A cello made from an oil can and pieces of wood thrown in the garbage; a saxophone made of spoons and buttons. These are the instruments crafted by Nicolas, a recycler with no previous experience making musical instruments, living hand-to-mouth by the garbage dump in Catuera, Paraguay. Inspired by this initiative and creativity, Maestro Luis Szaran, director of "Sounds of the Earth," formed a "recycled orchestra" with children living at the dump. "Our main goal isn't to form good musicians, but to form good citizens." Now 30 members strong, listen to the sweet sounds of these recycled instruments and the hopes and dreams of the children who play them.


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  • Ellen LaCapria

    The power of music and creativity

  • John Hall

    Sound vibration + Love Energy from the heart of the musician and the listener = Spiritual Magic

  • haia

    vision of spirit . One man garbage is another man treasure. Neuroplasticity their brain can change, adapt,create instrument not only one person rather the change more powerful as a group.

  • Rochna

    where there is will, there is way. the opportunities are there. look around and and use the gift from the nature. thank you team for doing such a marvelous job. Inspire many. God bless you.

  • unonanamuss

    it shows talent isn't a income level its an opportunity to be developed no matter how poor talent is there it just needs some inspiration & motivation.

  • Patricia

    In New Delhi, India my senses were overwhelmed, sickened by the contrast of splendor and squalor, wealth and poverty. I was surrounded bu a sea of hands pleading for help. Then I heard the sweet poignant sounds of a violin. One of the men in rags was playing a makeshift violin, a cigar box with two strings and a twig with strings tied from end to end. The ability of the human spirit to create beauty in the midst of misery gives me hope.

  • Jyoti

    It is not necessary to label right and wrong that you see, no point brooding WHY, do right by you, create peace and happiness and let the humanity or better still, Universe enjoy!what a beautiful,music!

  • Chloe

    This remarkable courage and intention of the people to transform through music.... But I have a problem, its in Spanish! How may I change it to English ?

  • bunny

    Wow it's amazing to see .these kids can change the world with right guidance and a nice mentor .

  • Collis

    Very inspiring! When the music touches my heart and soul I am deeply moved.

  • paula

    Beautiful music - in a most unlikely place. Evidence of the spirit and beauty within children, the power of inspiration and imagination and one teacher who does not give up!

  • val

    WOW how ingenious

  • Kim

    Making a musical instruments from discarded items

  • Jane

    AMAZING what we may thoughtlessly throw away- and how creative, caring, talented people can make beautiful music from trash and an orchestra with people who felt they were "trash."

  • Medha Shringarpure

    The passion and creativity.Man can be destroyed but not defeated.great lesson learned from the people of Catuera.



  • Dinah

    This video is absolutely inspiring. I agree with Doris Castanares in giving thanks for all those who have helped this dream come true.

  • Maija

    There is hope in this world when people take intivative and make use of whatever is available.

  • Doris Castanares

    Unbelievably inspiring...how wonderful that there are people who can turn a trashed instrument into one that produces such beautiful music. Thanks to the director...to the children...and to the producers for sharing the music and the experience.

  • gucciwas

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  • Linda

    Amazing! Where there is a will there is a way. Poverty does not stop your dreams.

  • Christine

    I love the creativity of the human spirit and the transformative power of music. Music reaches into the darkness and can light up the whole world!

  • Jayme

    The children's love of music and the music they create.

  • Marilyn Estreicher

    I just love the creativity, the music and the hope of this inspiring short. Cant wait to see the whole movie

  • Joan

    Nicolas has to be very talented to create misical instruments out of garbage . These kids are very poor but very rich in spirit. They have to love music to play with these make over instruments, this video touches my heart.

  • b

    I like hip hop but not rap: this is wonderful!

  • jill

    the ingenuity and the innate love for music around the globe

  • Lucinda

    Why has this video been removed? It is so inspiring!

  • d.sanyal

    Just Amazing! Such a great kid! Such a nice mood...

  • Hank

    Being a Musician myself,it showed me something that not everyone,can conceptualize,what a great idea ,love the Music ,and the opportunity for these Young People to show the World with their Orchestra Tours,just what we as Humans can do to inspire others.

  • lisa

    There's a lot of love, happyness share and hope!

  • Tzippi

    From what others consider castoffs, beauty shone. An impoverished recycler is actually a deeply creative, talented music maker, and "poor" kids are rich in spirit, musical talent and expression and depth of soul. It may take a village to raise a child, but this video shows equally that just a few motivated people with love, a vision, and determination can heal a world. I had tears streaming down my cheeks watching this. It made me want to do more, give more with my own life.

  • Carolynn

    Wow!!! Kinda makes you change Wow!!! This is what life should be about....creating, giving, receiving, loving. A great wake up call for the world to see....I will share this with everyone I know.

  • Fred

    I have played this video several time and I could not find anything in it that would not inspire me. I notice that many of the musicians have some part of the 'real' instrumentsm, such as a bow, a mouthpiece, etc. Please provide a list of those items and a shipping adress for them. I would much prefer to donate some things such as these rather than just money.

  • Raye

    This touched my heart and soul. They're changing the world with one musical note at a time inspiring others along the way.

  • Loretta

    The love for music, the love and creativity of recycling!

  • Dorothy Miao

    This is such a beautiful transformational story on what we can do no matter what the circumstances of our lives. I am simply amazed at the creativity and what music can bring.

  • Patricia Blumhagen

    The power of the human spirit. From junk they created soul food. They live their reality and believe that there is hope of a better tomorrow. They inspire me to believe in the human spirit. Change, begins with each of us. They show me the power that is at work within them. Their courage to begin again and again to create beauty from their situations will bring forth the new beginnings. I am so proud of them.

  • Fran Briggs

    This is wonderful, music is so powerful! I am so proud of these kids!!! God Bless You!!!

  • Fredretta Eason

    Everything! Music can cure the world if we only believe and share it. This is the most inspiring proof I have seen. The choir in Africa who sings "The Messiah," and no one reads music, is another examnple. Please keep on giving this wonderful gift to our badly damaged world. Blessings to all who participate in any way.

  • Carroll Dianne

    What inspired you about this video? Everything. The selflessness of the Nicolas and the great joy in his face and his vision to bring joy to others. The joy of the children discovering their talents are their great desire to become more through learning and giving. Their desire to share and show the world where real greatness is found. Indeed a transformation in process. May we all learn from this and use our talents to bless the world, bring peace and hope to others. Thank you Universe. cd l

  • Carroll Dianne

    Where there is a will, there is a way and this man and these beautiful children are and will inspire many. Peace and beauty can be a gift anytime anywhere, if the spirit is willing. God bless these willing children and mentors. May the stars always shine for them. Blessings, Congratulations & continued success. cd

  • Victor

    I heard once that music bridges the right and left side of the brain and lets them work together.The one side has to do with your daily walk and the other your visions and aspirations.One reason Im told that American children come behind other countries educationally is because those other countries emphasize music and the arts more and dont over do science.

  • Alicia Haley

    I am rendered speechless by the love and beauty of this project. <3

  • Em

    Creativeaty is available to all. Loved this. I want to go and make one. Thanks

  • Tisch

    I'm inspired by...The Spirit of Ingenuity at work... too often we forget, inside our souls lives the power of cleverness, originality and invention! It's all about the journey, the process of applying genuine ideas to solve real problems or meet social challenges, through these journeys we often create miracles!

  • John K Taylor

    As this is in Paraguay, a place mysterious to most and a place not 95% of college graduates could find on a map. There are two basic truths that hold that could make this story come from Detroit, Sierra Leone or, in this case, Asuncion. The horror of the back ground and conditions is the direct result of government(s). The tear rendering joy you will feel is people, no different, no matter what the language or complexion. The Founders understood this, we have lost it, watch this and see what people can do.

  • Pat

    Everything!! It should prove to everyone that money is not the answer.. My God Bless then all.

  • Bob Forlaw

    So much with so little

  • Helen

    The willingness of the children to learn to play the recycled instruments inspired me the most. I was also quite amazed at the cooperation of all the adults involved including the man who started making the instruments, the conductor, the parents of the children, and those who taught the children to play the instruments.

  • Susan

    What inspired me is that people used what they have available to create something out of nothing, ie trash. You can see how people are given confidence and hope, not only within themselves, but for their community. People can make a difference!

  • Marv

    What inspired you about this video? There is a biblical quote that says "The stone rejected by the brick layer became the cornerstone" and another "From the bitter came the sweet." Apparently, others were thinking of this process before recycling became an issue

  • Marv Axelrod

    The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC might be interested in hearing about your trash to musical instruments capaign. As the name implies they have huge sums of the kind of material that I viewed in the website. Please let me know if you'd like to learn more.

  • judy

    The sheer thought of God's inspired work and faithfulness, sharing sowing seeds of greatness to the entire world......



  • lindie ward

    Inspiring story - music is a universal language and conveyer of feelings and imagination, regardless of money. Our world is so heavily 'budgeted' we forget life is not about money but IMAGINATION.

  • michael warner

    how gorgeous. The level of achievement in construction and musical performance is wonderful.

  • meiling

    Everything! It is so heartening, so creative, reaching out to help others, so hopeful. I'm going to share this video and I expect it will be passed on again.

  • berith danse

    this is a fantastic video .It shows again how important art and culture is for a happy life

  • aredtailhawk

    I am inspired by the sheer joy of creation and giving unfettered by ego.. there is SO MUCH GOOD in the world!!!!!

  • Aklea

    The gifts of Creativity are always with us.....we just have to shift our awareness to see the resources and gifts. This is so inspiriinf and can be replicated all over the world in rich or poor countries and that is a judgemental call. What is important is that the Gift of God creation is available everywhere and let us embrace all.

  • Jan Yaffe

    It was so moving to see how these young people can have such dignity and hope, and be so transformed by playing their music. The beauty is that they keep transforming others as well.

  • sashi

    What an incredibly giving group of people. It makes my heart happy to know people like this exist.

  • sethi

    Thank you for sharing . thinking and creating out of a box . It comes from within .

  • Dipesh


  • Neela Gupta

    This is so inspiring and heart warming! One who has soaked himself with selfless love can do magic anywhere and with anything to bring beauty to this world!!

  • Molly Murrill

    That these poor kids could be inspired by hand made musical instruments and that the instruments create such beautiful music. It is wonderful. I have no talent like this but would love to. I used to sing some but my voice is too scratchy and old now for even that. Blessings to all of you who are so talented and inventive.

  • victoria anderson

    How can I inspire youngsters to try this??

  • eunice


  • Ernie

    The language and gift of music comes from the God within and when were able to connect with that special place within lives can be transformed as we see in this video regardless of the value of the musical instrument. Thanks for sharing this truly inspiring video and continue on your beautiful journey...

  • Maggie

    I am gob-smacked on so many levels. The creativity, resourcefulness and dedication of everyone involved leaves me speechless. I can only marvel at what they could do with quality materials - but that might take away the creative challenge. The beauty of the musicians as they teach others is marvelous. How I wish every student in the world could see this film!! The inspiration is beyond description!

  • Laurel

    I live in Paraguay. Yesterday I contemplated taking up the violin when someone told me about a man who was making violins from trash. Today this arrived in my inbox from the US. I am inspired and looking forward to what good I can do with the inspiration. Thank you for your impeccable timing in sharing this Karma Tube.

  • Hat Bailey

    Extremely inspiring and uplifting, this short film touched my heart very deeply. There is something so wonderful in people that it is so easy to overlook. The love that is there that connects all hearts. It is sad that the mass media so misses these really important stories that really matter. God bless the wonderful hearts that made this a reality.

  • Tony Prance

    This is truly an amazing story. The dedication of the Maestro, the innovation of Nicholas,the use of music- the glue for life, the joy and good feeling of this mix, re-cycling perfection....we humans can achieve such wonderful things...it just needs one of us to find the key as they said in the video....great stuff...

  • Lani froelich

    It brought tears to my eyes actually. The masestro's determination to find and teach/ the children and youth so hungry to learn/the recycler now creating instruments from trash. Human potential for good is just breathtaking. Thank you for making this video.

  • Richard

    The uniqueness of each human being as a possibility of expression, offers unlimited gifts to each of us.

  • Mary

    One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen about what is in each an every human being that is just waiting to be awakened.

  • Maurice Juarez

    These are the hidden talents that a lot of us have and miss in the most obvious instances... We all are blessed we just need to take that leap and the net will be there to catch us... Happy holidays and a happy new year world.

  • Don

    That these people could even think of trying this, let alone succeeding, is amazing. They truly have made something out of nothing and it has changes peoples lives.

  • KathStol

    A celebration of the ingenuity that can be found everywhere, if only we open our eyes and hearts to see - even in a garbage dump!

  • Brian

    Amen! Like Kathryn said...gives life to people...gratitude for positive things to do...imagine this project in a hundred years...what a vision...Happy Holidays...

  • Harmony Gates

    This is just so amazing! I love every aspect of it...the generosity, the vision, the children, the conversion of garbage into respectable and beloved musical instruments...the pride of everyone involved. Hurrah for this project and all it has touched!

  • Barbara DeCoursey Roy

    Merry Christmas!

  • Sharon

    The heart and soul of those who want to lift and help the children lift their souls..to give them the opportunity to realize the results..the beautiful resuls of their efforts.

  • Kathryn

    It gives life to those who have been given nothing... it gives heart to those of us who have been given everything.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Fantastic! Creativity + Contributing + Community = HOPE.

  • gretchen

    wow! HOPE alive and in action. . .

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