandon of all ages. This is a keeper.

  • chrissie

    just awesome gave me goose bumps, loved it

  • Helen

    This video made me cry, just the pure joy and fun of everyone participating in some way. Uplifting and happy. Loved it!!

  • Jane

    The sheer exuberance of all ages! The look of the faces of the audience - pure delight! How fun! Doesn't this show us all what incredible human beings we can be. Lovely

  • teri

    People sharing the love of song and dance, freely & just because it feels good - oh yumm!

  • Marie

    It was so wonderful. Uplifting and happy. Keep it going. LOVED IT!

  • Jeanielu

    the sheer joy of it and the look of happy surprise on the unknowing faces and the jumping in of a few who weren't in on it. Thank you.

  • catherine bernard

    It is just5 wonderful and thrilling-great ,I enjoyed and sharing it with my friends

  • Manisha

    That looks like so much fun! How magical it is when people come together in song and dance. :)

  • Joshua

    it just made me smile the whole time, my cheeks are even hurting

  • Dawn

    This video made me cry. I don't know why, but, it seems that people break into song and dance only in musicals. Maybe it's a kind of meta experience to have people break into joyous harmony and dance during ordinary life. What a lovely gift!

  • Linda

    The fact that So many people around the wowrld know The Sound Of Music. The song's impact allowed the people to be free and become one. Very inspiring. Would love to try it somewhere.

  • Paula

    What inspired you about this video? I loved this because the music even got the people watching to start dancing and feel that happy feeling, beautiful.

  • Diane Brown

    It just made me smile through the whole thing!

  • Diane

    I wish this could happen in more places around the world. What a joy when we share our common humanity.

  • sarah Schipelliti

    i can't stop smiling :) that was so great!!

  • Michael

    What a beautiful way to tart the day Thank You

  • David and LouJeanne

    Beautiful, uplifting and so well done. Made us both feel good and elated to see such joy depicted by the performers. The response of the crowd shows how joy can be contagious. Hard to understand anyone finding criticism with something so uplifting. Happy New Year to all-may God bless all.

  • Pesach

    Like Heaven. San Francisco Mime Troop, i remember .

  • manu

    simply beautiful....refresh your mind,heart and body...soul too.

  • Chuck Lampman

    Iwatch this video almost dailly. It makes me feel so good. That is important. Thank you for sharing this with us

  • Andrea Mulkins

    I watched several times just so I could sing and clap and be happy...thanks

  • Jim Baker

    I still watch this every morning. Why isnn't there more demonstrations like this.

  • Sharon

    This is awesome, reminded me of my old days when i was young and tender.

  • karen

    Thats whati call a feel good day. shame there is not more ofit.

  • Joy Butler

    Just loved this - to see people dancing together in such abandon - is a delight and stirs the good in us all - we need more of this all over the world

  • Shirley Carran

    well that was an absolute BLAST Has made my day in every way and yes there were a few tears forming in the eye. Just too see the faces on all who watch. What an amazing experience to actually be in that train station at that time WONDERFUL Thankyou

  • Ladan

    that was awesome :) I was to cry whatching this. wonderful and great thanks to the one who arranged this program.

  • Marshy

    Thats such a wonderful thing thing to do. Do you know how many people probably was having a bad day, that could help them to fell much better

  • TGJ

    A very warm and happy feeling watching this, GREAT!

  • Soni

    awesome... you've made my day beautiful......thank you sooo much.... :)

  • RJ

    Was sent this by a friend. Am passing this on to others. What an example of a Random Acts of Kidness.

  • Aparna Rao

    I am touched and inspired.So awesome and beautifull.

  • angela

    How wonderful a creative and expressive world we have.Well done to all involved in this video. It is amazing and inspiring

  • Te

    So awesome. Brought back memories of this great movie and so I started singing along and tapping my feet! What a great way to bring people together for a smile.

  • Pamela

    This video clip brought me to tears. It was so wonderful to see such good in the world. To do such a thing for the shear enjoyment, fun and love of it. What an extraordinary thing to find that someone would get this amount of people together and do such a thing! Fabulous, wonderful!

  • Jim Baker

    I wonder if anyone was so caught up in this extraordinary demonstration that they missed their train. Who cares why or how it was done. The point is that it was done and done beautifully.

  • jamie

    how amazing!! i'm inspired by the power of the human spirit to make a positive difference...thank you!!

  • bill

    Bill, your cynicism is showing. Who cares if they were paid? Who cares if they weren't? No me.

  • Neelam

    i was masmarized,so watched it agin and again. Beautiful togatherness of human spirit can be felt even if i was not there so i danced herebefore my pc with all of u . KUDOS

  • Mark Stanton

    That is so totally fantastic! What an amazing project to pull off. You'd hope it would have been taken to a whole bunch of train stations and not just the one!

  • Heather

    That was awesome, I watched it smiling. =) Simplicity is depth.

  • karthik

    wowww -- so beautiful to see the human spirit come alive in such a surprising way

  • Suzy

    Hey, Bill, shape up, who cares if they were paid - if you can make people smile through what does it matter? It's a pity members of parliament the world over, who are also paid, don't do this every morning! There wouldn't be room for hate. It should be reimbursed by the social security.Thank you, Karma! Keep them coming!!!!

  • bill

    while it is very clever, they were all paid by a television program.

  • Maria

    Simply Beautiful!

  • Julianne Richman

    With soft tears gently flowing ....what an incredible, inspiring happy video. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • danny

    am in tears while watching this video, truly amazing human spirit. Very inspiring. Thank you very much. God bless!

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