Directed by Louie Schwartzberg and narrated by Morgan Freeman, this video shows the beauty and natural violence of millions of years of evolution and the impact of humans on this complex system in less than 200 years. However, while we are still in peril, we have the means to solve our problems in the present. Just as mycelium root systems feed all plant life, humans can use modern technology, such as the Internet and mass media for positive change.


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  • 1 Minute 4 Earth

    You are more powerful than you think, and together we are more powerful than we can imagine. Every day STOP, connect to the biosphere that creates your air by becoming aware of your BREATH, and then ENVISION the world you want. What does the world of your dreams look like? What does a healthy, equitable, peaceful and sustainable Earth feel like? Breathe life into your vision. Feel it as though it's already here. Focus all of your attention and intention on your vision. Then go through your day awake and aware that the decisions you make and the actions you take have the power to make your conscious vision become reality.

  • Deborah Cooper

    There is still hope for everyone every where. We just need to remember were all connected.

  • Jacob Cramer

    We need to stop being in this state of denial and recognizing what we're doing to our world!

  • Marion Cox

    The idea that we can make a difference in keeping our environment people-friendly.

  • Ashwin

    The world is in a state of denial of how we are destroying the nature, wild life and our own being in the name of profits and progress. Those who believe in halting the destruction have started a movement and have acted to do something about it. This may be a drop in the ocean (excuse my pun) but it is a start. Hopefully the actions taken by some will get noticed by those in denial. The video should get more traction thru increasing its spread and making it stick.

  • Mansukh

    What a fantastic way to remind us what gift we have, not just been alive but to live on planet Earth. Together with Earth you should show Venus and Mars for comparison: what we are and what we can become...

  • Judith

    The beautiful photography...and the reminder that it is US that we're trying to save, not just plants, animals, air and water.

  • Yvette

    photography is absolutely beautiful! The internet is now my main source of "activism" in the form of awareness's. This video helps renew hope for me. The timing is just right, Thank you! Change through personal example is the key ~ "walking my talk" ~ and of course, without animosity. Just the Facts!

  • Jennifer Benson

    The beautiful photography inspired me.

  • Ken Elkind

    By unitinmg all people with the internet, to have all the people create a lgobal song. is the gateway to gathering on the globe.

  • María Rosaura

    A Deep desire to care for our planet

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  • Kid Warrior for the Earth has a similar message to this film: the earth is not in peril, we are.
  • Do your part for the earth - reduce single use plastics, grow your own vegetables, ride your bike to work or school...

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