We've all heard about someone figuratively carrying an individual or a team on their shoulders. However, Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton introduce a completely new dimension. Watch how these two best friends carry each other through life and discover that the human spirit can triumph over the most difficult obstacles. These two best friends have inspired more than each other. They are also an inspiration to a community in which many individuals have to overcome tough odds to advance in life.


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  • Cool

    Self-confidence, hard work, focus, determination, emotion maturity and tolerance for pain

  • Skye Burghezi

    it inspired me because he had no legs and an opponent he battled carried him for the rest of the wrestling year and he was there when he got his diploma

  • Alex

    What inspired you about this video?What inspired me about this video was the connection shown between Dartanyon and Leroy. I have heard stories about someone looking out for another but I was surprised that Dartanyon actually was willing to carry Leroy on his back so often, even though he's severely nearsighted. This is a perfect example of being "your brother's keeper", because Dartanyon and Leroy look out for each other in every situation, as shown in the video. They talk to each other a lot and Dartanyon even walked along side Leroy at their graduation. With all that's shown in the video in mind, it's easy to imagine that their lives would be a lot harder without each other. They might not have anyone else to talk to and no one would put them in front of themselves. I think putting someone else in front of yourself is what it means to be your brother's keeper. The dedication of Dartanyon and Leroy to be each other's keeper is what inspired me about the video.

  • TOD/HH

    Wish this video had closed captions so it could be accessible to my deaf and hard of hearing students. Is there a way to have it captioned?

  • Tarush

    Being teamies

  • Noah Yi

    What inspired me about this video is that Dartanyon, who is disabled, never complained about carrying his friend, Leroy,. He just did it. While people, without any disabilities, complain to our friends that they don't want to help them. i.e. carry their bags, or give them a ride, etc.

  • Rika

    We had to watch this for an English essay, where the topic was "AM I my brothers keeper" I love this video!

  • Rob

    How one can become stronger, by carrying others.

  • Taryn

    So inspiring...I love this video

  • Rick Fingerman

    What an awesome and inspiring story. These two young men will no doubt go very far in life.

  • Don Fraser

    A very compelling 'story' of how adversity can be overcome with courage and the commitment not to give up. I suspect there was also some very important 'mentoring' that went with this powerful story.

  • Dominique Sutton

    It's my cousin and i love him

  • Barbara

    hi i am a student at absegami high schoool i loved this video.. i loved it so much that i would love for you both to come in my school and speak as motivational spreakers for the students. i think that will be a very good idea and it will show some of the students in my school thay no matter what is goin gon, you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. i would realy love it if you can consider it. and it would be great to actually meet you both in person.

  • marlise

    There is so much energy that you can feel coming from your commitment... or is it your heart. Both of you seem to have found the way to reach your highest potential.. through all that you give.. to each other.. and all who know you. Thank you sooo much. xxx, m

  • Brian

    A True Friend

  • bob

    You two men are leaders. You lead by your example of fearlessness based on love and friendship. You will change the lives of everybody who watches this. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Hisam

    Thanks for give us these type of wonderful stories. These are amazing, and inspired a lot.Which realizes that you can do everything at any cost in all situations...

  • Dee Di Gioia

    So very beautiful! Two souls who exemplify determination and courage and unconditinal love. True friendship and compassion. Lessons for all of us. Wonderful things are ahead for these 2 wonderful young men! I can't wait to share this story at my first Family Festival on sharing kindness an no-bullying.www.starfishdee.com

  • Lisa G.

    The strength, determination and faith of these young men is so inspiring. I'm sure they will go far to have a fulfilling life.

  • Karen

    A very inspiring and emotional story of true friendhip.Thanks for sharing!

  • Cay Denise

    This is an inspirational video and testament to true friendship!

  • Dhara

    Very inspiring story. Makes me realize that anything is possible with a positive attitude and to make the best out of every situation. Thank you for sharing this story with us and thank you to both the young men for being such a great example for us all.

  • Alannah

    Wow! Simply amazing! What inspiration.

  • Vicki

    Wow!! What an awesome story and a testament to sheer will faith and love for brother. i was deeply touched by this journey of unrelenting determination to survive,thrive,win and overcome. I have no doubt the future holds unlimited dreams for both these phenomenal young men! God bless!

  • Abdul

    video is not loading

  • TS

    What an incredible journey together, thanks for sharing Dartanyon and Leroy's super inspiring story!

  • Laura McGraw

    What a great story. I'm from Akron and remember the news coverage about the boy who was dragged under the train. This story was wonderful to hear. These boys have endured so much. Thank you for sharing.

  • jackie134

    What can you say! Just wonderful. I wish these young men every success in the future. you are role models to young and older people. Thank you for sharing your spirit and determination with the others. Good Luck from London UK Jackie

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  • Coach a Little League baseball team of 5 - 18 year old individuals who have mental and physical limitations.
  • Read, watch, and learn more about Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett.
  • In the spirit of "Carry On," and in memory of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, donate some much needed funds to your local Special Olympics Chapter 

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