Have you had a teacher who has profoundly affected your life? Based on a true story, this commercial, by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, beautifully depicts one such case: the story of Edwin and Mrs. Chong.


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  • Margo

    When I was a small schoolgirl in Grade Three, a beautiful teacher would bounce into our classroom once a week. She was young, vivacious, blonde and full of rhythm and song - a Music Specialist. Miss Zavitz brought joy and light into my life. I adored her - she lit up my week and I never forgot her. I was fortunate to have parents who gave me music lessons and I studied piano for 10 years, then married young, had children and didn't touch the instrument for decades. But I never forgot this woman and I never forgot music. In 1999, after years in sales management, I took a chance and started my own business performing music and singing. It was hard work but I eventually had great success and to this day, at age 80, I continue to be hired as a musician and am grateful every day of my life for the presence of Miss Zavitz and my two wonderful music teachers.

  • Deepak

    Awesome . Thank you so much . A universal truth . A teacher is the second parent in our lives who moulds and has a profound influence in our lives .

  • Beth

    I work in a school as a child specific aide, and have worked in both the elementary and high school. The teachers are absolutely wonderful! They put in so much effort to make learning fun. My son, who is in the high school made that comment to me earlier this year about his English teacher. He said she makes the stories they read interesting & creates projects that require creativity, and grades things letting them each be creative in their own way. I think kids need that, not the hum drum, lets just get through the year, but someone who puts an effort into their learning. There have been children who have lost their homes due to fire, or foster kids brought in who need clothing & other items, our teachers and staff have stepped up to the plate and took up donations & donated gift cards & clothing. If there is a kid who cannot afford a field trip, they hold special days to donate to the cause. I couldn't ask to work with a better group of people. THEY ROCK!

  • Tyesha Johnson

    Well, its is true. Educators can mame a huge difference on a students life. It happened too me, I needed care and attention and surpisingly I recieved that. Because of a couple teachers im alive still. Because of them I push myself to be better. I wanna be able to give that back in return too others. Maybe ill become a teacher. (Still debating) Wonderful Video.

  • Patricia I. Charles

    As a former teacher and school principal myself, I know this is what we do. We see the bigger picture so we can be patient, compassionate, kind, helpful even when it' may be difficult to be. Mrs. Chong saw her student down the road and never gave up on him. Kudos to all the Mrs. Chongs in our profession.

  • rspatil

    love that teacher has for the students

  • Always Oscoda

    I loved it. I am going to send it to my son's teachers. His teachers have be great. Thank you for your video.

  • padma

    wow! such a caring teacher. Reminds me of an angel (that we read in book); here she is in action. Edwin is fortunate to have Mrs.Chong as his teacher. The last scene where the teacher shows when Edwin kept on ignoring teacher's messages. She never gave up even when the student didn't seem to care on the surface; but she knew him.

  • Humbled

    What inspired me was the fact that she even care.She wasn't their for a pay check.She cares about the children.I know what it feels like ALL to well.My mentor works in my school.She is the best in the whole world.God is amazing for putting her in my life.Ill never forget it for as long as I live.She cares,and that's what makes me cry.Everything shes did for me,Helps me to humble myself to become a successful person in life.NO ONE understands how grateful I am.I understand she's not perfect,and thats what makes it totally awesome.Almost every day I tell god how grateful I am for putting her in my life.She's a blessing in SO many kids lives,she makes me want to mentor and help children impact nations.God bless her,and her heart.

  • zizi

    it was touching! it reminds me of humanity , looking around ourselves, and seeing unseen things which can just be felt!

  • RosieGlo

    My 8th grade teacher, Sister Mary Pauline at Holy Rosary School, Bronx, NY, was an inspiration. It was not so much about how or what she taught but the way in which she conducted herself. She was truly grace in action. She smiled sweetly almost all the time and simply made a sweet sad face if we disappointed her. She controlled a class of 65 8th graders with her charm. She showed me that you don't have to be tough to control situations but that gentleness is just as powerful, if not more so. Thank you to Sr. Pauline. You made a real difference in my life. In light and love, Rosie

  • Cosmic Gunslinger

    This is EXACTLY why I will never be a fan of online learning! Students will miss out on so much. We can never have enough adults to really care about us when we are young. Learning is so much more than academics getting stuffed into a brain. We can learn about perserverance, kindness, and just plain old caring for ourselves, each other, and the world around us from a special mentor.

  • tannaz

    It was an awesome video. thanks to you and all who left comments here, they were beautiful. actually, it reminded me of my English teacher. I didn't know that I'm good at teaching and English. my major was not English. but after she bolstered my courage in being a great teacher, i improved and still working on my English because I wanna be an incredible English teacher. my native language is Persian. cross your fingers for me. thanks a lot have a great day.

  • Abraham Morris

    This teacher showed interest in her learners. This is how we as teachers can make a difference in their lives.

  • ghadon

    teachers are always my first leaders!! <3 them

  • Donna

    This teacher is truly what makes a teacher great - not the endless lessons and marking, but the sharing of her heart with this young man, wanting him to succeed. Those are the teachers I remember.

  • Lisa

    What inspired me about this video is that Mrs. Chong went beyond teaching in the classroom and nutured that young man- shared a meal and didn't give up reaching out to him. A lot of her teaching happened outside the classroom and that changedhis life for the better.

  • Vernon Juelch

    This video reminded me of my school days, my first grade teacher was a very caring teacher, she cared for every child in her class, she is probley dead by now, but I still remember her as through it was yesterday, Her name was Mrs. CADEY, Iwill always love her. I am now at the age of 73 yrs old.

  • panneer

    What inspired you about this video? it is good

  • scott

    What if? What if there weren't teachers or caring adults to care about the youth today? So often teachers do not see, nor hear about the affect they have had on their students - "their kids." In the end, it is not only the curriculum that is remembered, but rather the caring, the belief and the challenges to students to go that extra kilometer/mile that helps students make it through their challenging teenage years.

  • prince

    it remembered my school days.

  • drajaganmohanreddy

    it made me realize the great magic we as teachers can do to our wards thanq Ms chong

  • Debalina Roy

    This video reminded of the days with underprivilegded children in an organization wherein I had immersed myself in the role of a gentle care giver and facilitator.I had fallen in love with the small children at the first instance and faced the challenges thrown at me with a brave heart.I had really desired to take up the teaching profession but it seems that God has other plans for me.Nevertheless, experience has taught me to value the essential qualities of a good teacher.I am inspired to be a loving, caring and compassionate adult in children's lives.

  • Bill

    Nicely done! We can all teach something to someone. Never underestimated the good work you do, it may plant a seed for wonderful growth in the future!

  • Ram

    Thank you!

  • Prakash

    Thanks for this video clip. The act of the teacher was worshipful

  • Lalit

    What inspired you about this video? It was indeed the wonderful repot build at either end creating confidence. BUT WHERE ARE THOUSE DEVINE TEACHER5S. Lalit / Baroda / INDIA

  • Sethi

    Thank you , great impact .

  • Potre

    Teachers are second parents. As such, their role goes beyond teaching, they must be engaging. How many teachers can be "caring?" I had a teacher way back in mt early education who made Math abhorrent to me. However, on my fifth grade, I had a teacher who made Math interesting and meaningful. Later, in college, I majored in Math. Teachers as moulders of the mind are truly the change agents in one's tender age. Congratulations, Mrs. Chong!

  • Jaymie Waymie

    The joy produced through the giving and receiving of love and beauty between the teacher with a parental heart and her student - God comes to dwell where there is love, and that is why this video is so attractive :)

  • marianna

    Her belief in him and her persistence in letting him know she SAW HIM. That was impressive.

  • SS

    Someone cared. Someone.

  • Jagdishbhai Dave

    A caring and compassionate heart makes a big difference. Giving is indeed receiving-the gratitude of receiving and the joy of giving makes the full circle of wonderful energy. Blessed are such givers and receivers.



  • Raj Mehta

    The sensitivity of the teacher as well as of her student; the way she reached out to him and made him realise he could do something with his life; the way her kindness and trust in him haunted him; making him reform...Stunning.

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