Amidst the vast landscapes and bustling communities of Niger, Karim Elajadon witnesses firsthand the pervasiveness of plastic waste. He embarks on a grass-roots storytelling journey to young people, Niger's most vibrant demographic, in a movement for sustainable living. With 58% of its people under the age of 18, educating and empowering the youth is paramount to cultivating a generation of changemakers committed to sustainable habits.


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  • Gabriela

    Using all what we have for the best of the communities that surrounds us - great remind us. Education so important.

  • Barbara

    The children where so creatively engaged while learning about the dangers of plastic waste. I think this lesson will stay with them. It also spoke to small projects and the possibility of big effects.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Clever and important. We all need to do a better job not using plastic. Thank you for sharing this creative project.

  • Diana

    I love it! Thank you for the inspiration! We all have a role to play in creating change in the world, now!

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