This brief animated film tenderly depicts the life of a mother and her daughter, slowly revealed as if turning pages in a storybook. The scenes are beautifully drawn yet understated and allow the poignancy of the moments to speak for themselves. There is little action. There are few words. However this is a story that never ends and one that is universal. The love of a mother for her child, the letting go, the cycle of life. Like trees that bear fruit, mothers create treasures and offer gifts without fanfare or asking for anything in return. This film is a reminder of those gifts and of moms themselves.


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  • Arul Gnana Sekar

    Heart touching film. It happens to fathers as well. I really moved at the end of the film.

  • Bonnie

    The powerful message , set in the grandeur of simplicity.

  • SAM

    A constant touch and affection of the mother. Always ready and looking for her daughter. Thank you for this touching video.

  • Indu

    Bond ad the relationship in between mother ad daughter it's says the life is like this

  • Leslie Fraser

    How fast the cycle of life passes and before you know begins again. There is a pervasive existential quality to the animation achieved by the pace, stark color and limited narration. The pace in particular holds you a moment to consider your thoughts and reactions. My mother always said that life is like a and then gone. I wish my mother was still here on Earth in her full glory and not in the mess that dementia left her in. I call honestly say I think about my mother daily; not in an obsessive way, but in more of a recognition of her presence with me. Her life reflects her time...her life was dedicated to her children and that is where she found her riches. Whoever thinks this woman did not "have a life" is placing their values on the story. Each of us gets to define, (or not) a life well lived. The film did have a sense of longing and yearning for things completed. Reminiscing can be a painful reminder of a life that is waning. I often get choked up when I look back on photos from my youth. Sometimes it is so disquieting; almost unbearable with intense emotions. The choices we make are never a guarantee to a future we think we can or should have. The absence of an older man is statistically correct and it is the part of the dynamic when a woman grows older. How generous our mothers are not to beg for our attention. The mother depicted here made space for her daughter to live her own life. The question is, should we communicate we want and need more? Would this be a burden on the child? I am finding it hard to "let go". My mother passed away, my son had some issues and now I was laid off from my job and finding it difficult to find another job or relearn how to pace my day and make my life. My son is flying further and further from the nest. It leaves you wondering how to recreate the life you have yet to dream. Aging is learning to grieve without showing your wounds too much or too often.

  • Bernadette O'NEILL

    A touching little movie however there is definately room for part 2 where mom finds her own interests and gets a life.

  • Isbel McKenzie

    There is nothing at all inspiring about this video. Was it made by men? It's like the Giving Tree. Women are culturally expected to give and get nothing in return, which is pure sexism. This woman deserves a full life. I have two daughters - they would never, ever abandon me like this. And beyond that, when they left home, after a period of grieving, I built a full and beautiful life of my own. This film perpetuates sexism. hate it.

  • MJ Lucas


  • omprakash joshi

    nice film

  • Sundar

    Nice film. No amount of extolling the virtues of our mother is enough. The debt to them can never be repaid. May we all get the opportunity to serve them in their old age as a small token of our gratitude for all they have done for us. Pranams to all mothers.

  • Deepak

    Inspirational . Mothers are blessings of God . The debt we owe to them can never be repaid . Pure unconditional love at it's very best . Thank you for this awesome film . It needs to be widely shared internationally so that an awareness is created about Mother's role in our lives .

  • Mary

    This film can be a wake-up call about the isolation so many parents feel as they get older. I saw the arc of the story as mother/baby at the beginning, then the daughter having her own child and a distance growing, then the grandchild preoccupied and not engaging with the grandmother, who now lives in anonymity. We need to share our lives with our children so we can have a relationship once the role of mother is no longer needed - and value the stories and insights of grandparents - something should be returned.

  • Nilesh Vankawala

    I do believe in god but as I havenโ€™t seen how do I trust. My mom was the answer of my query. Living with us our first god is our mom.

  • Carla Golden

    So beautifully drawn and depicted.

  • Ira

    Beautiful. I cried at the very end of the film. Not seeing the film before, I conjectured that the bus was taking her to her childhood home. When she sat down on the bench and envisioned her mother helping her get the fruit from the tree, I lost it. This is one of the most beautiful and touching film I have ever seen. I hope you extend your creativity and produce more of these sensitive and touching films so they may reach out and touch other cultures and communicate the message of love for one another.

  • Skye

    The sweet unconditional love of a Mother's love. Thank you!

  • Marylou Sanchez

    Thank you for the short film and for reminding us about that Love that is unconditional and constant, The Mothers Love. So much appreciation for all the detailed to sound, hope you continue with your beautiful display of creativity. Thank You Very Much.

  • Elizabeth kramer


  • Zandiee

    This short film reminds me that I want to have the privilege of being able to feel that unconditional love only a mother can give. I won't leave this earth without knowing & feeling that in my heart.

  • catherine

    Passages of time, that repeat themselves....revisiting moments of life that once was...looking for a feeling that was once shared...time truly is fleeting...Bless all your moments as if they are your last.....

  • Chandrasekhar Ganapathisubramanian

    I am Indian, after seeing this video, I am so reminded of my mother. My mother was 18 when she was married, she had me when she was 19. Since 19, I am her world. She wakes up every morning, makes food and spends rest of her day completing the daily chores for the entire family. Never in her life she lived her dreams. She sacrificed everything for her husband and kid. We men never realize how hard is their life. I take this opportunity to thank my mom! mother is god ! she lived everyone's dream. I love you my mom

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