There are no weekend box office charts for online videos. But if there were, at the top of nearly every list right now might well be a four-and-a-half-minute video called "Dancing." In just a month since its online release, it has been viewed by more than ten million people. After 14 months of traveling in 42 countries, it's the story of a guy named Matt doing the gratitude dance with a cast of thousands around the globe ... from the streets of Mumbai to a rock formation in Ireland to a tulip field in Netherlands!


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  • Varda

    Around the world in 4:30min

  • MJCM

    The visual display of beauty, smiles, laughter, and joy - one family, one world. Thank you Matt...

  • Pradeep

    Dancing is natural phenomenon of every of dancing like no one is watching can wonders in one's life.birds,animaldance not because some one is watching.They dance as if nobody is watching and that creates beauty of action done whatever way done

  • sandi

    Matt, you are a gift giver of proportions beyond . . . love, joy, freedom, . . . Thank you!!!!

  • Chuck Vail, Jr

    It was my own laughter. I rarely laugh out loud - not because I don't think something is funny, it's just that spontaneous laughter is a gift I didn't get.

  • Tom

    Wonderful! SO uplifting! Thank you Matt.

  • betsy

    JOY !!! Fun!

  • melchor heredia

    iit is good

  • Robbyne LaPlant

    A world united through laughter and dance. The dream we all hold on to. Thx Matt for giving the world inspiration and making my heart smile.

  • Tarra Linder

    We are One beautiful family Dancing together 😃‼️🥰👏👏😆👩‍❤️‍👩🌏💑🤩 Yahhhhh, made my day🎶😘😘😘

  • Verna

    Wow! So made me get up and dance! Thx Matt + company!

  • Sandur Subramanyam

    Be yourself and be Happy. Because, it is infectious. Not a single person in the entire video saw normal or sad face. Everyone are JUST LAUGHING. I got motivated and will start this concept in my area. Thanks Matt !!!!!

  • Patricia Brock

    I never stopped smiling

  • rehana

    the happy faces.;-)

  • Cheryl


  • Tim

    This is one of those 'Can't help but smile' videos that I love watching on KarmaTube. Matt is absolutely GREAT!!!!

  • Lily

    I love to see everybody so happy and dancing. I can hardly see the screen through my tears of happiness. I want to dance too!

  • Mae

    Matt is facilitating the creation of COMMUNITY, something we so desperately need at this time.

  • Maria McLeod

    So delightful to watch, thankyou. Get up and dance Wow

  • Jacqueline

    I have tears , yes fat juicy wet tears as I'm moved emotionally seeing collectives of people dancing and being playful for no other reason than they can. I loved the music too.

  • Lila

    In the hectic of everyday life we sometimes forget just to be happy, Thank you for the joy!

  • subbarao venkata voleti

    It is simply MARVELLOUS ~

  • Nancy hager

    sharing joy, just wonderful, beautifully beyond words, Nancy

  • cassandra

    So infectious, even the dog danced!

  • Bob

    That someone had the balls to do something like this , so simple and seemingly dumb, but its simplicity and its doing make it real and I am grateful for that!

  • Marion

    Dancing is like singing. Everybody loves to dance :-) Notice anything about this video.... Everyone is smiling !!

  • Nancy

    Matt's ability to smile and keep on dancing. Then all the people who jumped in and danced all around the world. It made me feel good, teary good!

  • Jill

    At the heart of humanity is a child, filled with joy....and the gift is that we all have the freedom to express that joy, unrestrained by expectation. What a wonderful video.

  • Anne

    Let's stop making wars and just get everybody dancing! Let's stop pretending we're important or powerful or "right" and just be goofy!

  • sherrie

    amazing to see people all over the world having fun

  • Tanmayi

    Matt you are beautiful! thank you for making me smile, laugh and cry .....we are all beautiful. thank you for showing me that too, come dance in Devon in the UK x

  • Debbie

    Thank you Matt for the tears and smiles! The message I got from the video, despite my comments, was a message of hope! ...for the world! Bless you!

  • maya

    Best pop culture performer of our generation. Dance it Michael. Teach the angels.

  • maryanika

    The title is wrong because we are watching and they are dancing.. thank you for dancing.. maria

  • Elisabeth Barry

    Create Happiness and Celebrate Life wherever you are!!!

  • Sha

    Hi Jack, Matt talks about how he finances his trips on his FAQ page: check out his answer to "How do you afford all this travel?" the frequent flyer miles question...might need to reach out to Matt to see what he says! although he has traveled to 80 countries thus far...

  • Jack Reich

    Such enthusiasm! What a great ambassador for the USA! I am curious how Matt finances his journies and how many frequesnt flyer miles he has.

  • Charles

    What enthusiasm!

  • Amos

    I love worshiping God always I breath

  • Bev

    It's a party and we are all invited.

  • Clo

    WALK W/THUNDER, RUN W/LIGHTENING--BUT DANCE LIKE NO 1 IS WATCHING...Nothing is worth doing unless your heart is in it...The Journey is just as important as the Destination!!! LOVE THIS VIDEO...Thanks Matt!

  • irini

    you forgot greece!!!!!!

  • veroniek

    so lovely this video makes me so happy thanks `matt you are a world changer...

  • bob banner

    dance like everyone is watching.. it aint a private affair anymore!!!!

  • Sharon

    People of the world dancing, a universal language of joy, inspiration and being a human being. What if we could all just be human beings at work, in our families and at play?

  • Barbe

    Came across it on Not often you see a video that is cheerful or covers such a broad scope of people. Deserves an award. And was glad to see ended so close to my hometown of Seattle.

  • PVV

    You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.”

  • Pam

    Matt, I love this video--the sheer joy of it is uplifting. Please send it to the people of Afghanistan in honor of those who were beheaded for dancing!

  • DeeB

    Hey Matt!! Who cares if your dancing is a little goofy...It brought a giant smile and tears to my eyes. The joy, movement and solidarity of the faces of the world is what the true human spirit is all about! Keep dancing and bring the message to all! We are one.

  • EBK

    That was fantastic!

  • JC

    His ingenuity, perseverance, and the message eminating through his dance and what was written in the bio makes my teeth and bones smile. He found a way to make things happen and wasn't afraid to be turned down. He has found another way to achieve his dream and find happiness for millions.

  • Lulu

    This made me smile with my entire being. Every cell in my body was feeling it. I don't think that's ever happened before. I love you, Matt for sharing this with us. Thank you.

  • Bron

    Loved the joy, laughter and happiness that this video showed. Great music.

  • CJS

    Great video...shows that something as simple as dancing can connect people from around the globe :)

  • Dorothy

    Music, the Universal Joy touches us all, and connects our hearts.

  • Micky

    Ordinary people just like me helped make Matt's journey memorable. Feels good.


    loved this video, happiest one i have seen, Thank you Matt

  • HMY

    It made me cry- all that joy and inter- connection- no words...xox Heather

  • Tony

    Thanks Matt, this is how I start my day. It gets me going. I'm 71 yrs old love it.

  • Larae

    this gave me chills, i lived and loved in Northern Ireland for 10 years and you made my day!!! THANK YOU

  • Elaine

    The scenery was remarkable...the dancing was exhilirating !!!

  • Cynthia Crisp

    I love the music. I did not want it to end. I loved the exuberance of all dancing. I wanted longer shots of each location. It left me ecstatic.

  • Kevin Wild


  • jewel

    I have been coming back to this for an injection of joy! this is the best foreign policy or outreach for the world's people...and says a lot about the youth and how they will create the future!

  • mandy

    The beauty of sharing something so simple, made me cry. We are really all the same! Thanks for this wonderful lesson.

  • jewel

    movement is joy...sharing it is illumination of the heart the video made me cry, too! and I am not weird :D

  • rebekkah

    is it weird that this video made me cry??

  • maxine

    it is the "dance of life." moving in the spirit of joy allows freedom to be fully alive and filled with the wonder of the moment. The moment is all we have, so rejoicing throw "dance" brings this reality into sharp focus....beautiful

  • jim barnes


  • maggy

    couldnt help but love and laugh and love and laugh so lovely

  • Sandy

    The whole world loves to dance!!!!!!

  • sheryl galiano

    the innocence and the playlike nature!!!!!!!how free!!!!!!!!!

  • Namaste

    Loved it! Thank you so much! God bless you a marvellous day filled with love and laughter and most importantly lots of dancing!

  • Anastasia

    This makes me #furiouslyhappy

  • Babs

    the spirit of undiluted passion, enthusiasm and joy - what else is there anyway, I ask you....thank you Matt = may you inspire us all to dance like no one is watching....

  • Ree

    What Heart, What Joy. The nature of man is fundamentally good

  • Terry

    yes, I think we should send in a video from each of our towns, or do you have to be there Matt. Your welcome to come up and stay with us to do it LMK

  • Nancy

    That we are all the same, no matter where we live or what our skin color or clothing is like -- that we all have something to be grateful for, and that something is LIFE! Forget the Academy and its phony awards, Matt. This is the real thing, and you have lifted my heart here in West Virginia, U.S.A. Thank you, thank you.

  • Tamara

    PURE JOY :) I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this!! Made my heart beyond happy to watch this. AWESOME!! Just wish I could have been there in person for them all :)

  • Ann Schneider

    Love it! Matt - you need to get to Iran! I was just there in April. The people are the nicest, friendliest people I've ever met. You would easily find hundreds of school girls to join you in dance!

  • Suzealot

    A video bursting with Joy! Bravo Matt and Melissa! And really, when is the last time you read a list of comments that were all POSITIVE and APPRECIATIVE? Thank you to all those excited children and grown-ups all over the world -- we love you!

  • Erastus

    Inspiring...amazing...thought-provoking. Matt, there must be a part two of this video, just make sure you include Kenya and the peak of Kilimanjaro on

  • Indrani

    What pulled me to this video - The simplicity of life, how an energy by one can transform various others!! WOW!! What we actually require is an act!!

  • Theresa Marie Johnson

    A beautiful glace inside the heart of humanity - the beauty and soul that binds us all as one. THANK YOU Matt!!!

  • Kerrin

    This should be required viewing for every world leader before any decision is made about international relations!

  • Jan

    the happiness and the fact that people all over the world can get along and have so much fun - bravo, Matt!

  • Jo Mckay

    It's inspiring to see someone put so many smiles on so many faces and offer them a memory they will never forget worldwide. What a positive force and positive anchor! Cheers to Matt!

  • Aziza Mara

    So refreshing to see something so fun, so clean, so universal--brings nothing but smiles to people's faces. Haven't seen you dancing in the Rock of Gibraltar (my birthplace) yet. Gorgeous views, unique place. Matt is a great ambassador for peace in the world. Would that our world leaders would dance together instead of politic together...

  • Cindy Oriente

    I love it :-) I feel like I've travelled all over the world, with beautiful people, without even leaving home :-)

  • Beena

    great!!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!u inspire me to dance like no one is watching

  • KRS

    Too good :)

  • Diane

    Did I miss Egypt? They started without you Matt! Thank you for the laughs and joys and smiles!

  • Dhanesh Shah

    amazing! Genius! Matt thanks a lot it touch my heart. Dancing can Unite The World.

  • Jem

    wow!very nice. thank u for posting this one,hope I can travel in all different country like u.. I enjoyed watching it!!! more power^_^

  • Jagdish P Dave

    Dancing Feet. What a way to be connected joyfully and energetically with people of all ages, faces and colors! Sitting in my chair, my 84 yers old body , started moving joyfully and that way getting connected with hundreds of Dancing Feet. Thanks for this precious gift. Jagdish P Dave

  • alina

    avryone space!!!!

  • alina

    ha ha ha ha ha

  • mary

    who can resist the universal appeal of beautiful smiles and happy feet?

  • Gundega

    My heart is dancing! Thank you!

  • mary

    you touched my heart with the dancing in finding a common ground with our kin of the world. we must be the change,living love instead of judgement and blame. thank you.

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  • On a 2003 trip to Australia, Matt's buddy tells him to do the only dance he knows how to do.  Rest was history, as they say.  Find out more about this guy named Matt.

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  • Go right ahead.  Just do the dance.   Right now.

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