Using only narration and text, this inspiring short uses a clever trick to make its point about being alive in this generation. While the original concept of this video came from an Argentinean commercial, Lost Generation won a prize at the AARP U@50 contest and has since attracted millions of viewers online. It is certainly a creative way to deliver an important point!


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  • Todd

    this was fantastic

  • Hope

    "Reversing the thought process, changing our attitude to remain positive, TAKING ACTION NOW is POSSIBLE!! It IS NECESSARY & we can MAKE THIS HAPPEN BY realizing it is the truth!!!

  • blkisyusuf hussain

    so true and thought provoking, hope we can still do something to change ourselves

  • Arlan Berglas


  • Upasna


  • Jim Baker

    It amazes me what people with talent in the arts can do. To me this is a unique effort. So well done.

  • Katie

    At first, this video made me really angry. It's a good thing that it turned around. This generation is absolutely not apathetic, in fact, people from my generation have been volunteering both at home and abroad in record numbers...

  • S Raza

    who on earth has time to read that shit?

  • Angel

    The reality that the current generation mainly depressed Youths must realize and can be motivated.

  • karthik

    Wow! very awesome

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