Caine Monroy is a 9-year old boy who spent his summer vacation building an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad's used auto parts store. He spent months perfecting the game designs, making displays for the prizes, designing elaborate security systems, and hand labeling paper-lunch-gift-bags. Unfortunately, his dad's store is in an industrial part of East L.A. and gets almost no foot traffic, so Caine had exactly zero customers... until a random filmmaker, Nirvan Mullick, stops in for a used door handle and buys a Fun Pass.


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  • Shelby

    It brings back memories of what it is like being a kid again. I love it! way to go Cain! You are an entrepreneur! Can't wait to see what kind of business you will have when you grow up.

  • Varda

    Just made me teary is it a real life and his smile and feeling proud!

  • Cece

    What a fantastic story. Caine is an incredible, creative, dedicated boy. He is fortunate to have a dad and community support him in such a way! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  • Dianne Brooke

    I just so love his spirit AND the wonderful turnout of people just wanting to make someone else dang sweet!!!

  • Joselyn

    I want to say that you are a genius and in summer school we are building an arcade and you are created

  • Joy

    A GREAT thanksgiving gift YOU, CAINE, created and you didn't give up just grew like YOU are growing!! You just reminded me (as a great grandma now) to not give up on my dreams..I always wanted to dance and now I am learning special steps. That's life, Caine. one step at a time...Hurrahhhhhh for YOU ! Blessings to you. Joy

  • Kelvin

    Actually I admire the courageous act of not giving up... He's the smartest, keep it up Caine ...I wish I could have kids like.

  • Karima

    Good for you Caine, keep your creativity, love of fun, determination, and beautiful smile showing. I wish you the best but I believe you have everything it takes to achieve what ever you want my bet is you will share your blessings with others throughout your life!! Way to go Caine!!

  • Mary-Luz

    This young boy is a creative, intelligent, inventive. Caine I wish you the very best in life. I hope you continue being you, I hope you go to college and study, and always beleive you are a wonderful, kind, intelligent person. Hey you're the best with love from Mary-Luz Australia

  • PJ

    What a creative and intelligent kid. This is what true play is all about!

  • Lindsey

    I love that he kept trying, and I love the people who showed up to lend their support. Who says community spirit is dead!

  • Andrew

    A boy with tons of imagination, drive and a sense of wonder :)

  • Grateful

    Caine is amazing and God Bless You, Nirvan Mullick - what a fabulous gift you gave Caine and us to share his story with the world! Thank you, Nirvan. Thank you.

  • Kcat

    Caine is awesome! Go, Caine, go! Thank you Nathan Fillion for sharing this poignant video with us. It made me tear up to see so many good people join to support Caine's highly impressive arcade!

  • Mr. Talented

    Caine, this video not only made me cry it also inspired me to never give up on my dreams. Thank you for Caines Arcade.

  • Clavelia C

    I'm in Canada and I'm so impressed by not only Caine, but his father for encouraging him to have fun. Great job Caine and Great job dad.

  • Sylvie

    My hope in America has just been restored.

  • Karen

    Everyone...Caine, the visionary, his Dad, who supported and encouraged Caine, his first customer, Nirvan and then everyone in the flash mob who supported this amazing boy's dream of having an arcade.

  • Lonna

    I love it!!! As an elementary teacher it is so inspiring that a little boy is able to use his imagination and actually be a kid. Kids try to grow up so fast and so many high expectations are put on them to be an adult to early, great job Caine so inspiring!!!!!

  • David Price

    This young guy is smart.

  • Bonita TYREE

    He never gave up.

  • Mary

    Nathan Fillion (onoe of my favorite actors) just tweeted this and I am so glad he did! My 7 yr old son James loved this. In March, his birthday present from my mother was a big box full of cardboard tubes, smaller boxes, 4 kinds of tape, scissors, glue, and aluminum foil. She calls it his "Imagination Station". He says it may be the best gift ever! KIDS STILL WANT TO USE THEIR IMAGINATIONS!! We just have to let them! He is totally inspired by this video :-) I can't wait to see what he makes next. (His last creation was a jetpack with empty bottles)

  • Kathryn

    Just restored my faith in American greatness!

  • Val

    I would have kids, if I could guarantee my kid would be like this amazing kid.

  • Navdeep

    Wonderful. Caine's determination is truly inspiring. Creativity at its very best. Very welk done young man.

  • 5thRing

    Does he have the proper permits for that arcade? Have the police tried to shut him down like a lemonade stand?

  • Tracey

    GO CAINE! Great job! Just seems to be a good kid having fun and making money. VERY INDEPENDENT! Nirvan Mullick nice job stepping up to help out. NICE! Caine i'd come visit , but i'm in NY! GOOD LUCK in the FUTURE!

  • John

    truely heartwarming to see this young man. very clever indeed. kudos to Nirvan to set that up for him. great story, brought tears to my eyes, as I have two little ones myself.

  • Suzanne

    What a awesome kid... I love it !!!

  • Kathleen

    Brilliant! This is what changes the world... Real people loving each other and supporting sweetness...

  • Beth

    He is so ingenious! WOW! He will do great things!

  • Ana

    Caine you are awesome! Keep up the good work. you have such a spirit of perseverance, don't ever loose it. Your dad is surely your biggest fan, and support. Mr. Mullick thank you for recognizing talent in it"s beginning stages. Please give us updates on Caine's Arcade, and Caine's future endeavors. I'm sure that he'll continue to blow our minds!

  • Jai

    "Follow Your Bliss" Joseph Campbell This kid is an example of this very phrase. So inspiring and heart warming, this is what sustains my faith in humanity!!! We really are beautiful

  • Didi

    I had hoped to see Caine's school playing a part in this, but there is no mention of his school support at all. Where are his principal,teachers, classmates...? If they were not the ones who initiated this, they could at least participate.

  • Deirdre

    The purest of joy comes from the recognition of your hardwork doing what you most love!! Kuddos to Caine for his hard work and to Nirvan and Dad for their recognition!

  • Jen

    I love how Caine is so creative, and so courageous. I love that he thought up security codes! Sweet film.

  • lyn123123

    WONDERFUL! I'm so glad Nirvan Mullick recognized that Caine has an amazing spirit and imagination and shared it with the world. Kudos to his father for raising such a special child and for everyone that came and supported this young boy's dream. Caine is bound to succeed in anything he wishes. The whole story of sharing and support and dreaming justs gives me the warm fuzzies.

  • Julee Herrmann

    I love that the community came out to support this little guy. And I love that his Dad was so supportive of his son, but more than anything I love Caine's spirit! Thank you go Nirvan for bringing this story to the world. Good luck you guys!!!

  • Sue

    What a thing of beauty...A boy and his imagination. Will have to stop by Caine's Arcade when in LA. :)

  • Pamela Sangster

    This boy is brilliant; a breath of fresh air in this crazy world.The video brought tears to my eyes.To the Caine's of this world; HURRAH!!!

  • Skio

    See what can be done without a kid sitting in front of a computer screen or an IPad all day. Took me back to my own childhood when we actually did things. Hooray for Caine.

  • Melody

    An adult cared so much about this kid, he caused an outpouring of support. This was a huge gesture which showed Caine,all of his hard work was not in vain. A great way to build a child's self-worth and esteem. Hats off to Nirvan Mullick.

  • Brad Nickason

    Kudos to the guy/film maker who recognized the brilliance of Caine's wonderful little world. I am inspired by how he let himself be carried away on a whim and then used his own creativity to help this little boy make so many other people happy.

  • Linda Keel

    I love Cain' determination and positive attitude. Just goes to prove love what you do, do what you love. What a sweet young man. What a wonderful father & Nirvan thank you for caring!

  • alex

    creativity thrives naturally when left to its own "good boy, naughty boy" you can;t do that...or thats silly.......just space to be free space to be young.... space to believe in yourself.....loving Cain....loving cains dad too in all this.....

  • lynne

    Love it! So creative, so innocent, so refreshing to see a child play out his dreams and what a great dad! Well spotted Nirvan!

  • Jim Baker

    Caine's creativity and commitment. What a great story. Can you say NASA engineer?

  • lily

    It was really cool how he made the arcade. I was inspired by how he used the materials around him to create and invent the world he wanted to be in.

  • ruth

    I think this movie is as much about superb parenting and good friends as it is about Caine. His father's obvious love, enthusiasm and pride (not to mention flexibility in his shop) and Nirvan's friendly creativity and support are perfect models for community. Thanks to everyone for appearing as their best selves!

  • Nicole

    This brought a tear to my eye. A wonderful story about a wonderful boy. Thank you Nirvan for creating this short film, and thank you to Caine's father for teaching you son great work ethics.

  • JC

    Great story about great people—Caine, Dad & Nirvan!

  • Nic

    Way to go Caine! I admire your determination and courage. Way to go Nirvan! We all should look for doorhandles (-:

  • Marco

    Nirvan, Your AWESOMENESS really shows when you take the time recognize Canine's greatness, more importantly contribute to his confidence. Much Karma to you...

  • Mary

    Pride feels so good! good job Caine!

  • Micahel

    All it takes is one friend. Be inspired to be that friend to someone else!

  • Aloha

    POWER of ONE mind, a supporitve dad, an inspiring film maker...a loving community...this is a beautiful meaningful joyous moment of what life is all about!

  • Hope

    Hey Cain- YOU ROCK!! I absolutely love that you didn't give up & take down your arcade just bc it took people some time to learn about your fabulous place!! Thanks for your lesson in Faith & in Patience! (You have NO IDEA how much I needed to be reminded of that lesson!!) You are an amazing artist- KEEP ON CREATING....Obviously YOU CAN MAKE Anything happen that you believe in & really put your heart, joy & hard work into! May you never stop believing & may the force be with you!

  • Elgenette

    Cain you are awesome if I was in East LA I would bring my grandkids to play in your arcade you are a smart and intelligent young boy and hope you continue to succeed and anything you want to do. It was so nice of your Dad to let you use his business to start your business from ground up. And your one customer who put the word out Nirvan Mullick job well done now if we can network please send you both to New Jersey for a follow up story and come and show kids here how they can do what you do if they but their dreams in action. Your people can get in touch with my people who is me lol and we can come up with something hey . Keep do you and you will go along way. ciao from Jersey.

  • Nichola

    The power of imagination and kindness. Caine's determination and the ability of this video to make me cry with happiness. Thank you for sharing. It is wonderful.

  • vicki

    never give up on your creativity no matter what others think!you are a true gift to the world.looking forward to your next invention.

  • dinesh

    What inspired you about this video?very good creativity. THINK DIFFERENT like Apple.

  • sweet liberty

    and the role of his father is very important... never discouraging him...

  • Sandy Hurst

    What inspired you about this video? Such a pleasure to watch a child play and build and develop! I'm sure his father should take some credit here. The filmmaker, Nirvan Mullick, deserves a big hand for seeing the beauty of the lifeforce behind this Arcade world and deciding to share it with the world in a big way. Thank you, Mr. Mullick. I'm sure this attention will bring Caine much opportunity - he is very appealing and precious. You and Caine are most certainly kindred spirits. Your film really brings great joy.

  • dens khan

    When a child enters your life it's time to learn [not time to teach]. - Jaggi Vasudev -

  • Gail Campbell

    His imagination and creativity. That's great.

  • Emma

    This is so incredibly amazing!!!! Especially Caine's determination and innovation:)

  • Denise

    Nirvan Mullick, you are amazing. Caine will never forget the gift you have given him or the impression you have left on his heart.

  • Moonshi Mohsenruddin

    What inspires me the most to the point of tears is that this genius kid believed in his dreams and continuously worked at it until Mr. Nirvan Mullick, such a kind generous man helped him make it a reality to. Thank you sir. Really kind and noble of you to make Caine's dream come true.

  • Jude

    I have no words. Brilliant filmmaking. Brilliant kid. Wow.

  • Brenda Langlois

    I am speechless over this video! Caine I live in Canada, You are an inspiration at everyone. I live in Canada and came across the video. WOW! You have proven to children, men and women and the homeless that if you never give it, lucks does come you way! I would be extremly proud to be your mother. Brenda and best the luck sweetie!!!

  • Vassa

    Nirvan...taking an idea in your head and putting it into action is just what Caine did. Your vision, your generosity is what the world needs more of. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to be a part of a loving positive experience...thank you for your sharing this. Thank you Caine for persevering and not letting the daily life challenges distract you from what you are so passionate about. What a positive energy flow. i send my love to you both and your special circles you are inspire. Gracious! Vassa

  • Maria

    Thank you Nirvan for introducing Caine to the world. I am sharing this inspiring child's dream.

  • Cheryl

    Love it and wish I had his imagination! Way to go - keep it up

  • Traci

    I'm bawling, I am so touched and in love with this little boy.

  • Michael

    What inspired you about this video? A young boy's love and passion for his own small business,and is stick-to-ivness in keeping it going, regardless of the adversity (low foot traffic), and a dad who never discouraged him. He's a great kid.

  • jim warner


  • Teri

    I was inspired by Caine's imagination, spirit, drive & creativity. I saw a light in his eyes that I hope never dims. As a teacher I would have loved to have had the chance to teach him and also learn from him. Thanks, Cain.

  • Katy

    I wish for every child in the world to experience this same level of creativity and validation!

  • Candy

    1. he's genius, creative and adorable 2. his dad is awesome giving him the freedom and hope to grow 3. to the film maker- you get it! Bless you. I am so posting this!!!

  • Rita

    Caine's creativity stems from the very core of his being, one can sense his creative depth in allowing ideas just to materialize. What simplicity, graciousness, and giving spirit of a nine year old. There is no stopping for Caine now! Nirvan's capture of the simple things of life has filled Caine's spirit with abundant energy to continue sharing the simple things of life with others. Gratitude to Nirvan for recognizing talent of the barrio! Have to admit of teary eyes at every pace of the video, thanks again, Nirvan!

  • N.S.Padmanabhan

    Truly said the creativity of this nine year old Boy is to be apreciated. Well cone Caine dont loose Hrart. Keep it up you will get your customers . I am with you!

  • Thalia Hollis

    Watching this video made me proud of my race, the human race. Bless Nirvan, bless George, bless Caine, and bless his community. Celebrate life, creativity, and children!!!!!

  • Ron

    Wow..I LOVE Happy, Helpful,and Inspiring People.. Way to go Caine !! The world needs More Caine's Arcades,and Beautiful Communities..

  • Hypnohick

    I started a hypnosis business in 2001 and kept persisting and watching this took me back to my first client... and playing the waiting game... Thank you for reminding me of my roots.... Keep persisting... "Fortune Favors the Bold"

  • Bruce

    I sent the link to this video to a group of friends and family, and one of my friends who is a CPA forwarded it on to about 12 people, all of whom are aggressive Wall Street or Business type associates of his, and he said every single person he sent it to responded back(which floored him). Some said it filled them with pride in America,others said it made them teary-eyed, and so on. But every single one stopped his work for the 10 minutes required to watch it, and felt so strongly they responded back. He did not think in all the years on the internet, anything he has sent out ever evoked such a strong reaction in people.

  • John

    The ingenuity of Caine and the kindness of the filmaker and those who posted the event on-line, also the joy of Caine and those who participated. You Go Caine & GOOD LUCK in your next adventures in life

  • Tracey

    Thank you so much for this. What a brilliant Kid, to spend his time making things to cheer people up. He has imagination & knows how to pass the time making stuff. When I was a kid I spent my holidays making 'stuff' from any bits of cardboard & paper, bits of foil. I had the joy of never being bored even when the sun didn't shine. Caine has the same joy & thanks to this film He got to share it. It has inspired me to get creative again! Even at 48 & 3/4 it's never too late.Very touching thanks

  • Kath

    What a fantastic vidio,you are so clever Caine,never change,you are wonderful,good luck to you in everything you do in your lfe.

  • Gail

    Congratulations Caine!!! A big hug to you for making me smile and thank you Nirvan, for showing us how great people can be! We need more of it these days.

  • Ruth Mentley

    Caine never gave up. He used his imagination and creativity for the joy of building an arcade of his own.

  • Noor a.f

    It is sad, the video doesn't play. one clip takes 4minutes. install pls better drives.

  • Kathy

    Just Amazing .... Genius! Way to Go Caine!

  • madmck

    Aren't there millions of diamonds among us. Way to go Caine for polishing your little diamond - Way to go Nirvan for helping us all to see -

  • Jessica

    Caine is amazing. His attention to every detail is so touching and GENIUS. I applaud his father for his supportive indulgence and BRAVO Nirvan for making Caine's dream come true in such a sweet way. AND most of all for sharing this lovely story with all of us.

  • lonna

    caine is such an intelligent, sweet and gentle soul. his enthusiasm and creativity is inspiring - and then, of course, the filmmaker and all the people in the area that created that first beautiful day at caine's arcade. it is an uplifting, hopeful and positive view of humanity.

  • Ratnakara

    The greatest element of Caines's Arcade is Canine's unfathomable patience. He didn't build the arcade to get people to come, he built it out of joy and intelligence. Caine patiently waited for that first customer never giving up, and the rewards of his sincerity and innocent enthusiasm will continue for ever. Follow your heart, find a way to express that and like Caine everything becomes golden. Bless you Caine!

  • Marcine

    Now we're talking "community!" Way to go, LA! Let's send this child genius to college!

  • BB

    It reminded me of dreams I had as a young person walking my paper route. I am refreshed by his tenacity and by the humanity that supported(s) him. Many people in this country could learn a great deal from Caine. Great honors to you sir!

  • Courtney

    You *should* be proud, Caine! Keep on creating! And thanks so much to the filmmaker, Nirvan, for bringing this story to the world.

  • Samantha

    Truly inspiring on all levels: Caine's creativity, ingenuity and tenacity; Nirvan's generous and caring heart; dad's indulgence and love for his son; and the wonderful community spirit all result in one big, loving package!!

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  • Visit Caine's Arcade if you are in Los Angeles and play a few games (get the Fun Pass). Directions and a link to donate to Caine's college scholarship fund are here.
  • Caine made all the games in his arcade.  Learn how to make something you need yourself, or submit instructions for your own DIY project.
  • Follow your passion, even though you may never get external support or affirmation.

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