"It was natural to help." "Next time it might be my family." When over 300,000 refugees passed through the island of Lesvos, Greece, in 2015, the people there fished them out of the water, opened their homes and businesses, fed them, washed and ironed their clothes, and held their babies. This ode to the people of Lesvos celebrates the triumph of compassion and kindness over the tragic politics and dehumanization that has swept the Mediterranean regions. "To be rich is not what you have in your bank account, but what you have in your heart". May the light of inspiration that shines through this ode create ripples of positivity across the globe!


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  • trancending

    What inspires me is that this, too, is in our humanity...in all of us; even when buried, as in the hearts of those who forced these refugees to flee...still it is there. We are reminded of it again and again by those who live humbly and simply and have no desire or need for their decency to be celebrated by a Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Elizabeth Andrew

    the raw humanity. This also hurt my heart and brought me to tears. Thisis what being human is about. This is how news should be portrayed

  • BILL

    Truly the definition of altruism is reflected in this story - the notion that giving and doing good, purely because it is the right thing to do, not for any recognition or reward. A single candle flame has the power to show the darkness what could be.

  • Eleni

    In ancient Greek we had the institution of suppliant: someone who before a hearth or an altar sought asylum asking for protection. In hand he was holding an olive brunch wrapped with white sheep hair, as a symbol of his miserable position. He was considered a sacred person and no one could hurt him. If someone defied a suppliant that would initiate the wrath of the gods. This rage was called Agos. Whoever was charged with it, he also burdened his country and his descendants and was punished severely. The supplication is a typical issue in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, the tragedies of Euripides and Aeschylus. So, as we speak this same language for about 2500 consecutive years we have also retain these values which constitute our culture.

  • Christine Stephan

    This is both heartwarming and heart breaking.... Touched my heart and moved me to tears. This is truly what being human is all about.

  • donna

    seeing the true beauty of our humanity - after last week's US "election", I need every bit of inspiration I can find to stay in my light - I cried with the joy of knowing there are people like this still in the world and I've cried at the horror of what the people in this country have just done - bless the lightworkers all over the world who still live in their humanity -

  • Brad

    Beautiful video and story. The line that really touched my heart is the one about standing the kids in line to thank and hug the man who saved them.

  • Lisa

    What beautiful hearts!!! It moved me to tears. God bless them!

  • Ruby

    What inspired me is to see these dear people of Lesvos opening their hearts and caring about others and doing and giving to those in dire need who showed up on their shores. I wondered if caring still existed. I wonder too, Does it exist in me? I pray that it does.

  • Jenny

    Just so lovely to see the depth of human compassion from these people who gave all they could so freely. An inspiration to us all.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Indeed to be rich is to share what is in your heart. Thank you for reminding many to love rather than fear. Hugs from my heart to yours

  • Jo Sanders

    Stunning clip, capturing the love and compassion all human beings have within. Let this deeply sad, dark story of how some are treated, keep us even stronger 'in the light' - helping another every single day... even a small deed, such as helping someone cross the road, heloiing carry their groceries, giving whatever money one can to someone in need... praying for all beings. We all suffer - some outwardly more than others, but we all suffer. Bless us all.

  • Carol J Snow

    The depth of human kindness in situations of catastrophe or tragedies is a wonderful thing. Somehow if we were able to bottle that kindness and utilize it daily in the lives of human beings, I think the world would not only be a much kinder, but safer place.

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