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Liesl Clark and her family traveled to Nepal on a "quest to find answers." They returned home with a new perspective on community and a better way of living. Clark saw how the Nepalese cared for each other, insisting on sharing gifts equally within the community and taking responsibility for the aging, fragile, and infirm without regard to family ties. She believed these principles could be applied to their area and possibly beyond. With help from her friend Rebecca Rockefeller, Clark began The Buy Nothing Project with a Facebook page and a list of ideals. Their hope was to focus more on community and connections and less on stuff, thereby removing physical wealth from the equation. The project encourages the feeling that we are all connected and that everyone has something to offer. Some cook meals for others. Some collect food growing on trees and vines in public places, food that may often be left to rot. The movement, started from one collective on Bainbridge Island, Washington, now has more than 1.5 million members and counting. Watch this video to learn more of the backstory behind the local gift economies of this experimental social movement sweeping across the globe.


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  • Ginny Abblett

    Thank you! Warmly, Ginny Abblett

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    The Western world can learn so much from the thousands of other cultures who live with community in mind more than individuals. Thank you for shoeing us two powerful examples, that in Nepal and their inspiration for what you then created at home. Here's to sharing with each other. Namaste.

  • Shova

    Namaste and thank you! Looking forward to being part of such an aspiring initiatives.

  • Helen C. Gennari

    I'm so excited to see that so many people are engaging in this process and preparing the rest of us for a Buy Nothing society.

  • Sonam Arti

    Wow.. Lovely.. Wonderful human spirit. You are giving without expecting anything which means real giving fully.. Thanks for posting.. We need this kind of atmosphere, otherwise the more we have, the more likes to be wanted..

  • Saumitra Dubey

    Learning attitude… Using the power of social media… And the most the wisdom of our ancient… I love it

  • Kati

    Beautiful and inspiring. Makes me want to share more.

  • Deepak

    Thank you so much . Awesome . When we give , it comes back to us ten fold . The Connecting we do with others while giving is life changing , it says we care for you . Life has taught me so much about giving , am truly grateful for that experience .

  • Harish M. Dalal

    That generosity and contributing takes more imagination and courage than money.

  • Suzanne

    If every community could do this it would bring people closer together and cut down on so much waste, but the real gift is not only in the giving but in the receiving (love).

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  • In this short video, Charles Eisenstein explains why we cannot live lives of meaning or create community by joint consumption. Only joint creativity and gifts create intimacy and connection.
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