Down Syndrome occurs in one out of every 750 births in the United States; while those with Down Syndrome may be physically challenged, they often serve deep lessons for society. Take the case of Johnny the Bagger--an unforgettable story about a young man who changes the culture of a grocery store by being creative and giving the customers more than they expect.


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  • Carolyn Opp

    for critical thinking anyone? This was a news item a long time ago. I remember a friend sending it to me. It really happened. Sorry you are so pessimistic. and of course there are many different people in this world. A good block would not wait in line, but a sizeable block like me (most the time) would wait in line for Johnny's thought for the day. Obviously you and I are in different blocks of the people in the world. and thats okay. Why would we all want to think alike. then the world would be boring. co

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    A beautiful reminder that the seemingly small actions often make the biggest impact. Plus any one of us can be kind if we choose to. Thank you Johnny so much for your kindness and caring as you share uplifting thoughts of the day. Big hug from my heart to yours, Kristin

  • Bradley Stoll

    We can go through life leading with love or leading with suspicion. I choose to (try to) lead with love. There's no reason for me to question its validity. And yes, I am one person who will wait in line just to have someone wait on them. I often stand in line and a worker will come and encourage me to use the self-checkout, at which I respectfully decline. I hope to have Johnny bag my groceries one day:).

  • Marvin Johns

    Regarding the comments of "Critical Thinking Anyone" and "Dsanchez" - you have missed the whole point. Does it matter if it is "really true"? It teaches a 'principle' and talks about an attitude. Whether or not Johnnie really exists is immaterial. I would like to do something that is 'outward'. It may not be writing a little note like Johnnie ("and yes, I would wait in line to receive a "little slip of paper with a cute saying" on it, because I'm what YOU would call a "smuck"), but it makes me think as to what I could do to brighten up someones day. And those that are writing praises about this video do "have their eyes open". Maybe you should try it instead of tearing it down, smuck.

  • Critical thinking, anyone?

    Do people actually believe this obviously fabricated story? Think about it for two seconds. Can you name one person in your entire social circle that would stand in a long line at the grocery store to get a piece of paper? Does recieving a slip of paper with a cute saying on it drive someone to say "forget my grocery budget, I'll go to the store and buy stuff I don't need"? C'mon folks, this trainer is obviously using a mythical token disabled person to advance hercommercial interests. The amount of positive feedback this video is getting is disturbing. Yea it's a great story but reacting to everything with your feelings is exactly what lead to the Republican takeover of our government. Open your eyes.

  • Dsanchez

    @Brooks you said, "Our pastor told this story in church this morning and I immediately suspected it wasn't true. No identifying details. People going nuts over a slip of paper in their bags with a pithy little saying on it. The woman who patronizes the store every time she drives by, just to get the "thought of the day." Come on. Some people might enjohy it, but it wouldn't cause tons of people to start buying more groceries. That's like going to a particular Chinese restaurant just because they have great fortune cookies. The fact that the kid who came up with the idea was disabled. Also, I worked as a bag boy in high school, and at least where I worked, bag boys weren't assigned a particular checkout; you just went wherever you were needed. I respectfully disagree with those of you who claim it doesn't matter if it's true or not. The story is cited as an example of "what can really happen" when someone, even of limited ability, decides to make a difference. If it didn't really happen, then it's not a valid example of 'what can really happen.'" I thought the same thing. This is very likely one of those fabricated feel-good tales we tell ourselves to feel better or sell consulting services. While the "thought of the day" may have actually happened, I find it hard to believe that people would buy groceries they don't need or wait in line to receive a piece of paper. "Johnny's" gesture was thoughtful, but to say that this would "change the lives of his customers" is absurd. If anything, it would be create more of an impact if "Johnny" would create a Twitter account and share his thoughts - plus he wouldn't waste paper. Get real, people.

  • Chas Learned

    We are all moved by endeavors of the heart

  • Priscilla

    This is an incredible story! Its inspirational and heartfelt! I love that Johnny had the inspiration to do this for others. Having a child with disabilities myself, I love that he provided love to others and that they were just as loving in their kindness to him.

  • Leia

    Johnny loved, he cared, he wanted to make a difference. He asked his father to help him. He can up with these thoughts for the day and look how many people in the neighborhood responded. They would stand for a long time in lines to r receive Johnny's thought for the day. When we truly love and care that much about the happiness of all who love and care, then we can make this kind of difference. Thank you, dear Johnny.

  • Gowtham

    A pure innovation from heart!

  • kimtodd

    He obviously did not feel like he could make a difference but with the right people in his life, he was encouraged to find a way to brighten everyone's day!

  • Irma

    this history made me cry, it is nice to met people with pure feelings in this time

  • Crystal

    I loved this story! Johnny is truly a blessing. He definitely is an inspiration.

  • Gwen

    Love this story, I deal with a great many elderly customers. Some have lost loved ones and just want someone to listen and care. I have one gentleman that I hold hands with while he is at the window, he may stand there for 10 min. just telling me about his wife. when he leaves he kissed my hand and thanks me for just being there for him.

  • Jeannie

    Wow, What a great story!!!! Kudos to Johnny! This story just goes to show that if you put people on a more personal level such as Johnny did it can truly make a difference. Johnny made people feel special. I like to think that I am a very personable person, I talk to everyone like I have known them for years. I always frequent the stores where people are more personal and treat you like they know you. Thanks for a truely great story.

  • Cindy

    It's goes to show you a small act of kindness goes a long way!

  • Rodney

    I saw this at a bible study last night and it help me understand that what ever we do we need to do for the glory of God, not for the praise of men but its what God want us to do. And we can make a difference in others life.

  • Rick

    What inspired you about this video? Very nice story

  • Ralph

    It touched my heart. It proves it doesn't take much to change a culture.

  • Mary

    With a grandson with DS I know that the love they bring to this world. If only all of us possessed this love.

  • Hardik

    Thanks Johnny.... you are super hero for a common man....

  • Tom

    Super inspirational!!! I find all kinds of love and ideas of thoughtfulness and selflessness to spread from the inspiration of this video. I loved it and the parents are terrific as well.

  • rach

    The thoughtfulness of Johnny taking the time to actually think of something so outside the box to do for customers.

  • bilkis

    wonderful story, what a man can achieve, and manage, where there is a will and faith in one self u can manage anything

  • jacob

    Great story, but I would find it intolerable if the store is raking in all this extra because of this one person. I would love to see them give johnny an exceeded pay upgrade where his folks finally get payment for raising a child correctly. Anyone who has a loved one with any sort of syndrome or established condition would agree that its not easy mentally, physically, or monetarily. Sorry to be cynical, but I really hope that the chain recognized johnny in more ways than just saying good job.

  • Michelle

    It's not just about better business more sales - its about human connection, making someone else's day in the smallest of ways, which in turn can have the biggest effects... how often do we come across these gems, special moments and truths, and yet what have each of us done lately to create one for someone else? Beautiful story, thank you to Johnny for inspiring each of us.

  • Elizabeth Fischer

    To learn the name of the young woman who often bags my groceries (she also has DS) and always greets customers with a sunny smile! She and Johnny are both inspirations to me.

  • Mikaela de France

    Making the world a better place, one grocery store at a time. Beautiful person, on the inside, and out.

  • Ann

    See it only takes 1 person to do something nice that eventually spread. Sometimes doing a little act like that makes someone else's day.

  • suley

    Smiths has to msny Johnnys is beatifull

  • Confidence

    "I am very proud of Johnny for thinking about the simplest way to improve and put smiles on people's faces by coming up with a quote for the day and putting it in others shopping bags. This is a real example of unconditional love. Thanks Johnny for this wonderful idea you had and shared with your community."

  • bilkis.yusuf

    wonderful what johnny did, it came from the heart, i loved the story, very inspiring

  • Deso Lady

    Wow...touched my heart just like Johnny did for his customers. Truly inspiring and has me wondering how can I make a difference?

  • Shiva

    Really cool one.

  • susan

    I watch it many times, it was inspiring.I am master science student and my thesis is about Down Syndrome.Thank you

  • Neha

    Beautiful and Inspiring! From the heart and touching hearts!

  • Zilmara

    Just beautiful!

  • Eva Morales

    I have told everyone and shared Johnny's story. It mede me believe everyone has something very special to give to the world. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story

  • FactOrFiction

    I question if this story is true. This story only exists as part of a woman's training videos. Check out this website. It seems to raise some good questions. I hate to even think it isn't true because it would mean she's exploiting down syndrome to make a buck.

  • Michelle

    Hi. In the future I'm going to keep here links to their sites. But I do not worry about the sites where my link is removed. So if you do not want to see a mountain of links, simply delete this message. After 2 weeks, I will come back and check.

  • Jim

    Truly inspiring.

  • dvdchris

    People really need to crank up their critical thinking abilities. This would have been on a local newscast or newspaper column and there would be a record that could be found. Everything about this has the earmarks of urban legend. People are not going to eschew every other checkout line with their frozen groceries in tow to get in Johnny's long ass line no matter how cool the little paper cutouts are. At best this is a heavily modified version of some element of the story that may have happened.

  • Coby

    We need more Johnny's in this world. Thanks for your inspiration Johnny!!

  • Brooks

    Our pastor told this story in church this morning and I immediately suspected it wasn't true. No identifying details. People going nuts over a slip of paper in their bags with a pithy little saying on it. The woman who patronizes the store every time she drives by, just to get the "thought of the day." Come on. Some people might enjohy it, but it wouldn't cause tons of people to start buying more groceries. That's like going to a particular Chinese restaurant just because they have great fortune cookies. The fact that the kid who came up with the idea was disabled. Also, I worked as a bag boy in high school, and at least where I worked, bag boys weren't assigned a particular checkout; you just went wherever you were needed. I respectfully disagree with those of you who claim it doesn't matter if it's true or not. The story is cited as an example of "what can really happen" when someone, even of limited ability, decides to make a difference. If it didn't really happen, then it's not a valid example of "what can really happen."

  • Randy Conner

    Boy, what a story!!! My daughter is thirteen and has Down Syndrome. She has a fifteen year old "sissy" that she absolutely adores. Brenna brings a joy in everyone she meets. Now, she can be a toot sometimes, but for the most part she is very loving and considerate. Thank you for this video and story. It was GREAT!!!

  • Affinity

    Ken Blanchard is involved in the production of the video. Ken is an honorable, gentle and very kind person, and also highly ethical. I don't believe that this story is a fake. As for the price of the video...well, it's a training video with limited circulation (compared to Hollywood videos), and the pricing is in line with what other training videos cost. So I don't think it's over-priced. By all accounts, Barbara Glanz DID have this experience. Of course, the story is told in a way that makes us pay attention, and some creative license is taken by Barbara and Ken and the production team. Otherwise we probably would not pay much attention to it. If you get beyond the 'steretyping' and the 'marketing', and open your mind and heart, you will capture the essence of the story - and hopefully apply it in your life. That can't be bad!

  • April

    After hearing this story, it touched my heart. What a joy it must have been to work at this store. Johnny wasn't "just a bagger" he was making a difference in people's lives.

  • paula

    we all want to be treated the way that Johnny treats his customers. We need to learn from that. "I will be like Johnny"

  • Jeremy

    Beautiful story. True or not it should inspire anyone to seek something in themselves deeper than whats on the surface. I know that it has inspired me.

  • Jessica

    There are those of us who are considered "normal" but lack inspiration to help others but there are those who INSPIRE in all they do by simply being their own unique person. Thanks you for this story it has inspired m e.

  • jadakaykay

    I also believe it's a fake. My company just announced they're using the story as a customer service rally for our company. Yet you never see Johnny, not even a picture. We don't see how this worked for Johnny, but only how it worked for the big business. How much do you all think it's costing the family in ink and paper to print out the sayings? Is he getting any royalties from the story being told about him? The fact is, this is all a lie.

  • julie

    EVERYONE needs to see this video and follow Johnny's example: THINK OF SOMETHING TO SAY TO OTHERS EACH DAY THAT WILL MAKE THEM FEEL SPECIAL. Our world would be a much better place if we did!

  • could be better

    I enjoyed the message and the feelings and thoughts it provokes. I would like to see the language they used better reflect that Johnny is first a person, who happens to have a disabling condition called "Downs Syndrome". . . he is NOT a syndrome.

  • optimist

    What we look for is what we see . . . as a man thinketh. . . What have you done today to make the world a better place in which to live?

  • Cindi

    What an inspiring message. Thanks for making my day with Johnny's story!

  • Grevicci

    I saw this video just the other day at work (in a hospital) where we have to go through training as it relates to our patients/customers. I would have liked it if the story was narrated by the store manager rather than having to read the story myself. It would have been more touching but as it is, it did bring alump in my throat.

  • Get Real II

    This suburban myth makes me want to heave--a new turn on the noble savage, the happy slave, the homeless man in the Christmas episode of the hit sitcom--Johnny is a device used to make the audience, too busy and/or lazy to know real people with Down Syndrome, feel better about themselves. The author of this story is insulting people who have Down Syndrome and thier families by perpetuating stereotypes about Down Syndrome. If people are motivated by this story, can't see it for the fake that it is, then the world is a lot more pathetic than anyone ever could ever imagine.

  • henry

    i think you must be reading the wrong message CHUCK, and you must learn humility, arkwrights little bit was quite good and supported , johnny the bagger, and his views are quite refreshing and right, with what is going wrong with the world today, greed, and i am alright jack. be at peace with you self chuck,

  • Chuck

    Leave a beautiful story about life to be scrutinized by some cynic who needs concrete evidence to beleive that someone in this world can do something nice and make a difference. Souls like Ankwright probably think the David and Goliath story to be fiction because no one can authenticate the original story. There are no more Philistines around. Arkwright, take it for face value and put your jealously in your back pocket and acccept it for face value and while you're at it, learn HUMILITY. You might just like what you see in the mirror. Thanks for the story because it is a gift that all should be able to see. There is a Johnny----in every town in this great USA.

  • Jack Stormo

    Is any part of this true? In what city at what business? Is their a contact point for verification?

  • Katie

    Does anyone know who produced the background music?????

  • Tony

    It doesnt matter if all the stories we hear and we watch are fabricated, the most important thing after all is, did we get inspiration out of this fabrication. Did it touch us badly and wanted to change for the better...because in the end of the line, LIFE is a story to tell.

  • arkwright

    in this fast and ever changing world, with greed, and i am alright, it doesnt matter what stories are fabricated or are true, life is short, and what goes around comes around, if only, all the people of the world, would only think about other people ,instead of just them selves, WHAT A LOVELY WORLD WE WOULD HAVE, enjoy life to the full and , a if you come across a johhny or any body else treat them with respect and always say THANK YOU it makes a better world

  • Get Real

    Yes, it is very inspiring and I wish it were really true but it is not. I think that Barbara Glanz has fabricated the story to sell her training videos (which go for $1000!) Barbara claims that the family does not want their identities revealed. So Johnny's family doesn't want to get the attention yet he's caused a whirlwind of reaction in the store he works at. His checkout line wraps around the frozen food isle while all other lines are empty, and his family doesn't want any attention. Yet Johnny calls Barbara up to tell her all about it. Yes, this all fits with a family that doesn't want to draw any attention. If this were a true story and he really did cause such a change in the store, someone, somewhere in that town would have mentioned it independently or connected Barbara's story with their grocery store. Someone in the town would have said, "Hey, that's about us". It probably would have been on the local news. Aside from Barbara's word, this story is non existence. Johnny's family has done such a great job of keeping their identity a secret that nobody else has ever independently mentioned the miraculous story of how a grocery store bagger with Down syndrome transformed an entire store. It sure is lucky that Barbara has the exclusive on this story. You wouldn't want the family telling their story on their own. That would really put a dent in her over priced video training series gravy train.

  • Bridget

    I absolutly love this video. It's so inspiring in so many ways. Especially to me. It's hard to describe the feeling I get every time I watch this video. I wish I could have met this kid. He's incredible.

  • Nivi

    I was so touched by johny that teats started flowing through my eyes.I need to share this video with many people

  • Rise' Hatton

    I work with high school students who have exceptional needs. Our program teaches them work skills in order for them to get a job and have the manners to keep it. Johnny's story just makes it all worth while, plus it inspires me to look at what I can do to make my coworkers day!

  • Tari Lynn Dul

    Finding trouble typing with tears running down my face. My nephew has DS - and I am confident that he will share the same compassion and 'heart' that Johnny obviously has. God bless these very special people...

  • yeshe

    The tears are just now drying on my face from being so touched by the love and generosity of this young man. I will be sharing this story video with many many people. Love is contagious, generosity multiplies. Never forget - all things are possible. Thank you Johnny and thank you KarmaTube



  • marama

    Thank You Johnny for this incredible lesson... Thank You!

  • billie

    God gives each person a gift. Johnny was a gift to his family and everyone he touched. Thanks so much

  • joan clancy

    I could not open Johnny The Bagger. All others opened just fine! Wonder why? Joan

  • Veda

    Thank you and Johnny for this moving story.

  • Jardine Jones

    I read the story & watched the film, I think Jonny is a very lovely special man. May god be with him. God bless you & keep up all your hard work.

  • Umesh

    It has added a new dimension to my outlook towards life. May God Bless Johnny and you

  • Julia Ha

    This is such a wonderful and inspiring story and video - it moved me down to the core - you know the chill you get when you are so touched, the feeling you get right before you tear?

  • Beth Ann

    I had read this story before and having a brother in law with Down Syndrome it struck a chord in me. Also reminded me of how one small act of kindness can change the face of the world if we all do them. Great video and great message.

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