In a dark passage beneath an Interstate 580 overpass, a group of artists came together in the Fall of 2015 to realize the design of West Oakland Middle School students, who envisioned themselves as super heroes combating problems in their community. When Antonio Ramos, and artist dedicated to social justice, was killed while working on the project, the 4,000 square foot mural about peace and non-violence (the third in a series of six planned for Oakland by ArtEsteem) was dedicated to the young, self-taught artist. Take a look at the art and resilience of the artists and community who help carry the spirit of Ramos forward.


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  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Here's to the healing power of art in all its forms. So sorry for the loss of Antonio, so grateful for the courage of the artists to continue! Hugs from my heart to yours, Kristin

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    Bringing Sight and Light to a World of Blindness

  • Gina

    art, music and love brings communities together.....

  • mindyjourney

    What a beautiful message of Peace that lives on thru this creative expression! Blessings of continued comfort and strength to the family and friends of Antonio.

  • Bunny

    It's so inspiring for all of us .Spread peace through art could be a strong tool for dealing with violence and hatred in this world.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. The Spirit of Antonio lives on through each of us. The heart of the People, shining light into the world. Peace through Art.

  • Sheila Edwards

    the courage and bravery of these people inspires me and their art is awesome

  • Cindy Sabol

    This reminds me of how I have a choice in every moment that I am faced with darkness. I can act with love even when it is the most difficult.

  • Steve Zimmett

    Be the change watch KarmaTube. I tweeted this video to a bunch on my acquaintances.

  • Cindy

    Thankyou for telling Antonio's story and through him, the story of this project. May he live on through the passion of all these artists who loved him.

  • Julie Russell

    It's breathtaking. Love it!

  • linda thomas

    Antonio Ramos thank you bringing your vision into existent. So glad the artists and people are continuing the work. The human spirit finds away.

  • Marian Call

    What inspired me is seeing how his death has inspired others. They are not giving up even though someone very near and dear to them was killed. That takes courage and grit. The murals are beautiful. If ever I make it to Oakland I want to see them. Thank to all who are making the world more beautiful through art!

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  • Learn more about the Oakland Super Heroes Mural Project and Mural #3, the mural Antonio Ramos worked on before he was killed.
  • ArtEsteem is Attitudinal Healing Connection’s award-winning art and literacy program that develops creative, engaged and successful children and youth.
  • If you were a super hero, what superpowers would you have? Share the problems you would solve in the comment section below this video.

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