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Dashrath Manjhi, also referred to as the “Mountain Man,” spent 22 long years breaking a mountain. It all started when his wife, who was trekking the mountain to bring him food, fell down and got hurt. He said to himself – everyone is born to eat, work and sleep, so why not do one thing in life which is beneficial for his wife and for others and that will serve for a long time to come? He sold his 3 goats so he could buy the hammer and chisel needed to break the 300 foot mountain. After 22 years of daily toil, working from 4 to 8am and again, after 1pm, he carved a road 30 feet in breadth and 360 feet in length. The people from his village could now access doctors, schools and jobs. 55 years later, the Dashrath Manjhi Welfare Trust has been started to set up an employment training school for local youth. Even after his death, Dashrath Manjhi is still alive as his work has inspired thousands in his village and beyond, and will remain an inspiration for future generations.


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  • Manuela

    we found it so inspiring we posted a story about him on our site http://gentleartofblessing.org/positive-news/252-the-man-who-moved-a-mountain

  • Liz

    Lovely. Inspiring. Thank you.

  • Nicole

    Any task can be accomplished when we are inspired and motivated to do so. What an inspiration this man was and is!


    Manjhi's is a labour of love. Trust this is a lesson for our white collars, beauracrats, politicians to respect labour. Can we work towards improving the labourer's wages that the ratio between the earnings of a head honcho in a corporate to the worker in his factory is never more than 10. PRANAMS MANJHI SAHEB

  • Dawn

    That Manjhi is truly inspiring! It helps me reconsider committing myself to a larger, long-term project. What an amazing story!

  • Towanda M.Allen

    Powerful! We have work to do! I am deeply grateful & blessed that we have had the road paved for us ALL, we have no excuse and it starts with US! Please feel FREE to support our event in the best way you see fit and like wise! We are changing lives and loving it! Enjoy and stay blessed! Towanda M. AllenWww.braveholisticworkshops.wordpress.com

  • Bob Halsey

    That just one man should dedicate his life to achieving the impossible is beyond my comprehension. We in the wealthy, spoilt West have no way to to put ourselves in that man's shoes............

  • Iyanifa Vassa

    I am grateful that Dashrath's story is told in this forum. His legacy is one to follow. His taking responsibility for what he saw needed to be done...his vision of how to go about it...his strength to persevere...his character to finish what he started are all components we should all be using in our daily lives. He did what all of us should be doing. Create something from your ancestral gifts...Leave something for others as you return to be ancestor yourself one day. I love his energy...his light...and what continues to illuminate from his time here on earth. Thank you for sharing. I feel blessed to know his story. I am creating mine as well and recognize what it takes. Do something with the "dash" of your life. We named our son Dash...and I know he will carry on what has been started from these seeds. Grateful Iyanifa Vassa, Ifa Foundation International

  • Deepak

    Inspirational , thank you .

  • Amarlal Motwani

    Humble Pranams at the lotus feet of Rev Dashrath Manjhi and his family My Gratitude to all who gave me the opportunity to see the video which has started a thought process in me of contributing something to society

  • Ishwor

    Deepest gratitude and heart felt homage to this iron man, who proved once again that a human being is capable of doing anything that she put her mind into.

  • Chris

    Honor your Life thru your work; Our Life is a gift from God, what we do with it is our legacy to God,family and the future

  • Sophie

    ... there is no such thing as can't. I can do whatever I put my mind to do. Perseverance is the key."

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  • Learn more about the Mountain Man and about how Milaap is helping raise funds for the development of his village.
  • To understand more about basic issues across the globe, visit the World Bank site.
  • Look around the city or suburb where you currently live. Are there opportunities for you to volunteer your time to contribute to the community, such as teaching, providing computer basic trainings or imparting any other skills you may have?

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