Popular personality and speaker Tony Robbins talks about what makes people do what they do. In addition to a priceless exchange between Robbins and former Vice President Al Gore, who was in the audience, the talk focuses on the emotional and psychological strengths of people, and how they direct action. The thread that runs through the talk is the conviction that giving is the most important and fulfilling action in life.


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  • Taryn

    I love Tony Robbins Video. I have a lot of his audio. This is an awesome video..Very inspiring.........simply Love it...

  • Heinrich

    please e-mail me some of your video's

  • Arlan Berglas

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  • Madhu

    Just Awesome!!!!!very inspiring and motivating. Thanks.

  • gita

    Thanks for bringing in more ideas about emotion-life.A good and inspiring speech.

  • Arlan Berglas

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  • Begin exploring your personal belief systems and how they subconsciously effect actions.
  • Read some of Tony Robbins most inspirational quotes here.
  • Practice giving in your own life: commit to a silent act of compassion every day for the next 30 days.

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