Music heals. Music has magic. In this video, children fighting cancer express their feelings in songs. What they yearn for looking out from windows of therapy rooms: “What would it feel like to be free… open and strong, strong as the sea… what would you do to feel the breeze on your face… what would you give to fly away.” … What they dream and imagine:”Look out my window and see … The clouds and the birds and the trees… The sunsets of purple on green … It’s most beautiful…The future is smiling at me…I have all strength I need…Keep this light shining on you and me.” … Purple Songs Can Fly and ZapBoomBang Studios have done amazing work giving expression and music to the children’s odyssey of hope... ...It's Out There Waiting...


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  • Tim

    Balpreet, the depth of your commitment toward humanity shines from you r every word. Thank you

  • Susan

    Such powerful words and soulfully sung. thanks.

  • sushil

    Beautiful. Now to help the children fight cancer get them on a diet free of sugar, white flour products, meats. Get them to eat lots of fresh veg. and fruits. They should also be given half a cup of cottage cheese mixed with a table spoon of flax seed oil. The flax seed oil must be completely mixed with the cottage cheese. Also get them to drink water with lime slices in the water. They should also do some light exercise laughter exercise and deep breathing several times during the day. Also listen to healing music.

  • Sherry

    The heart's song of hope

  • Heather

    It's a beautiful expression of love and hope.

  • Bindu

    Loved the smiles and joy in the most dire situation...Was really touched by the kids and thanks to all of you who made this possible! God Bless!!

  • Orpha Dess Wilson

    Very touching ~Love the compassion for the Children and that they were involved in the writing! More!!! Awesome Wonderful ~

  • mar

    The lyrics are great for almost anyone. I also like the joy & the singing is great!

  • wahani

    ....and joy!

  • Wahani

    The right use of energy, directed towards love, compassion and love.

  • chhaya

    Each child is unique and full of abilities, need of good person to drive them in right direction at right time.

  • Vilma

    The love for humanity especially for children.

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  • See the story behind how this song was produced. You can get the songs at Purple Songs Can Fly.
  • Learn more about healing power of music.
  • Take a look at the other videos from the Texas Children Hospital’s video channel.

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