Lily Yeh is a global artist who is fueled by a belief that art is a human right, and that artists can create a foundation for profound social change. This film documents the design, building and impact of the Rugerero Genocide Memorial, a project that brought hope and healing to the traumatized survivors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The monument now serves as the official memorial site for the Rubavu district in Western Rwanda. "To truly honor the dead, we have to bring beauty and to remember them in that light."


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  • Rachelle

    A very powerful video. Heartwrenching but beautiful....

  • Karen

    The love that clearly went into this and the act of devotion by all of the people who helped create it. The artist had a vision, yes, and is all those wonderful things that have been said here. But the physical and emotional act of engaging with others offers healing as well. The creation of something so beautiful out of something unspeakably horrible. I guess it is the "unspeakableness" that perpetuates the harm. The ability to speak, in a beautiful way, through art is what facilitates the healing.

  • Amandine

    Thankfull for this vedeo. As a rwandan, i'm glad to see people share our story and honor with us the memory of our beloved ones.

  • katy

    Beautiful. Brought me to tears.

  • Mary

    The compassion of the artist was very impressive. Also the beauty of the monument, the way the shrine had a colorful wall around it, the intensity of the people. This is a wonderful way to help a nation heal. Thanks for sharing this film.

  • Tunde

    My friend is from there, his family left the country during the genocide when he was still just a little boy. I've got to know them as beautiful people inside-out and resilient... I admire the artist for doing this and thank her for investing her energy into such a remarkable project.

  • G .Amos

    The empathy and understanding of the artist. The resilience of the survivors.

  • Prof.Mohandas

    Really a wonderful monument for the dear departed souls.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Beautiful to bring such honor and light to those who died and survived such a horrible part of Rwanda's history. Yes, we do need to hear the stories and honor the memory. When she hugs the crying woman; such a tender moment. to hear the crying is important. To provide a place to gather that they helped build together with also an artist's sentiment is bringing peace. to join together that is healing too. I work on a project that helps people to share their stories through their words and also their painting, it has been life changing for me and the participants share that it's empowering and healing for them. Thank you so much for sharing Lily Yeh's memorial. HUG

  • Diane

    The healing power of the memorial is profoundly seen in the faces and smiles of the survivors. It brought tears to my eyes. God is with them. Thank you for sharing this. I hope many people can view it.

  • Barb

    A wonderful project to be shared with the world. Thank you!

  • Judy

    Thank you for this powerful video. It reminds me of what I deeply know: the power of art to heal and to uplift an entire community is profound.

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