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In September 2012, Arianna and her mother, Kelli, began running marathons together. “We’re the first mother-daughter team to compete at this level.” This may not sound like something remarkable until one learns that Arianna has cerebral palsy, a disability that involves the central nervous system and makes it difficult to control one’s body. Arianna says that running with her mother makes her feel as if her disability doesn’t exist. “It makes me feel awesome, running makes my disability disappear,” says Arianna. Her mother Kelli notes, “There really hasn’t been a girl, a teen, a young woman doing endurance sports with cerebral palsy.” The spirit and determination demonstrated by Arianna is a reminder to the rest of us that we can do anything despite our many shortcomings.


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  • Visit Team Ari's web site to keep up with the latest with Arianna and Kelli.  
  • Learn more about cerebral palsy and support the work of United Cerebral Palsy in any way you can.  
  • Watch “Father & Son Heroes: Team Hoyt”, a similar story on KarmaTube.  

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