A film by Green Renaissance.

We all have days when things don't go as smoothly as we'd hoped and we have to make peace with things as they are. Fortunately the sun rises again each morning for all of us and we get another chance to see what the day will bring, to try again and to meet each moment with hope and to practice the art of living. Rejection, fears, doubts and failure are simply part of the human condition. Acknowledging the reality of what we have experienced allows us to move forward into the next moment without bitterness or expectations. Such an attitude gives us the potential to be open to something new and completely different. What is important is to stay connected to one's inner self--the True Self, that is not subject to the external idea of success--and to remain receptive to life as it is coming to us. Next time you have a "bad day" remember that the sun will rise again tomorrow and with it the opportunity for a new beginning.


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  • stacy

    Listen to yourself first. And the most beautfiful moments are not necessarily easy to get to

  • Kiesa

    I appreciated the power of nature, and how he said, "It goes back to loving people and appreciating......while PRIORITIZING the person in me. No one is going to listen to myself and try to understand like I do.....so I treat myself with respect." What a lovely thought. And in nature, time extends. This video helped me realize what my priorities are, in contrast to the priorities imposed on me by expectations that no longer fit my current reality.

  • Sherma

    'The most beautiful places are not easy to get to'. They are so many layers of conditioning and self perceptions which block our views of who we truly are.

  • Denise Landers

    His being committed to being deeply in touch with himself in the daily changes of life are inspiring. Unless we do that for ourselves, we aren't able to really touch others deeply.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    What inspired me was the honesty of challenges and external influences. I appreciate the words, 'trying again' on the next sunrise. It's important to acknowledge that our external world does impact us and that's ok! I appreciate his lens of seeing possibilities in each new day.

  • Karen

    Honestly, looking at his eyes while he speaks. They shine with love, even though he's experienced significant pain and rejection in his life.

  • Thea Nietfeld

    The most beautiful places are not easy to get to. And maybe the most beautiful connections or intimacies do not happen easily. Effort and perserverance are necessary for a happy life.

  • RameshShah

    Every day has an immense potential to do good by being Proactive & Positive attitude.Every 'bad day' is pregnant with New Possibilities.Have Trust!

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  • When you have had a difficult day, consider these ways to start your morning the next day to help you begin anew. 
  • Listen to this song "Follow the Sun" by Xavier Rudd as the sun rises tomorrow morning and feel your place in the circle of family that we have on the Earth. 
  • When you wake up tomorrow, what will you do with your new day? 

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