It is possible to transform "apocalypse fatigue," the defenses that keep us from engaging fully in action on global warming, by sharing stories of those who are making real change happen, bringing the issue closer to home, and empowering ourselves to do what we can. In this TED Talk, Norwegian Parliament representative, Per Espen Stoknes, points to a path of re-imagining climate itself as the living air which is the earth's skin, an amazingly thin and fragile wrapping of the massive ball which is our home, and inside which we are all connected.


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  • shharda

    I loved the way Mr. Per Espen Stoknes spoke and explained the theory of global warming. With a lot of sensitivity about the existing all Ds.DISTANCE,Doom , Dissonance Denial and Identityflip them into 5Ss Social, Supportive.Simler Actions, Signals, Better Stories

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    What inspired me was the clarity in very real steps to move away from abstract and doom to stories which will connect and motivate without such fear that often shuts us down. Thank you Per Espen Stoknes for an excellent talk!

  • Debbie Jordan

    Amazing presentation, thank you so much for sharing this. The break down of what is challenging to understand in climate research, to how we psychologically separate if from ourselves - and bringing it back full circle to how as earthlings we can take action was truly inspiring!

  • Dr. M. Paloma Pavel

    The authenticity, and caring of the presenter and the context that he is both a scientist and a parliament representative. And finally … I leave for Norway in a month! I want to interview him if I can when I am there. Finally - I am so thrilled that Daily Good, which I love and live by is featuring a climate speaker which is my passion and spiritual calling. Paloma

  • Susan Masiak

    The idea that, while individual lifestyle changes cannot alone solve the problem, they provide a 'from the ground up' support for industry and government changes that can.

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  • Learn more about the speaker, Per Espen Stoknes.
  • Become informed about The Center for Green Growth. 
  • Consider inner defenses that have kept you from engaging fully in climate action. How can you flip them to simple actions in your daily life?

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