For a brief time, hospice nurse, Dean Nash, is able to break down the barriers of sickness and the reality of dying through his 10-year-old Australian Shepherd, Stormy. Bringing Stormy into the Crossroads Hospice, Nash says, offers patients unconditional love — allowing them to temporarily forget about dying and instead focus on the delight of a “ball of fur and a wet nose” to lift their spirits. “She gives good love,” Nash says. And she does just that.


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  • Kristin

    Some patients might prefer a cat.

  • Silvia

    This is so inspiring! I've come to think that hospitals can be very depressing places, especially for those who are awaiting their end there. They should look different from what they usually do. Hospitals should be full of light, love and life: gardens, plants, flowers, art, huge windows to let the daylight in, and of course animal friends. Although clinics may turn out to be the last stop on some people's way through life, they should never feel like a dead end street. Even terminally ill patients deserve to feel alive until the very last moment they spend in this dimension, and they deserve to love every second they have left here, just like everyone else. I really hope the pendulum will soon swing from sick care to authentic health care.

  • Lorraine

    What a wonderful team these two make bringing happiness and love to those dying patients - if everyone owned a dog and loved their dog what a happier world we would have.

  • Barb

    So true, so beautiful, so inspiring to me. Thank you ....... "all you need is love", John Lennon shared the truth. And so do you!

  • Jerri

    I am an animal lover and I know what pleasure a dog can give a person. They provide so much love. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing your dog, Stormy.

  • Nan S

    What inspired you about this video? I take our 11 year old, black cat to hospice. He has been a wonderful volunteer for 8 years. He has made many patients very happy. The staff enjoys his visits, too. They need "a little therapy" also.

  • Paula W

    Dean, thank you for your inspiring generosity in sharing the love of your dog and the example of the two of you as a team undertaking God's mission.

  • Bluetocking

    Love is always inspiring.... People, animals..... Love is love and it is pure and healing. Animals are amazing in their capacity to love and totally accepting of all people... They are color and gender blind& man would do well to learn from them!

  • Mr D.K.Oza

    True: convincing; inspiring; Let us teach EVERYONE to love animals. (Have you heard of St Francis of Assissi?

  • Linda

    I was inspired by this video because of the pure love that is shared between this dog and the patient. Dogs are truly man's best friend! I was also inspired by Dean's commitment to what he is doing for his life's work. He is a blessing to this planet.

  • Dad/Dziadzia

    "Love is kind, gentle, doesn't put airs ........"

  • Mary

    My daughter's little dog has been as theraputic as any medicine. I truly believe love is the most powerful medicine. Bless you and your wonderful dog for sharing your love with those who need it the most.

  • sethi

    Love and kindness in action . Thank you very much .

  • tannaz

    great video, hope you lots of happiness. thank you for sharing.

  • CB949

    God bless you, Mr. Nash and Stormy, too. No doubt, He already has. Thank you for caring and for sharing. Finding your purpose is powerful.

  • Ramana Rao

    It is so amazing and inspiring that any human being with a human touch would never miss any opportunity to extend his Love to all living things in Nature after viewing this clipping; more so, those who are at the door of the Death.............

  • Amber Sauve

    It is an honor to be part of those special moments. I work in a Senior's Home where we provdie end of life Care. This video has reminded me how special our home pet is and how we can help him - help our residents! Thanks Dean, Stormy and Kenneth.

  • Dina

    very nice , but its too sad , we are in need of love , and when we cant find the love from humans to make us go through the day then dogs are there it is really inspiring and nice video thanks ...

  • Ronald

    Amazing Love <3

  • Maaar

    This dailygood was about a man whose name is Dean Nash, He was a hospice nurse but he didn't really plan to be a nurse but he believed "it was his calling". Along side of him was his help,his secret,and also his dog, a 10 year old Australian Shepherd named Stormy. Stormy was Dean's "Most Powerful Medicine" because she supplied a cure in which no other doctor or hospital had, lots of love and the ability to break down the barriers of sickness and the reality of dying and what I learned from this was that love is the most powerful cure for almost anything.

  • Blessed today

    May the Kenneth McKeown family survivors know that that Mr. McKeown still lives through the joy, love and blessings shared thru this video. Thank you, "Dean Nash - Stormy team" for creating a beautiful spiritual space for the dying. The adoration between Mr. McKeown and Stormy is thousands more powerful than nuclear energy, forever eternal in the consciousness information field, and a beautiful healing system in this holographic reality which we call life & matter here on planet earth, the most beautiful zoological garden in the universe. Many blessings to your hearts!

  • elizabeth

    I have been bringing my 11 year old longhaired Dashound to work with me since he was 4 months old. He has given many staff and resident great joy. He has been able to redirect residents moods. it is funny to watch him interact differently with whom he meets.

  • Howard McQueen

    Here is a poem from John O'Donohue, specifically for hospice nurses, but for anyone who has (or will be) a ongoing caregiver ;-) BLESSINGS: FOR A NURSE Excerpted from the book: Bless the Space Between Us Written by: John O’Donohue Your mind knows the world of illness, The fright that invades a person Arriving in out of the world, Distraught and grieved by illness, How it can strip a life of its joy, Dim the light of the heart Put shock in the eyes. You see worlds breaking At the onset of illness: Families at bedsides distraught That their mother’s name has come up In the secret lottery of misfortune That had always chosen someone else. You watch their helpless love That would exchange places with her. The veil of skin opened, The search through the body’s night To remove tissue, war-torn with cancer. Young lives that should be out in the sun Enjoying life with wild hearts, Come in here lamed by accident And the lucky ones who leave, Already old and in captive posture. The elderly, who should be prepared, But are frightened and unsure. You understand no one Can learn beforehand An elegant or easy way to die. In this fragile frontier-place, your kindness Becomes a light that consoles the brokenhearted, Awakens within desperate storms The oasis of serenity that calls The spirit to rise from beneath the weight of pain, To crate a new space in the person’s mind Where they gain distance from their suffering And begin to see the invitation To integrate and transform it. May you embrace the beauty in what you do And how you stand like a secret angel Between the bleak despair of illness And the unquenchable light of spirit That can turn the darkest destiny towards dawn. May you never doubt the gifts you bring; Rather, learn from these frontiers Wisdom for your own heart. May you come to inherit The blessings of your kindness And never be without care and love When winter enters your own life.

  • Jennifer Nagel

    So beautiful! I also would love to work with hospice. It is so wonderful to hear of someone living their truth and reaching out to those in need. Stormy lifts my spirits too! Thank you for sharing this video :)

  • Janet

    Inspired that Dean Nash is such a loving, caring person and wants to ease other's pain. Wish there were more like him!

  • Rainbow Casey

    A man finding and following his life purpose is what inspires me.

  • Muran

    Great, this is called real life, a touch of love.

  • Yo

    That's wonderful. Beautiful heart.

  • gurcharan singh

    The dogs have bigger and brave hearts. We had a dog. he died of old age but gave us so much love that we miss him daily now. Love is most powerful medicine...YEAH..

  • ghadon

    <3 <3 <3

  • connie

    AWESOME, AWESOME....what a wonderful ministry you are carrying to others...key word was 'prayer' letting our maker in on the comforting process.

  • Sajid

    word love the most powerful medicine

  • Diana

    What the world needs is love. Thank you Mr. Nash and Stormy for doing a great job and bringing love and joy to those in need. I'm sure it means a great deal to those you visit. Keep up the good work.

  • Margaret

    I am inspired by the selfless giving of both Mr. Nash and Stormy. It reminds us that there is more to our world than what we can see, and these are true angels in our midst. Thank you for such a lovely video.

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  •   There are numerous pet therapy organizations worldwide that train you and your dog to offer unconditional love to dying patients. An example is Animal Assisted Therapy (ATT).
  •   If you don’t have a pet to help a dying patient you might consider playing music or singing for them... There are many ways that unconditional love can be the best medicine of all.
  •   Do you have family or friends or someone in your neighborhood who could use a friendly visit from you and your dog? It just might be the greatest gift you could ever give them.

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