14-year-old Amar Pratap Chowdhary works 2 jobs and still manages to go to school, where he ranks first in his class. Amar rises before dawn each morning to deliver newspapers to the still-sleeping residents of Jamshedpur in eastern India before going to his second job at an electrical appliances shop by 9am. Then school, and back to work again until 10pm. Amar's earnings from his 20-hour workday provide the primary support for his family. Take a journey with Amar and watch the triumph of the human spirit over difficult circumstances.


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  • Robert

    Cada ves que veo esta historia, aborrezco mi voluntad de papel.

  • Sara

    Inspiring? Yes, Amar is a strong and courageous, but he is a boy! It is very sad to see him burdened with the responsibility of providing for his family at such a young age. Where's the father in all this? What is he doing to care for his family?

  • mv

    How could one send gifts for this boy? He is inspiring.

  • Tharanath

    Makes me more firm in my thoughts as Life is all about the mind. You can make anything you wish to,.. Including time.. Specially when survival is question .. then everything else takes a second place.. Lot to learn from his determination and commitment.

  • sbean

    Without sleep, how well will his brain grow, function or repair its self?

  • Natasha Rockstrom

    Completely transformed my day from feeling stuck to feeling inspired. THANKYOU Amar.

  • Ravi Burnwal

    Well, I have myself seen this boy's dedication when he comes to one of my friends' room for help with english. He does his homework daily and never complains. Great boy.

  • bharati m

    Indian law forbids employment for persons below 18yrs, making a lot of people in this video criminals. We need to change laws to cope with ground realities, allow life-skills education, while also safeguarding childhood.

  • Fazli Sameer

    Where there is a will there is always a way

  • gv

    Amazing, and i salute this young legend and proud of him. I pray for him.

  • Laurel

    Amar inspired me! Very humbling

  • ak

    humbling. thank you for sharing.

  • Antonia

    This video makes me not to want to give up on my dream of going to an Ivy League. Thank you. :) I can't believe I always do my homework with a pained face.

  • Katharine Lang

    This young man is truly inspiring. If not for him, what would become of his family? My question is this: why are his parents not working? Why should a 14 year old boy be the sole supporter of the family? I feel really sorry for him, even though he seems not to feel sorry for himself.

  • Hava

    The determination and acceptance of an adult life by a child.knowing his place in the family,his responsibilities and the way he carries out all of his duties with no complain. amazing young human being!!!! Good for you Amar!

  • Mertze Dahlin

    Amar is a very remarkable boy. He reminds me that I delivered the Duluth News Tribune every morning at 6 AM when I was 14 years old; But that was my limit, school was all that I could further accomplish.

  • sandra

    This dedication to managing so many responsibilities is touching and an inspiration. We in the west (for the most part) have life so easy.

  • Pratibha

    wonderful film, the boy's focus and goodness!

  • Sophie

    Watching Amar focusing on his various responsibilities reminded me of the saying, "where there's a will, there's a way." Amar is showing up each day with his "will power".

  • Tonny

    Thanks for sharing the story of Amar. Am humbled.

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