The Dream Puppet was created by artist Marina Tsaplina to highlight the wisdom and important roles of both people with disabilities and ancient forests in the climate crisis. Lovingly created by people from the disability, art and environmental communities, the Dream Puppet guards a one thousand year old forest in Montana that is under immediate threat from logging. Made with raw organic silk that has been dyed with natural dyes, the Dream Puppet is designed to be permeable with the land. It is created with a deep sense of obligation, embodying the fact that "ancient forests and disabled people are not disposable."


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  • Learn more about Marina Tsaplina and the Disabled Forest Guardian Journey. 
  • Read about the threats to the old growth forest in Yaak Valley, Montana.
  • Allow the Dream Puppet to awaken in you a practice of "deep imaginative embodied listening" whenever you spend time in nature, asking permission and awaiting the answer rather than encroaching on the land. 

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