She's legally blind and can't see beyond one meter. But Caroline Casey managed to achieve, at age 34, the three dreams she held as a teenager: to become an elephant handler, to work for herself, and to drive a race car at 185 km/h. As Caroline puts it, "You don't need eyes to have a vision!" She went on to start the Aisling Foundation, which looks deeply at disability, its attendant loneliness and its inherent positive aspects.


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  • helen Harrell

    What a lovely, selfless, and brave young lady. You make me think, deeply, and dream big and put the ideas into my head, to go to my heart, and into my hands, mouth, etc. You clearly use all senses and then make your own reality. What a beautiful girl you are. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • supun

    A very genuine interview with someone that figured out that it's not worth "faking it" to fit in. Asking for help gave her freedom. Letting go.... That freedom empowered her to help others. Her dream/vision motivated her to make a change and she really asked herself what she wanted and we all benefited from it with some inspiration and some knowledge of what can be done.

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  • Support the Aisling Foundation.
  • Caroline started the 02 Ability Award, which promotes healthy business practices for inclusion of people with disabilities. Check it out.
  • Having traveled Around the World in 80 Ways, Caroline says, "It's far better to be a dangerous dreamer than a day dreamer." Take a concrete step toward your dangerous dreams!

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