Pam Warhurst had an idea to make a kinder, more aware, stronger community: plant every available meter of public land with fruits and vegetables. Food, she explains in this TED talk, is a "unifying language that cuts across age and income and culture." Using locally produced food as the tool, the Incredible Edible program has radically transformed her English town -- and later, many towns around the world. "This is a revolution," she explains. "It is an experiment and we are volunteers."


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  • KAT

    I started a company, using local sustainable foods. For animals! I love your idea and our town is allready starting... Great stuff. Inspirational!

  • Elizabeth Rocher

    What inspired you about this video? Schumacher's 'Small is beautiful' , at last. Bravo!!

  • kolea

    OM JAI JAI SAI MAA! I will be sharing this in my small of town of Lyons, Co. Thank you!

  • Manish the King

    nothing more but good stuff

  • Tony

    Not What - Who inspired me to watch and they were right - it's so simple yet so brilliant - well done

  • carly

    volunteers, experiments. doesn't have to fit within certain parameters. no bureaucracy that inspires me!

  • kay

    the simplicity, but enthusiasm is brilliant

  • Aaron Nebauer

    Gardening as a language, brilliant! "If you eat you're in." It's the beginning of the world!

  • Doris

    this is simple and incredibly

  • Jeffrey Farrar Dean

    The Roller Coaster has arrived, and along with came "Food".

  • iris rubio

    I am the difference I want to see. I need to do something like this in my community. Thank you for your inspiration. I will see how I can create a different generation. Thank you dear and blessings

  • Skanoza

    All wonderful .. until the part where she mentioned about growing fish and bees. Couldn't we inspire a more compassionate, plant-based and economically-viable future? I mean, feeding the fish with precious grains that could well be fed directly to plenty more human mouths (no matter how small the scale this is operating at) hardly seems economically sensible or environmentally sustainable. But hey, i am happy with small steps in the generally right direction too. Kudos!

  • Shirley Marsh

    What inspired me? The idea that small steps can lead to such big transformations! We don't need to wait for massive, national or international organisations, governments, celebrities etc. to start things moving; we can, each and every one of us, start things moving towards a kinder, cleaner, more caring world. Bloody marvellous! Thanks Incredible Edible!

  • Brian

    Empowering....we can do it...thanks guys....Happy Holidays..

  • Sally

    Once you start growing things for yourself you realise just how much spare land there is in the community, which could be used for growing things. This message must be spread around as quickly as possible. It will help to heal communities of people who are suffering from poor diet due to eating food from supermarkets - tainted and toxic for the body !

  • LiveWell

    This speaks to the life we are living, continue to love to live, she said it best. Shows this immense power of small in actions in community. It's true -- "Every egg matters!" and "Every seed matters" as it has potential to become million and feed billions of hungry mouths. A Must Watch. If you Eat, you are in -- beautifully put indeed. Thank you KT volunteers, we love you soo so much, please receive our deepest gratitude to what you all do.

  • Herb Neu

    The power of small, positive actions toward each other and the environment really does work. It creates ripple effects of kindness. This is how solutions are reached.

  • Carol

    This is where changes begins - by changing our minds and seeing new possibilities... this little town has opened the floodgate for the future of its children on levels they don't even know about yet. I would say they are creating a better world! Exciting!

  • regina

    if your not going to caption your videos to be inclusive of our 258M deaf brothers and sisters then at minimum can you please post the text of your video's??? blessings~

  • Xavier

    This is very comforting, like transition cities and other simple movements that bring the people together, freedom, responsibility and win win win win in the joy of sharing. awesome

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  • Learn more about the way Incredible Edible is changing the face of Todmorden, England.  And see where the Incredible Edible movement has been replicated around the world.
  • Urban farming is a growing trend (forgive the pun). As Pam Warhurst says, it is a movement for everyone. Read-up about eating better and producing your own food, wherever you live.
  • Support local food producers in your area.  Go to a farmer's market this weekend or sign-up for a CSA box.

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