Photographer Ryan Lobo tells how conscience led him to search beneath sensational aspects of journalism for the soul of a story. From this shift he discovers, "Focus on what's dignified, courageous, and beautiful, and it grows."


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  • Sahara

    Thank you Ryan lobo .It was heartening listening to you.I am grateful going that extra mile to bring out these hidden yet heroic stories alive.Continue inspiring the world through your great passion, compassion and mission 'Photographing the hidden story'

  • Meredith

    I think it was finding good out of something bad and I think about this with what's going on in the U. S. The goal of what's happening here in the U. S. is to seek division but if we look for good in things that defeats the purpose of dividing us. Human understanding of respect, dignity and love for each other is much stronger. I think those with the goal of dividing lack that understanding.

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  • Make story-telling part of your life in your own unique way to inspire others to take the step in making a beautiful world for all to live in!
  • Practice forgivesness as Nelson Mandela once said "There is no future without forgiveness".

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