The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic landmark of San Francisco, drawing millions of visitors each year. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most popular suicide destinations in the world. California Highway Patrol Sergeant, Kevin Briggs, has saved hundreds of people from jumping over the famous railings in his 26 years of patrolling the bridge through his compassion and dedication - a true everyday hero.


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  • bohci lenguato

    i take 25 hours out of my day to feed and care for 5 kids all by myself so i think i should get this everyday hero thing idiots fudge you

  • Bonnie Szumski

    Does anyone know how to contact this man? My son committed suicide off the bay bridge two weeks ago--and a CHP officer, in full uniform barged toward my son while he was talking to some people who had stopped to speak to him. When my son saw the uniformed officer, he locked eyes on him, and jumped. I just would like to talk to him about why this officer was allowed to do this? My son was suffering and one of his fears was being arrested. Clearly, the man shouldn't have approached fully rigged like this. I don't want this to happen to another mother....

  • Arun Solochin

    I tried killing myself a year back and trust me, I wish I had you next to me Kevin. I know in that moment, all we need is someone to understand we need someone, we need someone to understand we are in pain. I had no one with me, no parents, no love, no friends. Kevin I stand up and bend my head in respect for you. Don't give up and I won't too. Thank you Karmatube for the wonderful video.

  • Dan Clemons

    You are only as good as the best thing you have ever done. Two thumbs up for Kevin Briggs and the California Highway Patrol for saving all those lives.

  • rainbow

    This struck a chord. inspired by the sheer desire to make a difference In the world...Kevin and his colleagues are giving hope, love and compassion to others. Never be discouraged.!

  • Susie

    It is the power of real love in action that wants to save and heal.

  • Tess

    Everyday hero?!! I think not. The fact that I provide for my family, get a nutritious hot meal on the table each night, volunteer for a children's organization and DON'T lose my cool with my preschooler is an everyday hero thing. This man goes WELL above the norm - face it, most of us wouldn't stop because we probably wouldn't even SEE the person in distress. This man is NOT an everyday hero. He is something much more than that. A hand to grab, an ear to listen, a heart to have faith in. I'm very moved by this story, but I wouldn't call him "everyday hero" - unless you mean he's a hero every day. :)

  • Bijan

    He is a guardian angel of real life and the love he has for people and I am so happy to see people care for each other

  • feroza

    Kevin Briggs' compassion, concern , involvement . He is not doing a duty or even charity. He is totally into it - heart,soul, mind. wish there were more like him.

  • Chris

    You are an amazing person Kevin,your life experience has become the "bridge "of hope for those who have lost hope; a truelly special gift to share with others,very cool!

  • Fuzzy

    If everyone knows how to handle their Human Emotions, their Human Values would rise, and their Human Existence would be relished, and appreciated. Stress Free, Violence Free, Society! One day, all will be dead... so Live..

  • Dr.Kanhaiyalal Sharma

    The suicidal tendency is mental disease so it requires psychiatric treatment. Persons are fortunate who save people from committing suicide.

  • Jacquie

    My friend Theo managed to get all the way over the rails two years ago December. I wager this wonderful officer was not on duty. Thank you Kevin for preventing so many people from ending their life with such a lonely leap. My passage across the Bridge will never be quite the same again. I toast your kindness, patience, and compassion. :)

  • Jeff Edwards

    Very Inspiring. Thank you Kevin.

  • Samantha

    Well, as a person who has struggled with depression about my whole life. I am 23 years old and have encountered many professionals who were not understanding like the professionals in this video. It is inspiring to know their are professionals who actually do care.

  • Dr.Seshadri Harihar

    You are doing a great job of a very difficult job. As a psychiatrist who often has to deal with patients who are suicidal I know how difficult it can be. To be able to talk many of them out of it when they have reached the point of no return requires tremendous skill, patience & perseverance. The 'Kevin wouldn't give up' says it all.You are a REAL Hero, Kevin; I salute you. May we have more such Kevins in every part of the world.

  • Marie

    Thank you Kevin. Your kindness and perserverance inspire me to be a better person. I wish more people would hear your story.

  • Tej Krishen

    Great job being done by California Highway Patrol Sergeant, Kevin Briggs. He has understood human values. I salute his dedication.

  • Nivendra

    very inspiring.

  • tanja

    the 'kevin wouldn't give up' part. we all need a kevin inside ourselves sometimes, I really responded to that.

  • Michaela Armstrong

    Thank you for sharing Kevin Briggs' humanity with us. He sounds like an inspirational person! Thanks to all of the bridge's staff for being so kind when life becomes difficult for so many. Sometimes people simply want to be heard.

  • ritu

    I salute to Sergeant Kevin, he has lot of courage....God Bless to you Sir...all the best

  • lynn

    I have always wonder where the Angels might be on that bridge ;-). We don't get to hear about the many that are saved! God Bless all of the staff!!!

  • Kathy

    What a hero!

  • aparna

    Absolutely beautiful! :)

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  • Learn more about the Golden Gate Bridge - the fun and quirky as well as construction and engineering facts.
  • There are many resources for suicide prevention, including suicide hotlines all over the world.
  • Practice deep listening - become more aware of the needs of your friends, family, and even strangers.

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