Besides academic learning, how do you teach emotional and social intelligence to young learners? Marceen Farsakian, a teacher from Fresno, CA and the 2014 Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Winner shares her story on building the Kind Kids Club in Starr Elementary School. By motivating her first graders to do 10 random acts of kindness, incorporating the acts into their classroom learning, and sharing the results with the rest of the school, Marceen's students learn to inspire others to be kind and make "kindness" an ongoing habit for the whole school.


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  • Virginia Reeves

    How heart-warming these projects are. It doesn't take much time, effort, or funds to make such a difference. I encourage people to also check out the You Matter Marathon. Each November people receive cards that simple state You Matter to hand out to anyone they choose. What an easy way to share kindness. I like to share year round.

  • Diana

    This should be on the curriculum of every school in every country. It is so simple but what a brilliant message it gives to adults who are not always kind. That's what school should be for, not for brainwashing.

  • Cynthia

    Thank you, Marceen Farsakian, for all that you have done to guide these children and make the world a better place. The ripples of kindness are expanding far and wide. The 'kindness cape escapade' was a stroke of genius and to watch it unfold was utterly delightful. Namaste.

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