Movements are started with the passion of the few, and the spread can be swift. Take Teresa Van Hatten-Granath, the 'green bag lady,' for example. Her passion for being environmentally-friendly has inspired her to setup a wonderful initiative that she funds herself. Watch her beautiful story and perhaps join in!


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  • Teresa Van Hatten-Granath

    Thank you for including Green Bag Lady on your site! We have given away over 6300 bags now. If you haven't already, switch to FABRIC! Green Bag Lady Teresa

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  • Read more about Teresa Van Hatten-Granath and her Green Bag project here.

  • Nothing comes for free. Read about the 'real' cost of the 'free' plastic bags here and here.

  • From today, for just one week, try to live a plastic bag free week! Then extend the experience to make a conscious effort to reduce your contribution of plastics to the landfill.

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