Writing and leaving anonymous love letters, from one human heart to another, opens the hearts of those writing and deeply touches the receivers. There is no agenda, no expectation, just pure unconditional love.


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  • Simon

    Great to see that almost 4 years on this flow of creativity driven from loving kindness is still sweeping across the planet - wherever you are in the world, just start today and get your community into this simple act of loving kindness. We are all ambassadors of love if we choose to be x

  • Vivienn

    I have never been this much satisfied w myself... When I write a love letter I become extremely happy ... <3 thank u a lottttt ...

  • Eldon

    As is always the way when you break things down - a small simple action can cause huge ripples across this planet and out into the universe. There is not enough love in the world that is shared freely so this act of kindness, generosity of love, compassion and fun radiates through everything in this world and raises our collective vibration just that little bit more. Keep up the good work guys - love you xx

  • Aine

    Beautiful! Love this, the love and warmth it holds as weel as shares about. Love heals, connects, elevates, inpsires, brings joy and so much more beyond words. What I love is how simple the concept is as a way to share love and share it with people you may never otherwise connect to or come into contact with. Congrats on holding the torch so beautifully and persistently for such a wonderful idea.

  • Rosalba

    Lovely video Simon and yes you are righr..just it takes few moments as it hasn't be a long letter..I have understood is about me..to make a video of myself..felt bit shy :)despite of my lack of shyness(!)..maybe just a post it inside an envelope!! Thanks for sharing xx

  • Ina Amaron


  • Sally

    Global Love Letters is such a wonderfully simple idea that can transform a person.s reality within seconds AND it works both ways - the receiver feels a heart-felt shift and the giver feels good for unconditionally giving : - ) ... Blessings to the wholesome team involved in this new dawn you are all creating ... Just watch how the ripples turn into waves ... Hugs and giggles to you lovely lot xxx

  • Nick

    Love is making a huge comeback. Compassion is cool. It is all free to us and we have a never ending flow of it all to share. So write a letter, leave it somewhere and make a change to someone's life. A young man called Simon Paul Sutton, Works to remind us of what we've forgotten, To help make lives better, He shared a love letter, That compassion filled Simon Paul Sutton. Much love

  • Genevra

    Beautiful powerful reminder that simple loving action can potentially create a community that realises love is here and ultimately its at the core of everything...

  • Eva Pavon Callejon

    I'll keep sharing all the love I've got, as we all are just love, the most value thing in this word and it is for free!!!! So great idea Simon... Hope it is very contagious... Much love to you all X

  • James Marsh

    This is how we bypass the conditioning of social isolation, by reaching out and touching each others Hearts. An act of pure compassion, Just Beautiful! Thank you Simon, Pedro and the team for bringing this into being. I will most certainly be spreading the Letters of Love.xo

  • Daniela

    It's such a simple act yet so profound as it not only touched the heart of others when I wrote my love letters in the past but also it touched my heart when writing the letter. It feels great to make somebody's day and impact them in ways that are beyond our control. Can't wait to get together on the 10th February for our next Global Love Letter Delivery day. xox

  • Natalie Solgala - Kaz

    such a simple action can touch so deeply. Yes, I better write a few today! :)))

  • Karin Seidler

    So beautiful! A wonderful experience of unconditional love and giving...

  • Simone Fergus

    The pure love and compassion being shared abundantly....so amazing!

  • jason walker


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  • Watch the whole story and connect with the Global Love Letter movement.
  • Learn more about the man that inspired Global Love Letters – Mr. Happy Man.
  • Write an anonymous love letter and leave it somewhere. Know that the right person will find it at the perfect time, and that you’ve absolutely made someone’s day and perhaps much more.

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