Nick Vujicic, born with no limbs, faces obstacles every day of his life. His story is a lesson for all of us who have been told success is not possible.


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  • krys

    Sooo many of us are convinced we can't be this or do that or won't get here or there because of (fill in the blank). Nick AMAZED me with his optimism and his positive outlook. If anyone has a reason to be down, depressed or bitter it's him but he chose the better, higher path. He ROCKS!!

  • Julia

    He is so gutsy and rejoices in the life he has. Truly inspirational.

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  • Learn more about Nick and his journey
  • Spread the word of this story and join in prayer
  • Reflect on 'getting back up' in your life - failure is not the end, it is the beginning!

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