Watch this fascinating talk visually unfold before you through witty and beautiful illustration. Dan Pink makes the case that there are hidden truths behind what really motivates us. Namely that it's not the age-old motivators of money and power that drives us, but our desire for autonomy, mastery, and purpose.


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  • Logan

    hi im 19 i has a network of people that help build other people up i want to share the value and help the world . email me for a great talk

  • Saranga

    Extremely graphic and interesting. Helped me know why do I take on certain jobs. :)Thank you Mr. Dan.

  • firoz

    Could not open

  • joy

    definitely interesting...

  • Global

    Definitely,it is better and better to move donkey by carrot instead of stick.Negative motivation may harm to individual and institution as well.

  • jill

    reminds me of my inner purpose

  • Diane

    Great concept and presentation! The website they refer to does not have any current info. Looks like everything stops at 2009????

  • Rick

    The presentation, using words and graphics together, made the learning fun and interesting. The ideas--that mastery, purpose and autonomy drive us--seems correct to me. The fact that these ideas run counter to our prevailing cultural ideas gives me some hope because I think there is a lot wrong with our prevailing ideas.

  • Marc

    Melody who I met at the Intersection for the Arts when we unveiled I just wanna hold your hand. I found your answer. This is why I'm poor. I'm so purpose driven that I don't seem to have time for profit. Now will you go on a date with me?

  • kate

    This supports the Nonviolent Communication work founded by Marshall Rosenberg, which works primarily with universal feelings and needs. Autonomy, mastery, and purpose are just 3 of those needs.

  • jodi

    i am struggling with trying to write a grant and need motivation

  • Betty Lou

    I have known this for years but my upper management lacks the skills, intellect to appreciate their employees as investments and to allow us to really use our creative skills and open their eye's to what really motivates us. Until the old school management gets a clue, employee's will still be treated as horses and measure results based on their perceptions, beliefs and ideas. It would be great to work for a company that believed in supporting the employee's Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose Motive but that might threaten a few of those bosses who are so unqualified to understand this concept. The Dinosaurs are still in charge of Corporate America.

  • miguel

    it reminds me of what happens in my country,!welcome to mexico¡

  • Christiane Horn

    It shows me that what I have discovered in years of self-exploration is universal! - Actually I knew it would be, but still it is great to find certified by our highly praised scientific research, thank you for making me outstandingly "normal"! And for your delightful presentation

  • Sneha

    Amazing!!!!!!!!! Kind of Life Saver...Thanks

  • Naomi

    My frustration at work explained in cartoon. Thanks guys

  • somegal

    "I agree,and didn't Marx address this very thing? Old news!" ROFL. capitalists discovering socialism! but the drawings are really cool, and the editing as well.

  • Mario

    "i thought Maslow already figured this $hit out sometime ago, why are MIT and UoC and CMU academics spending resources on this stuff? working to find ways for rich people to make us minions more productive in their companies, are they?" I agree,and didn't Marx address this very thing? Old news!

  • somegal

    um, money motivates if you're at subsistence level with minimal skills, minimal education and have kids to raise. think, what kinds of jobs do people in those circumstances have access to? not accounting. also, if you have a job as a white collar worker, most often you're working at things that are not immediately gratifying - like a piece of cog-in-the-wheel code in a gigantic mass of software used to run networks that rich people use to sell you gum, so that they become richer. not very encouraging when you realize this fact. that's where purpose comes in, and since you have that cushy paycheck, you are "free" to pursue matters of purpose in your 2-car garage over the weekend. i thought Maslow already figured this $hit out sometime ago, why are MIT and UoC and CMU academics spending resources on this stuff? working to find ways for rich people to make us minions more productive in their companies, are they?

  • Eric

    To carrot or no carrot... Is greed the ultimate motivator? Is people trusting an inherent trend in the corporate business practice and belief? What if this is not a story on efficiency and economy but on how the elite class retains power and control over the populace? Could this be a possibility as well? Perhaps the vision of shepherd and subsequent herd control better explains why things are done in certain way. Deeply rooted in Bible, the misguided value is to seek the glory of the shepherd and to forget the brother's keeper. Is there redemption for the mark of Cain? Out of the seven deadly sins, Lucifer's pride was what caused his fall from Heaven. Of course, these references are made for illustration only. Before productivity, creativity and the truth about motivation, let's not forget about humanity and its inherent responsibility. The world could be a lonely place if conquered. To kick ass or not, it's important not to take part in the wrong cause, being misled or otherwise.

  • Kat

    I've always worked hard for the company's I've worked for and my "work" was recognized, but never did "I" feel I was taken seriously as a part of the team that could help drive our company towards more success and that is exactly what I wanted to do. I would have run a marathon at work for them had they only saw me as a person and not just another horse as stated. Thank you!

  • Phillip Tanzilo

    Awesome! Incredible work! This provides clear visual insight into why come companies see their people as an expense. The shift needs to occur where they are seen as investments and TRUST needs to happen both places. Mutual trust will provide sustainable results. Thank you for providing these insights!

  • Diana Wright


  • Lisa

    This is it!

  • paul slater

    i have beed trying to comprehend, disect and impliment these social concepts into my NFP business directive. I'm so glad to hear that my belief of social motivators is indeed real and attainable. id love an opportunity to speak with someone about achieving such truths. Anysuch, great content and artwork will share with others.

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  • Consider what motivates you. What is the one thing you would do with whole heart, even if no one was to give you any kind of reward for it?

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